Adobe ACSM DRM Removal, Remove Adobe ePub/PDF DRM on Windows & Mac

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Powerful software to remove EPUB&PDF DRM protections from Kobo/Google Play books with no quality loss.

Download Adobe EPUB&PDF DRM Removal software

Adobe ACSM DRM Removal video tutorial, learn how to remove drm from adobe epub/pdf (such as Kobo/Google Play) books easily:

ultimate main screen

Watch Video Tutorial

Adobe Digital Editions DRM Removal Tool

Adobe ePUB & PDF DRM Removal is a powerful software to remove DRM from Kobo/Google Play books.
Adobe DRM is adopted by many mainstream online eBook stores like Kobo, Google Play, etc.. All these books can be handled by Epubor Adobe EPUB&PDF DRM Removal.

epubor ade drm removal

Basic requirement for removing ADE DRM

You need to install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. After you get the .acsm files downloaded, open them via ADE, then the acsm files will be turned into ePub or PDF format. But they are with DRM limitation, which means that you can only open them via ADE.

basic steps to remove acsm drm

Adobe Digital Editions

ADE is a DRMed eBooks reading software developed by Adobe, no matter the book is bought from Kobo or Google Play Books, as long as it is protected by Adobe Adept DRM, then it can be read via ADE.

Easier than your imagination

You need not to know any decryption codes or knowledge to remove Adobe EPUB&PDF DRM, Adobe DRM Removal does everything for you. And the software is pretty easy to use, if the books you want to decrypt are saved in ADE content folder, the software will help detect them all automatically. You just need to drag and drop them to its main interface. Then drm will be removed immediately. For detailed steps, please read how to Remove DRM from Adobe Digital Editions

Download Adobe ACSM DRM Removal software

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11/5/2011 15:03:01
Worked perfectly for me.  I have a Kobo Touch and download ebooks fromt the library.  I was having trouble finishing them before they expired.  Now with the Adobe DRM stripped they stay in my library and don't expire  
12/7/2011 07:35:58
Loaded the trial software for DRM PDF's.  Worked first time and solved my issues completely.  Bought the full product.  Thank you so much
12/30/2011 11:12:56
For a long time I have looked for the software which removes the Adobe DRM. That is the best program all over the world! Worked perfect for me, easy to use and quick!
Highly recommended!
Thank you!!!
03/22/2012 16:10:25
i use nook kindle epub and might use pdf will this one program do it all and remove the dmr? Or do i need to buy more than one program?
one for nook
one for kindle
one for epub/Adobe Digital Edition
maybe pdf.
03/22/2012 22:30:38
Our Unlimited Access Subscription can decrypt ePUB/PDF/PRC/AZW books from Nook, Kindle,Mobipocket, Adobe, Sony eReader etc.
Just go to "Buy Now" page.
04/9/2012 15:58:07
Is the Epubor DRM Removal a one time purchase or do I need to repurchase every year?
08/10/2012 04:57:57

Worked, trying to remove DRM from Kobo book.
Have Kobo reader on my desktop.
Purchased Kobo book, readable in Kobo.
Looked for the new book file in (Windows 7)
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Kobo\Kobo Desktop Edition\kepub, and renamed the cryptic filename to mybook.epub.
This was my first mistake. This file was not readable in Adobe Digital Editions. It was not possible to remove DRM from this file.

Then I went to the Kobo web page at www.kobobooks.com, logged in, clicked on "My Library" and saw that I could download an "Adobe DRM EPUB" file. This file WAS readable in Adobe Digital Editions.

Tried to remove DRM from this file using ePubor Ultimate 1.2, but was asked for NOOK credentials, not Kobo credentials!

ePubor Customer support sent me (free, after purchasing ePubor Ultimate) "Adobe Digital Editions PDF ePUB DRM Removal".

This program successfully removed DRM from the "Adobe DRM ePub" downloaded from www.kobobooks.com -> My Library.

Now I can read the purchased ebook on all of my devices.

Thank you.

08/28/2012 05:41:40
Is the Epubor ePub Drm Removal als available in Dutch? Thank you.
08/29/2012 00:16:41
absolute available in Dutch!
Why not download it to have a try?
07/16/2013 11:10:37
Very good!
11/30/2013 13:27:47
très très bien
01/3/2014 12:53:44
it works :-) great!
08/24/2018 09:53:51
Will this help remove DRM from my Kobo KEPUB books?
12/10/2018 16:00:57
piece of shieet, 20 % converted
12/11/2018 11:04:52
Thank you for using Epubor software. If trial version can allow you to decrypt 20% content , the licensed version will ensure your whole book can be decrypted & Converted.
04/3/2020 08:59:58
well, interesting software. it only converted 20 percent of my book until i have purchased the full licence
04/4/2020 13:10:11
Thank you for your comments. The trial version allows you to convert 20% content of each book while the license version will give you the full content of your ebook in its original format.
06/10/2020 12:16:46
Piece of crap. This epubor cannot even open the acms file while it is easily opened on ade.
06/11/2020 09:07:54
Have you reported this issue to our support@epubor.com? Please send the issued the book to our  support email or contact us via livechat. We'll get back to  you within 24 hours.
06/14/2023 05:00:33
I had to reinstall Windows on my PC and the Registration code of Epubor Adobe ePUB&PDF DRM Removal doesn't work anymore.
Is it possible to get one that works?
Thank you
06/15/2023 09:58:01

Hello, thanks for your message.

Please contact us via support@epubor.com for a new license code. Thank you.

Best regards,
Epubor Team

08/25/2023 18:37:31
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