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Do you know that .acsm file is "Adobe Content Server Message File"? Sometimes we download an eBook from the internet, we will get an acsm file--a download link but not the full ebook.

ACSM file always comes with Adobe DRM, produced by Adobe. It can be opened by Adobe Digital Editions on compute or your mobile devices. How about if I don't want to use Adobe Digital Editions on my android devices or ipad? So here comes our concern: is there any alternatives that replace ADE to open acsm files? Keep reading to learn best ACSM Reader app review.

acsm reader app on pc/mac
acsm reader app on iPad/iPhone
acsm reader app on android

ACSM reader app on IOS devices--Bluefire

In this post adobe digital editions for ipad alternative I have introduced two good tools that help us read adobe files on iPad, iPhone. Here I still advice you use this tool Bluefire as acsm reader app. bluefire acsm reader

Bluefire reader is easy to use. Once installed, next time you find some good or interesting books at book stores, you will see the option of opening your files into this app.

Please register it with your Adobe ID, make sure that you can open your acsm file with this ID in this app. This is the key point and must-have step. Keep this in mind.s


Bluefire has claimed that they are going to release an android version, so maybe you can have a try of installing on your android, too.

Updated 2021: Now BlueFire did release the Android version which you can download it from Google Play App store.

ACSM reader app android--Aldiko

Many readers may get an acsm file on their android device, so how to open acsm file on android? Here I recommend Aldiko.

Aldiko is the best app that I want to recommend in this post. aldiko acsm reader

Firstly you must resigter an Adobe ID for your acsm files ( drm protected ebooks), install Aldiko Book Reader from android store. Then you have to set your Aldiko to input your Adobe ID details.

Copy your downloaded acsm file (download link ) to this app. After finished, you will see a new catalog in Aldiko library. Open it you can read your acsm files on your android tablet, smart phones.


It is not an easy job for your to find where your downloaded acsm is, you can download and install a file manager app ASTRO to locate your acsm. Then your acsm files will be automatically downloaded to your Aldiko bookshelf. Bear in mind that authorizing Adobe ID is the key to open acsm files.

Open acsm with Adobe Digital Editions on PC/Mac

When asked about what is acsm file, and how to open acsm, the default answer is Adobe Digital Editions, just because acsm file is created for Adobe drm books, opened with Adobe Digital Editions.

install ade

Install ADE on your PC or Mac computers, then authorize your computer with Adobe ID. Find your downloaded acsm files on your computer, transfer them to ADE. As default after you added them to ade, they will be converted to pdf or epub format files. Now they become complete ebooks files, which is possible to transfer to your ios , android, eReaders.

How to read acsm file without limitation

Except for reading acsm files on computer, from this post you my have found that there are 3 ways for us to read acsm files on ios, android, ereaders.

Method 1: Use acsm reader app

This way is available for tablets, smart phones. We can choose the proper app to open our acsm files on dedicated devices. Just with the same Adobe ID.

Method 2: Transfer from computer

This method is only accessible to the eReaders, because we can't install any apps on them. Af first on computer use ADE to convert acsm to common epub or pdf, make it possible to transfer them. Then use USB to copy them to your eReader.

For example, you bought some books from kobo store, you have a Sony Reader, and you want to read kobo books on sony reader, then a good way is to sync your books with ade on pc, then transfer them to Sony, with the same Adobe ID.

Method 3: Remove DRM from ACSM files

Method 1 and 2 can only be applied to dedicated devices. Therefore, if we have multiple devices, it might become somewhat chaotic to repeat certain steps.

As acsm file is restricted by Adobe DRM which prevent us transfering, copying or sharing books, so if we can remove acsm drm, it is super easy to read acsm on any devices, no need to install counts of apps.

1 Install ADE on computer and authorize Adobe ID

2 Open .acsm file with ADE to download books

3 Remove drm with Epubor Ultimate


remove drm from pdf and epub files

4 Transfer files to devices

After you removed drm from acsm file, it will be drmp-free. So we can copy them to our tablet, ereaders, smart phones. We can also share them with our family. But if you want to read acsm on Kindle, please convert acsm to kindle format.

Download the tool for free:

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10/24/2015 10:16:36
Thank you! This is a huge help, the Overdrive App that I use won't open these files.
04/19/2019 08:29:50
Just downloaded it. Hope it works.
06/7/2019 04:44:06
Thanks.!  It helped me a lot otherwise I was not satisfied with ade
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