6 Utilities to Help You Scan Documents into PDF

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If you have a lot of documents laying around like me, you may also almost feel crazy sometimes. There are so many documents here and there. Not easy and convenient enough to save and store. And it takes much time when we need to find some specific information in the documents among them. At this time, it's better to learn how to scan documents into pdf files for better saving and management. It's also wise to scan book documents into pdf if you want to convert your paper books to ebooks for more convenient reading. We know that paper books are not convenient to carry with and they are easily broken. It's better to scan books to pdf. Then they can be saved better and can be read on various eReader devices.

I search for tools and utilities that can help scan documents to pdf for some time and finally find some of them. If you are in need of this kind of utilities, you can go for a try.

1. iCopy

scan documents into pdf

It's not so easy to find a free scan to pdf software. As when I was searching, most of the softwares are commercial, perhaps with some free offerings. iCopy is an open source application that can be downloaded to use for free. It is a practical Windows software that can help to combine your scanner and printer to one powerful copy machine. Just with one single click or several clicks, you can directly print your copies out or save them as PDF files. Its simple main interface allows you to manage the scanner settings and printer options such as brightness, paper size, number of copies easily. This utility may be able to help you make the most of your scanner and printer.  

2. Advanced Scan to PDF Free


Advanced Scan to PDF Free allows you to scan your documents to PDF files, and then saves them in a chosen location on your PC. It is a freeware. It can make high-quality PDF files from your scanner, camera or other supported sources for you. And then it will save the PDFs or send them as you need. People can scan the paper documents into PDF which is practically used in the business industry and then send them to others through the Internet. This offers a much easier and convenient way for business people. But it's not only restricted to the business industry. It also can be a nice choice for any person who is in need of it to use because it's very simple to operate. This utility can handle a wide variety of document and image formats. It's able to work well with most scanners as well as cameras.

When installing Advanced Scan to PDF Free, I recommend to choose the advanced custom installation (as the picture below shows). Or the software will install a toolbar. Your browser home page and search provider will be changed. If you don't mind this, you can also setup as the tool recommended.

custom installation

3. Softi Scan to PDF

softi scan to pdf

Softi Scan to PDF can create a single page PDF or multi-page PDFs with scanners. It's also simple to operate. To take care of a wide range of users, the operation steps will not be complicated. Softi Scan to PDF software can work well with most Twain compatible Scanners and offers users a good image compression service. You can take it as a simple utility for scanning paper documents into PDF files and then save them or make others uses. It costs $39.95 (USD) recently, but a free trial of 30 days is available for people to download now. If you want it, you can go to this site to buy it (it's in the lower part of the page).

4. Soda PDF 6

soda pdf 6

Soda PDF 6 is a PDF editor that includes scanning capabilities. It's proved to be capable, flexible, and easy to use. It's affordable for individuals and organizations that need more than what free tools can offer. When installing it, Soda PDF offers an option to designate it as the default application for PDF files, you can choose to set it or not according to your need. It can turn scanned documents into editable files, you can edit the files and saved them as PDF files. This utility has offered a series of different modules, each of which has its own different functionality. You can choose the module you want according to your own needs and preferences.

This utility costs $74.96 (USD) together with the OCR product.

5. Readiris Pro

readiris pro

Readiris Pro is able to scan the paper documents and images into digital files such as Word, Excel, PDF etc. These digital files can be editable and searchable. This software can scan your paper document using the built-in scanning wizard. Then it will instantly convert it to the format you choose without changing the original layout. The converted files will look the same as the original documents. While the converted files are editable and searchable now.

With the high compression technology used in the software, you can compress your files up to 50 times smaller than the original file size without affecting the files' visual quality. Your compressed documents which are in standard PDF format will be fully searchable and compatible with usual PDF viewers.

Besides, Readiris Pro has a cloud setup function. You can export your documents in the cloud. Cloud services supported includes Evernote, Dropbox, Box & Google Drive. This utility can recognize more than 130 languages including Asian languages and Arabic* to fulfill your need.

This utility costs $129.00 (USD). Personally I think it's a little expensive because I'm cheap now. But there is a 10-day free version that you can go for a try before purchasing it. And there is a video guide of this product on the site.

6. Fast Scan to PDF

fast scan to pdf

Although Fast Scan to PDF is a simple software to use, it's a powerful Twain compatible document scanning utility. If you have used various scan to PDF softwares before, you may notice that many of the scan to PDF softwares are with some useless features that will do nothing but complicated. These features may let the process of scanning slow down. Fast Scan to PDF is a clean software that can scan documents more quickly and efficiently in the process. It can remember your settings, and then merely asks you for a file name when scanning. Fast Scan to PDF supports a wide range of features such as Auto-Contrast and Automatic Page Rejection. It is enough to be used in the home office for everyday documents scanning.



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