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There is no greater pleasure in life than diving into a good book with a nice ebook reader for a bookworm. And ebook readers have come a very long way since Amazon's first Kindle came out in 2007. Of course, there are other great e-readers out there from Amazon's main competitors: Kobo and Nook. After we tested all the popular reader devices, here are our top picks for the best ereader devices.

Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017

For the Kindle's 10th anniversary, Amazon releases its first high-end waterproof Kindle so you are free to read in even more places. Compare to the original Kindle Oasis, the larger screen, more durable aluminum chassis and full waterproofing are important upgrades that put the new Oasis at the top of the e-reader class.

The Pros: The new Kindle Oasis maintains its slim design while adding a sturdier aluminum back and the largest, highest resolution display— 7” and 300 ppi E Ink screen. It's fully waterproof and can play your Audible audiobooks. Integrated light is brighter at its highest setting. Enjoy twice the storage with 8 GB. Or choose 32 GB to hold more magazines, newspapers, and audiobooks.

The Cons: Expensive.

kindle oasis 7

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2015

The well-designed Kindle Paperwhite is an excellent choice for almost everyone with an affordable price. It's also the best-selling Kindle. And the HD screen has incrementally enhanced the Kindle reading experience.

The Pros: Amazon has improved on last year's excellent Paperwhite e-reader with the higher resolution display (300 ppi). A smattering of new features enhance Amazon's already best-in-class content ecosystem.

The Cons: Limited to Amazon's library; The ad-free version costs $20 more.

kindle paperwhite 2015

Kobo Aura H2O

Amazon may rule the ebook reader market in the U.S. with an iron Kindle, but in the rest of the world, digital bookworms turn to Kobo's ebook readers. Kobo never stop trying to make reading even better for booklovers around the world. Now, the original waterproof eReader just got even better, with the addition of ComfortLight PRO. The Kobo Aura H2O is a solid addition to the ereader market. It's light, it's easy to read, and it has decent battery life.

The Pros: Kobo's latest ereader is a solid upgrade on its previous model: intelligent backlighting helps you sleep better; anti-glare HD E-ink screen is a pleasure to read. It's waterproof, it's compact, it's light. The Aura H2O is definitely a contender in the ereader market.

The Cons: Relatively expensive.

kobo auro h2o

Kobo Aura One

It's been a few years since Kobo introduced its high-end, waterproof Kobo Aura H2O, but now the company is back with its best ebook reader yet: the Aura One. The Kobo Aura One, a large-screen eReader with exceptional water-resistance and good night-time reading features. It's one the biggest ebook readers ever made and it's crafted to deliver the absolute best reading experience.

The Pros: The Kobo Aura One sports a 7.8-inch e-ink display that's significantly larger than the 6-inch e-ink displays found on all of Amazon's Kindle e-readers, it's waterproof, has an integrated light and built-in support for Overdrive library book loans.

The Cons: Fairly pricey, may be a little too large for some people's hands.

kobo auro one 01

Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight 3

The GlowLight 3 is a quirky device to be sure. It's got good hardware and the designed was well thought out. It can handle epub and PDF books as well as comes standard with 8GB of storage. And its crisp 300-dpi display and physical-page turn buttons make the Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight 3 a pleasure to read with.

The Pros: The Hardware on the GlowLight 3 is top notch. It's got page turn buttons, blue light reducing technology, and a great screen, all wrapped up in 'soft touch plastic. The Display of the GlowLight 3 is on par with the highest quality screen that the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite or Kobo Clara HD have to offer.

The Cons: Sluggish UI; A small selection of books compared to the Kindle store.

nook glowlight 3

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