3 Effortless Ways to Send Webpages to Kindle

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As for Kindle users, I believe you don't want to spend much time for reading long-form articles on web browsers. Computers aren’t made for reading, but Kindles are. You can send web contents to Kindle eReader and read them later, just like you’d read eBooks on your Kindle. It will let you use your Kindle to read long articles in comfort, outside in the sun with ease, or read anywhere instead of sitting behind your computers.

Amazon makes it easy to send web articles to Kindle with a web browser plugin. But some Kindle users may use Pocket to save articles for later reading, and you probably want to send a collection of web contents to your Kindle. So in this post, I will introduce three effortless ways to send all kinds of web articles to your Kindle eReader.

Send Any Webpage With "Send To Kindle"

Send to Kindle is an Amazon official app, it helps you transfer web content and personal documents to Kindle. And I think this app should be used for every Kindle user. Amazon provides four methods to send content, there are send to kindle from browser, desktop, smartphone and email. If you want to transfer web articles to Kindle directly, the best choice is to install a extension for Chrome or Firefox.

send to kindle

"Send to Kindle" is very easy to use, when installed it from Chrome, Firefox web store or Amazon official pages, it will appear on the right-top extensions bar. Log in with your amazon account which binds to your Kindle eReader, such as Kindle Paperwhite, Voyage, or Kindle Oasis.

If your account has two or more devices, select one or more kindles where you want to read the content. If you are using the Kindle reading app, such as Kindle for Android app, you can also choose the device you want to send the web page to.

Next time, when you read a web page you want to send to Kindle, just click the icon from your web browser extensions-bar, select the?Send To Kindle?extension. On the pop-up menu, you can select and directly send the articles or just the highlighted portion?of the article to your device. Wait a few seconds and it will show in your Kindle’s?Docs?directory. You can also choose whether archive in your kindle library or not in setting menus.

send to kindle instructions

"Send to Kindle" is very easy to use and popular for Kindle users, but someone may use another web browser instead of Chrome or Firefox. Or they already use Pocket, Instapaper, or Evernote to save web contents for later reading, it doesn't make sense to install too many extensions for one reason, so that's why there are some alternatives of Send to Kindle.

Send Pocket Articles to Kindle with P2K.co

Pocket is a popular app to help people save anything from Internet for later enjoyment, including interesting articles, wonderful videos, and images. Once saved to Pocket, the content is available to view on any device — smartphone, tablet or computer. And of course, it available for E-ink readers, but we need to use a small tool to help us make it, that is P2K - Pocket to Kindle.

Pocket to Kindle

If you want to send Pocket articles to kindle, I suppose you already have an Amazon Kindle account and a Pocket account, after logging in P2K with your pocket account, all you need to do is add P2K email address to Amazon approved email list, and set your personal Kindle email into P2K.

P2K could set delivery frequency and delivery options. So you can choose how often to send the articles - every day, every week, or just once. And you can also select which content to be sent - newest or oldest articles, articles worth some time, random articles.

Note: Instapaper is another popular app to help you save web content for later reading, it's almost the same of Pocket. Send Instapaper articles to Kindle is not complicated, only take two steps.

First, add Instapaper's email to your Kindle approved email list, and then type you own email for receiving personal documents in Instapaper settings.

Instapaper to Kindle

By the way, you can also use IFTTT to Send Content From Dropbox, Feedly, Pocket, and Instapaper to Your Kindle.

Send a Collection of Web Articles to Kindle with Readlist

Readlist is one of my favorite website for Kindle reading. I always collect some articles of the same topic and want to read them in one time, If I send each article one by one, it will take a lot of effort and very hard to manage on Kindle, so I usually choose to make them into an eBook. With Readlist, I can do it in less than 5 minutes.

Readlists is a project developed by Readability. You can just simply add the URL of articles you want to read. It will generate a reading version of that page and merge it into an?EPUB or MOBI?eBook which you can download directly or send to Kindle for later reading.

readlist to kindle

Go to Readlists, copy and paste the URL of the articles you want to save. After finished, write title and description of this eBook. Select "Send to Kindle" option and when the popup opens, go to your "Kindle manage my content" to add kindle@readability.com to your approved email list. And enter your personal email address to Readlist for receiving the eBook. Wait about minutes(depends on the eBook's size and your internet bandwidth), you can read the articles on your Kindle.


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04/29/2016 07:41:34
I tried the Chrome app and on the first web URL I used, I got a message Analysing Website. That just kept showing for a couple of hours before I switched off. So apparently there is a problem with it.
05/8/2016 19:48:51
Sometimes if may not work, and you can try another method, such as Readability.
02/24/2020 11:02:50
Chrome browser extension merge all opened tabs into one PDF file. That file is optimized for reading in many devices. The name of chrome extension is - Merge all tabs for print or save
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