4 Ways to Transfer EPUB and PDF to Kobo

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As a Kobo user, you may not only purchase books from the Kobo store but also from other available sources such as Barnes & Noble, the Sony eBook store, Google Play, and more. Sometimes, you might need to transfer PDF and EPUB files to your Kobo device. But how can you do that? This guide will present four useful methods for adding books to your Kobo. Simply choose the approach that suits you best.

Method 1: Transfer EPUB & PDF to Kobo eReader from Kobo for PC/Mac

This method applies to books purchased from Kobo store. As long as you can use Kobo for PC/Mac, then you can successfully transfer EPUB and PDF to Kobo. Now let's transfer EPUB files to Kobo via kobo for PC.

1 Connect Kobo to your computer via USB

When you connect Kobo to computer via USB cable, your Kobo will ask if you want to connect your eReader to your computer to manage files. Select “Connect”, then ”Connected and charged” will appear on your kobo device, and finally you connect your kobo eReader to your Windows computer.

connect kobo

2 Open your Kobo for PC on your computer

After opening your Kobo desktop(Kobo reading software), you will find navigation bar "EREADER" is available, then click "LIBRARY", all your existing books will show up, including books currently on your eReader or Kobo for PC.

existing books on kobo

3 Add books to your Kobo

Click the cover of books you want to transfer, then hit "ADD TO EREADER" button at the bottom right corner or click the icon with "+" on the cover of your books.

transfer epub and pdf to kobo

The selected books will be transferred to your Kobo soon. Meanwhile, you will find the icon on the cover of your books has changed.

transferred epub and pdf to kobo

After books have been transferred, eject your Kobo. Then tap "Library" in your Kobo eReader "Home". You will find books you have added. Just click the cover, and enjoy them on your Kobo.

read epub and pdf on kobo

Method 2: How to transfer Books between 2 Kobo eReaders

For transferring EPUB/PDF from one Kobo eReader to another, here I want to share a powerful tool Kindle Transfer with you. With this tool, you can not only easily transfer Kobo books between 2 Kobo eReaders, but also transfer eBooks from Kobo desktop to Kobo eReader. I guess this tool is necessary for those who get a new Kobo and need to copy Kobo books from the old to new one.

Download Kindle Transfer for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

After installed the program successfully, now it's time to transfer EPUB/PDF to Kobo. Just connect your Kobo device to computer, select the eBook source on your computer or Kobo e-Ink reader, then choose target Kobo device and click on "Transfer" button to start the transferring. So easy, right?

transfer epub pdf to kobo

Method 3: Send EPUB/PDF to Kobo using ADE

This method applies to books purchased from Sony eBook store, Google Play, Barnes & Noble and other sources. No matter they are DRM free or Adobe DRM protected.

Now follow the steps to transfer PDF files to your Kobo glo.

1 Install Adobe Digital Editions, and authorize the Adobe ID which is associated with your Kobo device.

2 Connect Kobo to your computer. Your device will automatically show up under "Devices".

transfer epub and pdf to kobo with ade

3 Add your EPUB and PDF books to ADE.

You can click "File">>"Add to Library" at the upper left corner to add books you want to transfer. Or just drag them to the main window of ADE.

add books to ade

Notice: If your books are ACSM files, just download them with ADE. Then they will be downloaded automatically as EPUB or PDF files. To learn more details, you can go through the article convert acsm to epub.

4 Transfer EPUB and PDF books to Kobo.

Click "All Items" under "Bookshelves", all your added books will show up in the main window of ADE. Just right-click books you want to transfer and select "Copy to Computer/Devices">>"KoboeReader" to send books to Kobo. Or you can just drag books to "KoboeReader" under "Devices" . Then you will see a window showing the transfer process.

transfer epub and pdf to kobo with ade

When the books have been transferred successfully, eject your Kobo eReader from the computer. Then you will see a "Processing content" on your Kobo device, just wait it finished. Then the books will appear in your library. You can read books on your Kobo freely.

process content


If you can't transfer EPUB and PDF books to your Kobo successfully, maybe it's because the files you want to send are DRM protected. The easiest and best way is to removing DRM. Here, I recommend you a powerful DRM removal tool: Epubor Ultimate. It can remove Adobe DRM, kobo DRM and even the Kindle DRM, and convert ebooks to any format. Then you can enjoy books on Kobo freely.

Download the tool for free:

Method 4: Copy EPUB/PDF Files to Kobo via USB Directly

If you don't want to use any tool to transfer books to your Kobo device, you can just copy your downloaded books from your computer to Kobo eReader via USB directly.

1 Connect Kobo eReader to computer using USB. Tap "Connect" in your Kobo device.

2 Open "Computer" in your desktop. Double-click "KoboeReader". Then it will show the contents of your eReader.

kobo ereader content

3 Open a folder which saves your PDF and EPUB files. Then just drag books you want to transfer to your Kobo eReader contents folder.

transfer books to kobo

Note: To use this method, you need to make sure your Kobo books are DRM-free. Otherwise, you cannot open the transferred kobo books on your Kobo eReader.

Final Words

It is obvious that you can read epubs and pdfs from different resources. Incidentally, if your books weren't purchased from the Kobo store only, you have the option to utilize the tool Epubor Ultimate to assist you in removing DRM and enjoying your books on Kobo without any restrictions.

Download the tool for free:

works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

11/2/2020 19:57:44
Thanks, helped me a lot!
11/4/2020 09:02:15
You are welcome. Any more problem, please feel free to contact us.
03/11/2021 19:48:17
Just to be sure, it looks like all these methods require a physical connection to the kobo.  Is there a way to a transfer over wifi?
03/12/2021 09:04:31
You can transfer your book to online storage and download them to your kobo via webbrowser. But the Kobo web browser is horroible.
07/29/2021 00:36:50

I have found a way to transfer books from my android phone and my android tablet to my Kobo Libra wirelessly but I am sure it will work with any other Kobo however you do need to downloaded the (free) app HFS (Http File Server by vortexinfinitum) from the Play Store to your android device and give the app access / permission.  

On opening the HFS app it gives you an address (which is the same address each time for that device).  Then, leaving the app open on your android device, open the Kobo web browser *** and type in the address from the HFS app as if it is a URL and click on GO.  Your Kobo now has access to your android device.  Just find the book you wish to transfer (mine can be found in my Downloads folder) and tap on it.  Kobo will then ask if you wish to download the file (which you do so continue) and once downloaded voila the book is now on your Kobo.  You can only transfer / download one book at a time but you do not need a computer to transfer the book from your android device to your Kobo.  

I have actually saved the address from the HFS app as a Favourite in my Kobo web browser as it is the same address each time for that device.  Each device uses a different address so I have in fact two Kobo web browser Favourites; one for my phone and one for my tablet!

*** On the Kobo Libra to open the web browser from the home page click on More / Beta Features / Web Browser / Start.

Happy reading, Hilary

11/3/2021 08:57:11
I tried the HTTP file server app with my new Libra 2 but it doesn't work.
07/8/2022 00:37:51
You could also try using this app called Xender! It's been working for me and my Kobo Nia. First, make sure that you have the PDF you want downloaded on your phone. Then, download the Xender app on your phone and in the app, press the little "+" button in the top right corner. Hit "Connect PC", and then go to the browser on your Kobo and type in the URL it says on your phone. From there you can connect the two devices and transfer files between em! I hope that this works.
01/11/2022 00:09:24
You are a lifesaver coz that actually works!! Saved me so Much time so my eternal gratitude is yours my friend lol
02/28/2022 17:30:07
Great! It works this way on Kobo Libra H20
11/23/2022 03:50:39
I do that on my laptop.  Installed the Apache server, it always runs, its address is the startup address on the Kobo browser, so as soon as I start the browser, I go to the file listing.  And the file listing is a downloads directory, so whatever ePubs I have in there are available for download.
03/10/2022 00:24:50
didn't help, still cannot transfer files
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