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As we know, Calibre is a free and open source eBook management tool. We cannot remove DRM from Kindle, Kobo or other eBooks download online with it unless we installed third-party DeDRM Calibre plugin. But the fact that many users often meet all kinds of problems in using this plugin to decrypt eBooks. If thing goes wrong, we can only try to find the solutions on its official website. It has listed some FAQ, but sometimes, it also cannot solve our problems. There isn't any customer service, no matter when we have questions about Calibre, we cannot get technical help opportunely.

Besides, for those who are not so good at computer and failed to remove DRM from eBooks with Calibre DRM Removal Plugins, it's more difficult to figure out the solution. But luckily, I just found 2 easier and useful DRM removal tools for eBooks, hope this can help you.

Best Alternative of DeDRM Calibre plugin

Except Calibre, have you ever heard about the tool Epubor Ultimate? It's a powerful eBook program, which has both DRM decryption and eBook conversion features. We can use it to remove DRM from eBook download or purchase from the main eBook retailers, such as Kobo, Amazon Kindle, Nook or Google Play. In other words, it supports 4 common DRM scheme, including Kindle DRM, Adobe DRM, Kobo DRM and Nook DRM.

It's easy to use. Batch decryption and conversion supported. Compared with Calibre, it need not to install any plugins. Just drag books to the software, job done. It will decrypt eBooks automatically. Based on its friendly design and clean interface, I guess most of you know how to use it for the first time. You can download it for free trial.

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Clean Interface:

dedrm calibre plugin

As the image shows, the software is easy to handle. If your books are saved in the default path, this tool can detect and upload them automatically. You can see your books show up under "Kindle", "ADE", "Nook" or "Kobo" icon.

It also can remove DRM directly from your Kindle e-Ink reader or Kobo eReader. Just connect your eReader to computer, it will detect the device and eBooks. What we need to do is only to drag books from the left side to the main interface of this software. Books will be decrypted soon. For detailed information, please read the guide Best DRM Removal Tool for eBooks. After we remove DRM from eBooks successfully, we can also use it to convert eBook formats. Only 3 steps are needed.

  1. Drag books from left side to right column. Books decrypted.
  2. Select output formats.
  3. Click "Convert to XXX" to start conversion.

Just like Calibre, this tool can also edit the metadata of eBooks, including the title, publisher or the cover, etc.

Another Alternative of DeDRM Calibre plugin

In this part, I want to share another DRM removal software Kindle Transfer with you. You may be strange: it seems it's a transfer tool, can I use it to remove DRM? Yes, it's designed to transfer books among Kindle, Kobo and computer. Especially when you need to transfer books between Kindle and Kobo, this tool will be very useful for you.

During the transmission, it will automatically remove DRM from the source eBook and convert the format to target supported formats. Though it's created to transfer eBooks, we can say it's also a DRM removal tool and eBook converter, right? It helps us remove DRM from books synced via Kindle for PC/Mac, Kindle e-Ink reader, Kobo desktop for PC/Mac, Kobo eReader and also convert eBook formats between Kindle and Kobo supported formats. Why not download it for free trial?

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Just as the image below shows, it's easy to use. The processing speed is also very fast.

  1. Connect your Kobo or Kindle device to computer.
  2. Choose the target folder or eReader.
  3. Click "Transfer" button, soon job done.

transfer kobo books to kindle

If you only need to transfer specific eBooks, you can use the search function on the upper right corner to find books you intend to copy. Compare the 2 DRM removal tools, we can say Ultimate contains all the function of Kindle Transfer. While Kindle Transfer mainly aims at Kindle and Kobo device owners and it's more convenient to use.

To remove DRM from eBooks, depending on our own demand, we can select one of the 2 tools mentioned above or DeDRM plugin for Calibre to help us. If you have any problem in using the 2 DRM removal tools, you can contact the customer service center for help at any time for free.

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