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How to Share Kindle Fire Books with Friends

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If you haven't heard about the Amazon Kindle fire, you perhaps do not keep the pace of the times. It's one of the best ereaders.

When you purchased a nice eBook in Amazon Store, you are hooked immediately by this book and want to share it with your family or your best friends after you finish reading it without a break.

Oops, problem here. You can not share it with your family or friends! Because the book has DRM protection, they can only be read on your Kindle.

Relax, here we introduce you 3 methods to share Kindle books.

 - Use a Kindle DRM Removal to break the limitation;

 - Share Kindle books in the same account;

 - Share Kindle books by lending out.


Method 1: Share books on kindle fire by removing Kindle DRM:

Download and install Kindle DRM Removal. It helps you remove DRM from Kindle books, then you can copy your books to anywhere.

Kindle Drm Removal

Now you can get ebooks that are free of DRM. Then just convert mobi format to ePub, and transfer them to other ereaders via USB or other ways you'd like.

Learn 3 Safe & Quick Ways to Transfer Mobi eBooks to Kindle

Learn how to use Kindle DRM Removal to handle books from E-Ink Kindle/Kindle for PC or Mac/Kindle Android App

Tips: AZW DRM kindle ebooks can be auto saved as mobi when it is unDRMed.

Windwos Version Download Mac Version Download


Method 2: Share Kindle Fire ebooks with the same account

Before you choose this method, please make sure the people you want to share the book with is very close to you.

As we know, an Amazon account can be authorized on 6 Kindle devices, which is the base of this method.

1 Your friend should de-register his Kindle.

2 Tell your Kindle ID & Password to your friend.

3 Your friend register his/her Kindle with your ID

4 Your books will show up on your friend's cloud, and he/she can sync the books now.

Attention: Turn off the Whispersync Device Synchronization if you are sharing Kindle books on different devices with a same account. Because it will automatically sync your last page read. Synchronization will also keep track of any bookmarks, highlights, or notes that you added, so you can view them on another device.

How to turn off?

 "" --- "My Account" --- "Manage Your Content and Devices" (Formerly "Manage your Kindle")--"Device Synchronization (Whispersync Settings)".

turn off whisper

Select "Off". Everything is done! 


Method 3: Share Kindle Fire ebooks with friends by lending out.

1 Check that if the book is able to be lent out. Publishers decide whether books can be loaned, so not all books will be available. Look under the product details of the book on your Kindle device. If the book can be loaned out, it will say "Lending: Enabled".

Lending Books

2 Go to the "Actions" menu and look for the link marked "Loan this title". As long as the book can be loaned, this link will be

Loan Kindle Books

3 Click "Loan this title."Fill in the following form with the name of the other Kindle owner and her email address.

4 Click "Send now." The book will be sent to the other user. The loaned book will be available for 14 days.

5 Click on the button "Get your loaned book now" on the Kindle receiving the book.

6 Choose the device you want the book to be put in  and click "Accept."

How to Share Kindle Books



-Remove DRM from AZW/Mobi/PRC/TPZ files without quality losing

-How to share Nook books with friends 

There are a lot of benefits of sharing books on kindle fire:

(1) Everyone gets a larger collection of books that they can read.

(2) You will probably read books that you didn’t think of before.

(3) You will see the notes and highlights of everyone that has access to the books.




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07/5/2012 16:54:33
I would NEVER let anyone use my account!  They would be able to make purchases on my account.  Really bad bad bad idea!!!
07/5/2012 21:23:09

Before you choose this method, please make sure the people you want to share the book with is very close to you, your parents, brothers, girl friend, etc.

As we know, an Amazon account can be authorized on 6 Kindle device, this is the base of this method.

Or else, you can choose other methods!

05/14/2014 10:17:24

Hello, I have a Kindle and I have bought all of my books from Amazon.
I just recently  purchased my 90 year old mother a Kobo from a book store. I would like to share my Purchased Kindle ebooks with her. I have set up her Kobo in my name and email addresss.
Can I share my books with her and how?
Thank you for any help you can give me.

10/8/2014 13:11:39
One needs a degree in computer science in order to figure how to use this IMO. But then I am only an average user without any interest in engineering detail drudgery... It should all work one two three and voila!  How far the technology is still from that future point (sigh)...Rant over.
01/10/2015 11:36:44
One you remove the DRM use a free program for your computer called Calibre to change the format to just about any ebook format out there.
06/29/2015 20:42:57
Thank you for this suggestion. I have tried it but my converted pdf file does not exactly look like the original kindle version. The fonts and images are not scaled the same as the original version. Please help.
08/16/2015 00:25:32
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10/23/2015 00:16:03

I gave four friends that I trade books I usually physically purchase books at a store so I gave a hard copy to trade.  Can I trade the books I purchase on line with these gour different friends.  

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