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How to Remove DRM From AZW3 eBook Files

Posted by on 10/15/2013 3:56:49 AM.

AZW3 is the format of Kindle eBooks purchased from Amazon Store. Usually, if a Kindle user plug his Kindle to computer to check the files, most of the purchased eBooks will be saved in AZW3 format.

But if you directly copy and paste those AZW3 file to your computer and want to share them with others or convert to EPUB/PDF, you are not able to do this because these AZW3 files are still protected by Kindle DRM.

And even if you import these files into Kindle DRM decryption software, you may still fail to remove DRM from the AZW3 files. And this article aims at introducing you the correct way to remove DRM from AZW3 files. (Note: This guide is only for AZW3 files exported from Kindle e-Readers)

1Get the tool ready

To remove AZW3 files DRM, you only need one program: the Kindle DRM Removal. No need for Kindle desktop application. Click the buttons below to directly download the tool then install it.


2Find the serial number of your Kindle device

Open web browser and visit Amazon official site then login, navigate to "Manage Your Kindle" page.

Look at the left column and find "Manage Your Devices", click it you will see all your registered Kindle devices and apps in the main part of the web page.

find kindle serial number

Choose the correct device which you export the AZW3 files from then you can get the details below, including device type and serial number. This is what we need.

3Load the AZW3 files into Kindle DRM Removal

Run Kindle DRM Removal, then directly drag the AZW3 files from the Kindle storage.

import azw3 files

4Show the Magic

Here is the key-step, don't click "Remove DRM" button at the step. Instead, please click "Setup" at first and you will see the information below.

input kindle serial number

Click "Use Kindle Serial Number (or PIDs)" and input your Kindle's serial number in the blank, we've already got the number in step 2. And please delete the space between each group of digits.

Click "OK" to confirm the setting and here comes the last step, "Remove DRM".

remove DRM from azw3 books

Now all your DRM AZW3 files are decrypted successfully, you can share them with your friends, print them, or convert to other formats as you want.


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