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We often download an .ACSM file after purchasing an eBook online, but it's not the eBook file. Here I will tell you how to convert ACSM to EPUB and PDF, then strip eBook DRM for reading on various devices.


How to Convert ACSM to EPUB books

Step 1 Download Adobe Digital Editions 4.0 (ADE).

Step 2 Register an Adobe Account and authorize your ADE Copy with your Adobe Account by clicking "Help"->"Authorize computer".

authorize Adobe ID

Step 3 Open .ACSM with authorized Digital Editions to download eBooks.

Double click the .ACSM file, then it will be opened with Adobe Digital Editions as default. And a window will be opened to show the downloading eBook (Network connection is needed).

convert ACSM to EPUB

If your .ACSM file is not opened by ADE as default, right click the file and select "Open with" -> "Adobe Digital Editions 4.0 ".

convert ACSM to EPUB - open

Output EPUB path of ADE is generally as follows.

For Windows: ...\My Documents (Documents)\My Digital Editions ...

For Mac: Users/Your computer name/Digital Editions ...

You can also switch to "File" Menu -> "Item Info" -> "Location" to check the location of your downloaded EPUB book.

convert ACSM to EPUB - output path

After downloading the eBook, you can delete the .ACSM or back it up for downloading the eBook again.

We can read the converted EPUB eBooks on Adobe supported devices like Sony eReader, Kobo reader, Android Devices (with reading apps like BlueFire installed) etc. Just copy the converted EPUB files to the specified eBook folder of your device with the USB cable connected to your computer. Make sure your eReader is authorized with the same Adobe account, otherwise you will be prohibited to open the EPUB books.

However, you can't directly read the books on Apple Devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone with iBooks) and Amazon Kindle titles because they don't support Adobe DRMed books unless you can install compatible ADE app. So we have to remove DRM from the eBooks, then transfer them to anywhere as you like. Here is the best software for removing DRM from Adobe DRM protected ePUB.

How to remove DRM from ACSM (EPUB)

Step 1: Download Epubor EPUB DRM Removal.

Windwos Version Download Mac Version Download

Step 2: Run this program. If your EPUB files are converted from ACSM as the guide above, the program will find your EPUB files automatically and display it in the right column. You can simply drag the file from right side to left side to remove DRM. You can also click "Add" button to import your books. Once you have successfully added EPUB file into this tool, DRM will be removed immediately.

remove DRM from EPUB file

You can right click on the added file and choose "Explore decrypted folder" or click "File"->"Open decrypted folder" to get your DRM free EPUB books. Hitting "settings" icon will lead you to change the source location and output folder.

how do you convert acsm to epub

More about ACSM file extension

The ACSM file type is primarily associated with 'Adobe Digital Editions' by Adobe. If your computer is asking you where to save the .ACSM file then your Adobe Digital Editions may not be installed correctly or not yet authorized. Often you can solve this issue by simply setting your computer to always use Adobe Digital Editions to open this type of file. (Right click an .ACSM file -> "Properties" -> "General" -> "Change" -> "Adobe Digital Editions 4.0" -> "OK")

convert ACSM to EPUB - always open with ADE

If the file you got is PDF after opening .acsm with ADE, then you need our Adobe DRM Removal which combines the feature of EPUB DRM Removal and PDF DRM Removal.



works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

08/30/2012 20:47:23
I have read this information before with Adobe digital. Perhaps Adobe Digital is not installed corrctly.
I did not see a software to remove DRM.  You mentioned being the best software but did not give the name.
09/7/2012 23:34:35

Thanks for viewing our site!
The page has introduced the software, here is the link:


09/30/2012 12:08:38
Your instructions are easy to understand and I have followed them.  My problem is adding the ebooks to Calibre.  I cannot open them there and I also am unable to download from ADE to my Sony reader.  I am not computer literate so many things are not as simple as they seem.  I read that I should be able to download to my reader from ADE but I see nothing to tell me that I can.
10/14/2012 18:20:53

Hi Clemira,
We are very sorry for the late reply.
Calibre is not able to add your books because your books are DRM protected, Calibre is only able to handle those DRM-free eBooks.

Now have you get the .ePub files or still .acsm files?

05/10/2013 09:24:21
Thank you Miss Wang . . . . I really need this info thanks a lot.
05/10/2013 18:23:57

Hi, Anil

Glad it works.

Feel free to tell us for any further problem.


05/12/2013 22:49:45
It is very useful information.  It save me a lot of trouble.  Many thanks.
06/25/2013 15:19:21
Thx. Super intro. Helped a lot :D
06/25/2013 19:27:51

Hi, Zizzi

Thanks for your kind words. We are glad that our guide helps.


11/29/2013 19:41:56
Thank you!!
01/11/2014 11:16:52

"the program will find your EPUB files automatically."

I bought a Google E-book (acsm file) and opened it in ADE, but apparently the file hasn't turned into an EPUB file; instead, it appears as a .pdf file instead. I tried putting ".epub" at the end of the file name, but the program failed in removing the DRM.

How do I solve this???

01/23/2014 23:30:47

Hi Louise,

Yes sometimes the .acsm will give a PDF file.

Then you need to use our Adobe EPUB&PDF DRM Removal, it can handle both EPUB and PDF files.

11/13/2014 22:33:05
Thanks for your help. It worked like a charm.
12/19/2014 18:25:22
Is it natural to late long to remove drm? It's been almost half an hour, and it is still in 50%...
Thank you.
12/23/2014 20:21:09

The processing time depends on the file's size, but if it takes over half an hour, that's not normal.

You can open a ticket at ticket.epubor.com, our customer service staff will help you with the issue.

01/20/2015 03:27:26
Thank you for your software. I have only one problem - one of my .acsm files failed to convert. Is there any reason that I can't convert it?
01/20/2015 18:54:04

Hi Teodora,

Have you got the .epub file or still .acsm file?

01/21/2015 16:27:11

Adobe Digital Editions fails to download epub content from acsm, just says about some license error and server error with something about unknown filetype.

Authorization is ok, tried that to some sample book (acsm) from ade website.

this drm is frustrating, you can't read the book you just bought.. :/

01/21/2015 20:51:26


This problem happens when you are not connecting your Adobe account with the account of the online store where you bought this book.

I would recommend you contact the book store's customer service for this issue.

01/22/2015 04:25:54

So what's the proper way to connect adobe account to let's say mat google account? I may as well create new adope account cause just made one yesterday for this purpose only.

So if I start with clear desk, what should I do to make sure things will work?

01/22/2015 20:02:45
Different online retailer provides different ways, the best practice is to contact the online retailer's customer service for help.
01/23/2015 02:11:32

Did that, contacted to google, and thay said it is font which is causing problems and they are trying to solve problem. No timefrime tough. They also offered option to get refund from book.

This shows that drm is crap, if you cand download book with some font by using acsm file, but you could do it other way just fine. Sure there are lot more reasons why drm is crap, but...

01/27/2015 02:59:28

Thank you for the information and the provided links, I could finally read the book I purchased on my kindle.

Thanks for sharing!

02/15/2015 17:35:07
It was really helpful! Everything worked for me, and now the book I purchased is in my Calibre and in my Kindle... Thank you for your help!!!!
03/29/2015 05:57:13
I don't have a good command of English...
I have tried to open that acsm file, but it's always appearing a window saying: "Error! Check activation."
I've got either Adove Digital Edition and
What do I have to do?
03/29/2015 06:03:18
I don't have a good command of English...
I have tried to open that acsm file, but it's always appearing a window saying: "Error! Check activation."
I've got either Adove Digital Edition and
What do I have to do?
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