5 Apps for Kindle Paperwhite 3 You Can't Miss

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As one of the most popular eBook devices in the world, Kindle Paperwhite 3 has a large number of fans. If you have an eBook Reader at hand, I guess it may be KPW3. We can enjoy eBooks from Amazon with our Kindle. But sometimes we may download EPUB eBooks online which are not supported by Kindle, or find some interesting articles on the Internet. Can we read them with our KPW3? How to? Don't worry. Here are 5 apps you can't miss for Kindle Paperwhite 3, with these web apps, we can take the most advantages of our Kindle, all of these problems mentioned above will be solved easily.

Readability——Send web contents to your KPW3

Sometimes we may find some interesting or important contents on web sites. How can we read them on our KPW3? Luckily,readability is a free web services for Kindle Paperwhite 2015. It can help us send web articles, blogs or other web contents to our Kindle Paperwhite. It has a particular add-on push button and is available on the web. This add-on push button supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari. As long as you install it on one of the browsers on your computer, no matter when you find your favorite web articles or blogs, you can just click it to transfer them to your Kindle.

web services for kindle paperwhite 2015

It's useful to enjoy long form web content. Except this send to Kindle tool, there are also other similar web services for Kindle Paperwhite 2015. And let you easily push new stories or blogs from the web to KPW3. You can click here to learn more send to Kindle tools.

Readlist——Make eBooks from web articles

Send to Kindle tool mentioned above just enables you send individual web pages to your Kindle. But how can we send a lot of web pages to our Kindle? Readlist is a more powerful tool that goes one further step than send to Kindle tool and let us easily make a group of web pages as an eBook and deliver them to our Kindle Paperwhite 2015. Thus, you can send all of your listed articles or blogs to Kindle and enjoy them freely. It's easy. What we have to do is only to enter the URL and then directly click "Send to Kindle". I really like this tool. It's so convenient.

web apps for kindle paperwhite3

Clippings.io——Save Kindle highlights and notes

When we read eBooks on our Kindle, we may make highlights or notes for some particular words or paragraph which we like very much. In fact, these highlights and annotations we make are saved as a text file in our Kindle document folder called "My clippings". We can easily import this file to the tool clippings.io and manage them more efficiently. We can edit, add supplementary notes or delete them with this tool. We can also export Kindle clippings to evernote. If we make eBook annotations, we can choose to export them to our Kindle, or just export them as PDF, text, word or excel format. A really magical web app for Kindle Paperwhite 3 highlights and notes.


Hundredzeros——Get currently free best-sellers

Where to get free books for our Kindle Paperwhite 3? Here we can go to?hundredzeros.com. It's a web service for Kindle Paperwhite 2015. We can download currently free best-sellers on Amazon. I believe we can more or less find one book we like here. Except this web service, there are also many other places where we can download free books for our Kindle Paperwhite. You can go through this guide to learn where to download free Kindle books.

get free books for kindle

Ultimate eBook Converter(Epubor Ultimate)——Read EPUB books on KPW3

Except Amazon, books purchased from most of eBook retailers, such as Google, Kobo and Barnes & Noble are always in EPUB or PDF format. Sometimes, we may have to downloaded EPUB files online, but unfortunately our Kindle Paperwhite 3 doesn't support EPUB format. Besides, most of downloaded EPUB files are protected by Adobe adept DRM. If we want to read them on Kindle, the best way is to remove Adobe DRM and then convert EPUB to Mobi format. Ultimate eBook converter--Epubor Ultimate is a powerful tool that has both DRM decryption and eBook conversion features. With this tool, we can easily remove DRM from EPUB books and convert them to Kindle supported format. We can also use the tool to decrypt Kindle books and enjoy them more freely.

remove aodbe drm and convert epub to mobi

As the image shows, this tool can decrypt Kindle books and EPUB files easily, and can also convert Kindle books to EPUB/PDF or convert EPUB/PDF to Kindle format. You can download it for free trial.

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Make your EPUB files freely and readable on Kindle devices or app

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All of these are web apps for Kindle Paperwhite 3, you can have a try. I believe with these tools, you can make the most use of your Kindle Paperwhite 3. Hope this can help you. If you have any other useful tools, feel free to leave a comment below and share it with us.


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