10 Best Sites for Free Comic Books

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What are your favorite places to read comics online? Constantly being inundated with long pages of text? Always fantasizing how would that character look like in real life? Longing for some graphical assistance to feed all those cravings that your imagination seek? Simple – comics are the way to go. And this article is dedicated to those comic book lovers. After all, pictures do worth a thousand words…And here is the listing of top 10 sites for free comic books online.

1. Marvel

Marvel digital comics app is available for Web/iOS/Android, which allows you to download and read free comics and comic books on your iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android, Windows, browser and more. I am a huge Marvel comic fan and l love all their superhero characters. If you're the same like me, I strongly suggest that you should start with Marvel.com's free issues. Here you'll find Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Avengers, Captain America, Daredevil and a lot more!


2. DC Kids

DC comics is an excellent kid-friendly comics sites which focuses on the younger comic book readers. Nearly all of us grow up with those characters, like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. It's a wonderful site to open the magic door and cultivate their imagination. There isn't a huge selection here, but the ones that are available are good ones.


3. Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus is the original and still the premier site to read and download Golden and Silver Age comic books. Plus, it also hold a large and growing selection of comic strips and pulp fiction. The even better news is that all the content is free and legal.


4. ComiXology

ComiXology is home to over 75 publishers and also has thousands of titles from acclaimed indie creators and cartoonists. It is the place for online and downloadable comic books and they also have a huge selection of free comic books for your enjoyment! Whether it's heroes, horror, or romance, their genre pages help make it easier to find your favorite comic. What are you waiting for? Create an account and start enjoying some high quality comic books for free!


5. DriveThru Comics

DriveThruComics.com is part of a family of premiere online marketplaces including RPGNow, DriveThruRPG, DriveThruCards, DnDClassics, DriveThruComics, DriveThruFiction, and Wargame Vault. It's the first downloadable comic store on the web featuring a wide selection of publishers and creators. They have loads of free books to try out – everything from comics by major publishers to self-published indie books.


6. Digital Comic Museum

Digital Comic Museum is the best site for downloading FREE public domain Golden Age Comics. All files here have been researched by their staff and users to make sure they are copyright free and in the public domain. To start downloading just register an account and enjoy these great comic books. It does not charge per download. The goal of this project is to archive these comic books online and make them widely available.


7. Newsarama

Newsarama is the place where comic book fans and sci-fi enthusiasts can find the latest news, theories and speculation about their favorite characters, movies, books, games and shows. It still have a good selection of free and full comic books online.


8. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit library that can serve anyone in the world with access to the Internet. It collects published works and make them available in digital formats. Among the many things that they archive for public use is a huge collection of digitized comic books! This isn't the world's most friendly site. Because it is difficult to navigate the site. But if you spend some time looking, you can find almost anything you want.


9. ElfQuest

Elfquest is the longest-running independent fantasy graphic novel series in the USA, with more than 15 million comics, graphic novels and other publications in print. ElfQuest comic books, which provides high quality scans and a nice viewer, have gone through many publishers, comic companies and series. This very cool fantasy series is available in all its glory online for free!


10. GetComics

GetComics is an awesome place where you can download DC and Marvel comics totally for free.

Though it's not quite as easy to navigate as Marvel comic, GetComics.info is a great place to find back issues of Marvel and DC comics as well as issues from smaller publishers. You can browse around the Marvel and DC category pages to find something you're interested in, or use the search function to see if the site has what you're looking for.


The above is top 10 sites for free comic books. If you are a comic books lover, you should take full advantage of them. These 10 sites will help you find new comics to read, let you revisit your favorites, and give you a glimpse into the past to see what the Golden Age was like. Although you won't get the very latest issues on these sites, you'll have more than enough comics to keep you busy for months. By the way, if you have Kindle/Google Play/Kobo/Nook books, you can follow this guide to remove DRM from your Kindle/Kobo/Google Play/Nook books.

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01/10/2019 08:24:58
Don't forget to mention the fantastic site, Zebookfreec which has artwork collectibles in ebook format. They feature characters from Marvel, DC Comics and Warner Brothers. There's lots for kids, too, like My Little Pony, PeekaBoo Barn, Disney and more.
All feature the licensed artwork that collectors and kids crave, and are completely free to download and keep. No registration, sign-up or email required, just help yourself. You're welcome :)
Zebookfreec is here: https://niftytoolz.com/npcp/ebooks/ebook-store.html
01/14/2019 11:33:17

Thanks for your suggestion.

Epubor editor team will consider adding this site into the list based on her own tests.

Thank you so much.

02/28/2019 02:04:36
Here is a good sight that has no membership and is easy to use
02/28/2019 16:52:39
Thanks for sharing!
06/11/2019 14:46:47
Here is a good sight that has no membership and is easy to use.
08/18/2019 15:10:01
All the site is interesting for reading that very important for children......
03/10/2020 05:32:29
Very nice app
04/3/2020 23:16:43
plsss cann i reaaad
05/5/2020 05:14:54
I was really looking forward to receiving the free books on, Free Comic Book Day on May 4th but it doesn't look like it is happening is there any way that I would be able to receive the Free Comic Book that I can order thank you
08/5/2020 03:46:43
Also awesome comic site with unique GN files https://comicsnake.com/
08/5/2020 09:00:18
Thank you for asking. Since Kindle cloud reader books cannot be downloaded now, we are seeking for other ways to handle kindle books. But it will need some time.
You can just try Epubor Ultimate to remove kindle drm (downloaded via kindle for pc/mac older version).
09/18/2020 15:15:34
dc harley quinn
09/19/2020 03:32:22
The best new ad-free library of digital Golden and Silver Age comics at cosmoscomix.net/
03/21/2021 23:18:46
Webtoons is the best website to read comics that r not too childish
It's free no log in, no subscription, n u can read the comics on the website
09/12/2021 18:26:27
Where can I download marvel or DC graphic novels?
04/21/2022 02:50:27
Some you have to pay a subscription.
05/8/2023 05:44:54
GetComics.com Use'd to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.
but is unusable now with those ads cominng in fast from all sides'
You cant out run them. I had downloaded so many things from that site.
I want to know if you make a donation if all those adds will go away?
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