10 Incredibly Useful Kindle Tools You Don't Want to Miss

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As Kindle owners, you must be very familiar with amazon store which provides many books for us to read freely on Kindle (in Kindle version). But if one of our wanted ebooks is not on sale at Amazon store, where to buy books for kindle? And what we can do to make them readable on kindle? If we want to publish for kindle, how to deal with? Usually when meeting some problems like these, we will search the internet to find some good Kindle tools, yes?

Some kindle users know kindle devices and ebooks, but they don't know that there are more kindle apps that we can use. So here I write this article for you. It contains more than 10 useful kindle tools that every kindle lover should know, ranging from kindle ebook reading tools to kindle conversion services. If you have a Kindle or any other eBook reading device, don't miss these essential kindle tools and resources!

Kindle tools
Tools' name
Kindle reading tools
Read kindle books on computer
Read your kindle books in a browser
Kindle publishing tools
Build html to kindle books
Build Adobe documents to Kindle
Preview books' layout on Kindle
Send to kindle tools
Send office documents to kindle
Send web articles to your kindle
Send RSS Feeds to your Kindle
Kindle tools drm
Remove drm from kindle books
Kindle conversion tools
All-in-One (DRM Removal + eBook Converter)


Kindle reading tools

When talked about Kindle, we just immediately think of kindle paperwhite, kindle fire and eBooks in kindle edition. But in fact, amazon store also provides us more kindle reading apps and tools so that we could still read their digital books even if we haven't got a kindle device.

1. Kindle for PC and Mac

kindle desktop app

This app is provided for those people who want to buy and read kindle books instantly on their computer, no matter they had a kindle reader or not. It is a local desktop client for your Amazon Kindle books.

Just log in with your Amazon account, then you will see all your purchases. As soon as you click on the cover the downloading will start. Certainly you can double click to open your books. It's really so cool to read kindle books on computer with full and big screen. And different from reading on kindle e-ink readers, with this app we can read books with color modes, better for comics, yes?

What's more, kindle desktop reading app is also a kindle syncing tool. After we finished downloading, the book files will be downloaded and saved at our computer "My Kindle Content" folder. Then you can transfer these files to your kindle device with USB cable.

Click here to download kindle for pc, and here for Mac.


For these synced kindle books, you can copy them to any devices but can only be opened on kindle, because kindle books are with kindle own formats, which are not readable on other devices such as iPad, Kobo, etc. Want to read kindle books on multiple devices for successfully reading? Use this kindle conversion tool please.

2. Kindle Cloud Reader

kindle cloud reader

This is a kindle tool that lets you read your kindle books on web, helping you read your ebook collection from any computer or device as it is browser based.

In my own opinion, this is a very helpful service, especially for those Japanese amazon customers. As you known amazon.co.jp till now hasn't published their kindle desktop reading apps, so Japanese kindle users can only use this service if they want to read Japanese Kindle ebooks on computers.(UPDATE: In 2014, Amazon has released Kindle Desktop application for Japanese Amazon website. So you can read your eBooks purchased from Japanese Amazon website on Kindle for PC/MAC.)

Go here to get kindle cloud reader.

Kindle publisher tools

This part guides you some kindle publishing programs. They are also KDP tools and resources. To publish on kindle, we must prepare the book file and complete writing with supported formats: Word (doc or docx), HTML (zip, html, or htm), Mobi, EPUB, RTF, TXT, Adobe PDF.

But the problem is, no matter which format the book is, we must make our book displayed well on Amazon Kindle, yes? How to check whether my book is working on Kindle well or not? Don't worry the following tools are prepared for you.

3. Kindle Gen

This tool is the best if you are familiar with HTML.

It helps you convert your html to kindle format, and then you can sell your books directly through Amazon's Kindle platform.

4. Kindle Plugin for Adobe InDesign

This is a plug-in which can be used to convert Adobe InDesign documents to Kindle format. But the installing of this tool will be a little messy because it demands you to prepare other installations.

5. Kindle Previewer

This tool is highly recommended for eBook authors, publishers, and ebook conversion companies.

Kindle Previewer is very useful to help you see how your books display on Kindle devices and applications. With this tool we can preview the layout of a book.


Here just explain them in brief. For detailed information please go to this page. Amazon has introduced these tools on their official site, and you can download them to your computer directly just with the download button under agreeing terms of use.

Send to Kindle tools

When finding an interesting webpage online, or receiving some practical rss feeds, you will want to share them with your kindle, yes? Then you can read them later on your kindle reader with a user-friendly format.

6. Send to Kindle Email

This is the traditional way to send files to kindle. After you registering an amazon account, at the same time amazon will send you an approved kindle email address, which ends with @kindle.com. Whenever you find something useful, you can send them to this email. And anything sent to this mail will be stored on your kindle library.

Just open your manage kindle page and click the "personal document settings“ then you can find your kindle email. Of course you can apply a new one to send files.

7. Readability


To save files and send them to email may cost some time to go, yes? This tool Readability is a browser extension which is available for Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

All you can do is just click on a the add-on button in your browser. Then the current page will be sent to your Kindle wirelessly.

8. KindleFeeder

This is a service for Amazon Kindle owners. It helps you send your favorite feeds to your kindle as an eBook.

You can subscribe up to 12 RSS feeds.


There are other good tools that help you send files to your kindle. Such as:

--Push to Kindle: adds a send to kindle button to your Chrome Browser.

--Klip.me: sends Google Reader subscriptions to your kindle.

--Readlists: allows you to build a set of web pages into an eBook so that you can send to kindle.

Kindle tools drm

Nearly all the books we purchased from kindle store are protected with kindle drm, which prevents you reading your files on non-kindle. It means, if you want to read kindle books on iPad iBooks, NO! If you want to read kindle books on Kobo glo, NO! If you wish to share your kindle purchases with your family members, NO! If you want to print kindle files to pdf, NO!kindle tools drm

So if we don't take action, we are still be tracked in amazon store. We can't do anything as what we wanted even though we have paid money for them. It is unfair!

This is also the reason why I recommend you this tool. It can strip drm from kindle azw, azw3, prc, mobi files.

9. Kindle DRM Removal

Sync your kindle books via kindle for pc or mac, then run this tool. Soon it will remove drm from kindle books with high speed. Very easy to use, and the Mac version is also supported well.

kindle tools drm mac

Kindle conversion tools

If you want to share books with friends, or just want to read kindle books on multiple kindle readers without limitation, the drm removing is enough. But, if you don't have a kindle device and want to read kindle books, or you want to read non-kindle books ( purchased from other sellers, such as google, nook, kobo, ibookstore, sony reader store, etc) on your kindle paperwhite, another job is also needed.

Yes this is the kindle conversion job. Why kindle books can only be read on kindle devices? Except for the drm problem, the formatting is also needed to be taken into consideration. In fact, kindle devices can only read ebooks with kindle format, however, those books we purchased from iBooks, Google store, they are with common epub or pdf format. So it is essential to convert epub or pdf to kindle formats.

In a word, if we want to read any books on any devices freely, kindle conversion tools are needed.

10. Ultimate eBook Converter--Epubor Ultimate

To introduce this tool, you may want to ask me why not recommend the Calibre? Yes we can't deny that calibre is a powerful ebook management tool, but the problem is, from the main interface we couldn't choose a tool to remove drm, and the calibre DeDRM plugin is difficult to adopt if we are not so familiar with computers. Another reason is, the ugly interface. I think you may have seen many comments about this shortcoming at forums.

kindle conversion tool ultimate

As the picture shows above, this tool can not only remove kindle drm but also strip Adobe Adept and Nook drm limitations. And, it converts ebooks between kindle, epub and pdf very well.

Download the tool for free:


Above are some helpful kindle tools that I think you can have a try. If you think they are really helpful to kindle users, you can also tell them to your friends. And if you find some other interesting services or apps, welcome your comments!


works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

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