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Amazon Kindle fire tablet is one of the best-valued Android tablet, but it is with a small selection of apps pre-installed. Are you looking for more apps in order to watch TV, listen to music, talk with your friends, or even work? Here I will list the best apps to make the most use of your Kindle fire. Now you can go through this list and pick up the apps that be useful.

Note: there are two ways to download and install the apps outside Amazon App Store:

  • sideloading an APK>> download apk from the internet. ( I will collect the apk for these apps in this article so that you can download them directly by clicking.)
  • installing Google Service>> You’ll need to install this Google Play Store on your Amazon kindle fire tablet before installing the apps mentioned in this article.

Both ways are working.

1, ES File Explorer

Download ES File Explorer APK

There is no file manager on Amazon Kindle fire. How to manage the files on your fire tablet? You’ll need the best mobile file manager—ES File Explorer which will keep everything in order for you. It can manage the files including images, music, movies, documents, apps on both local and cloud efficiently and effectively.

es file explorer

2, AccuWeather

Download AccuWeather APK

Although Kindle fire has its own weather forecast function, AccWeather is the most used one. With it, you can easily check the weather before leaving for the office. Glad to mention that this weather app offers accurate short-term weather predictions for many countries.


3, Google Chrome Browser

Download Google Chrome Browser APK

There are many complaints about the Kindle fire browser, so it is not bad to install a better browser for your Kindle fire. Chrome offers syncing across all your different devices, incognito browsing, and---if you have the most recent Fire TV model---voice search. What’s more, Google Chrome's integration with Google Search allows them to predictively load content, too.

google chrome browser

4, Whatsapp

Download Google Whatsapp APK

If you want to turn your Amazon kindle fire to a communication tool, the first choice is Whatsapp. Whatsapp is the most installed chat app around the world. It lets you make free voice call, video calls, and send instant message. Maybe one of your friends or family members are using this chat app. So why not install it on your kindle fire.

whatsapp on kindle fire

5, Facebook

Download Facebook APK

Facebook is not just the largest social network in the world, but also the second biggest messaging app. With Facebook, you can connect for free with anyone who has a Facebook account. The Facebook on kindle fire is not the real Facebook app, but just the link to m.facebook.com.

facebook on kindle fire

6, Pinterest

Download Evernote APK

If you like sharing photos, you should never miss out Pinterest, an online pin board. Different from other social medium network, content shared on Pinterest is driven entirely by visuals. That means you can’t share something on Pinterest unless an image or video is involved. By using the visual orientation, Pinterest focuses on the concept of a person’s lifestyle, not only sharing your own one but also discovering those of like-minded persons.

pinterest on kindle fire

7, Evernote

Download Evernote APK

Evernote is one of our go-to apps that syncs the notes from your kindle fire to your Evernote account so that you can access them from anywhere. With it, you can add note from webpage, webpage excerpt, a photograph, a voice memo, a handwritten note, or even file attachment. It means you take a note taker with you if you have Evernote installed on your Kindle fire.

evernote on kindle fire

8, Spotify

Do you love music? If yes, you will need the Spotify. Spotify is one of the biggest online platform that allows you to listen to music and play millions of podcasts for free. If you are a subscriber, you can enjoy the music with better quality or even download the music for offline listening. It is just ok, if you are not e a premium members. You can still enjoy the music with lower quality online and are not allowed to download the music.

Now you can just get Spotify from Amazon App Store.

spotify on kindle fire

9, Comixology

Get Comixology from Amazon

It is clear than ever that tablets are the perfect digital comic reading option. That’s why every comic lover should install Comixology on Kindle fire tablet. Comixology has over 100,000 comics, graphic novels and manga. By installing this app, you can buy books in-apps and get instant access to all your titles.

comixology on kindle fire

10, Netflix

Don’t want to be confined to Amazon Prime Video service? Try Netflix. When comes to watching movie and TV shows, Netflix is always my first choice.  Compared with Amazon prime video service, it has a wider selection of films, TV box sets and documentaries.

You can get this app from Amazon App store.


11, Youtube

Download YouTube APK

This is a good palce for anyone watching music videos, anime, game reviews, tv shows, and much much more! Its content is entirely user-generated, so it’s important to be attentive to each video’s source. At here, you can find solutions to any sort of problem or just YouTube for entertainment, knowledge, hobbies and communities. You can always find what’s the popular in gaming, fashion, beauty, learning, music videos and more.

youtube on kindle fire

12, Office Suite Free

Download Office Suite APK

Office Suite Free combines all the features you need to read, edit, and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint docs. It also lets you link your Google Drive account or OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox accounts to save your files. If you have this app installed, you will turn your Amazon kindle fire into a writing, spreadsheet-building and presentation-designing machine.

office suite on kindle fire

All there apps are completely free. Of course, some of them have subscription service with featured functions.


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Good article. Are there any decent art apps for the 10" Fire tablet?
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