10 Best Calibre Plugins That Help You Manage eBooks Better

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Are you a heavy user of Calibre? How much do you know about Calibre? Have you ever realized that there are many Calibre plugins that can be installed to make your Calibre more powerful? The various Calibre plugins can provide you with a lot of additional functions and extra features that you may find very useful.

After doing an in-depth research, this article is finally finished. Let's explore the best 10 Calibre plugins together.

best calibre plugins

How to install plugins to Calibre?

1 Download and run Calibre.

2 Download Calibre plugins to your computer. All the Calibre plugins are .zip file. Please don't unzip it.

3 Click on "Preference" at the top menu bar. Scroll down to the "Advanced" section and click on the "Plugins" button.

4 Tap "Load plugin from file" and choose the plugin (.zip file) that you want to install.

1. DRM Removal Plugin

Undoubtedly, I would say the best plugin for Calibre is the DRM removal plugin. It's a tool developed by Apprentice Alf to help anyone to remove DRM from their ebooks, including Amazon Kindle eBooks (downloaded via Kindle desktop application and Kindle E-ink device), any ebooks using Adobe Digital Editions DRM (this include ePubs and PDFs from Kobo and Google Play that are downloaded for Adobe Digital Editions), and the older Mobipocket and eReader eBooks.

Download DeDRM Plugin V6.6.3

Calibre DRM Removal plugin

2. KFX Input

Working with the DRM Removal Plugin, KFX Input plugin allows you to convert Kindle KFX ebooks to other ebook formats like PDF/ePub/Mobi. The plugin can convert from several KFX variants: Monolithic KFX, KFX-ZIP, or KPF. Please note that to successfully decrypt and convert Kindle KFX books, you must use an older version Kindle for PC/Mac (from V1.19 to V1.24.3) or E-ink kindle devices (with firmware version from 5.6.5 to to download your Kindle ebooks.

Download KFX Input V1.31.0

3. Kindle Collections

Organizing your ebooks on your Kindle device is one of the greatest challenges of the Kindle. The Calibre Plugin "Kindle Collection" allows you to manage your Kindle collections using the Authors, Series, Tags or Categories in Calibre and export them to your Kindle. This plugin would be very helpful for those who own a large collection of Kindle ebooks.

Download Kindle Collections V1.7.24

import collections to calibre

4. EpubMerge

The Calibre plugin EpubMerge can provide you with a much easy way to combine multiple EPUBs (non-DRM) in a single new EPUB file. For example, you can merge several books from a series into a single book, or you can combine one author's many individually published works in a single anthology. This may be very helpful in simplifying your library when you have thousands of ebooks.

Download EpubMerge V2.9.0

EPUB Merge

5. EpubSplit

EpubSplit is a counterpart of EpubMerge. This plugin enables you to create multiple EPUBs by splitting off the parts of an existing (non-DRM) EPUB eBook. You can set the "Split Lines" in the EPUB file, and you can also extract only the selected contest of the source EPUB into the new EPUB.

Download EpubSplit V2.9.0

EPUB Split

6. Modify ePub

This plugin allows you to perform some certain modifications to your epub files without performing a calibre conversion. For example, you can rewrite the CSS, modify the margin, split the undesired places, change the directory structure and etc.

Download Modify ePub V1.4.1

modify epub

7. Job Spy

Job Spy is a big toolbox of 64 unique functions to make Calibre look and behave better. There are many tweaks that you may find very useful. For example, it lets you change the colors of the main GUI Text, Background, Tool Bar, Search Bar, and Status Bar. It deserves an installation to explore more functions of Calibre!

Download Job Spy V1.0.176

job spy

8. Annotations

The Calibre "Annotations" will help you import highlights, notes, and other annotations from supported eBook readers and platforms. How cool it is to pull your annotations made on your device and add them to your calibre library!

The supported devices and platforms include:
Kindle - annotations fetched from "My Clippings.txt" file.
Kobo eReaders - annotations fetched from database.
Tolino eReaders - annotations fetched from notes.txt file.

Download Annotations V1.12.0

9. Favourites Menu

Are you running of Calibre screen space on your toolbar from adding plugins? Then probably you need Favourites Menu to help you. It lets you create a customized toolbar menu button with your favourite menu options. Also, you can add specific menu actions, submenus, or entire plugins to your own menu. In a word, this plugin helps you to save screen space.

Download Favourites Menu V1.0.5

Favourites Menu

10. Count Pages

Count Pages is a very useful Calibre plugin that will count the pages in a book, tell you how many words are in the file, and store the result in a custom column. This plugin now works only for Mobi and EPUB files.

Download Count Pages V1.9.0

Count Pages

Bonus Tips--Remove eBook DRM without installing Calibre plugin

Calibre DRM Removal Plugins can help you remove eBook DRM. However, the whole process can be very complicated and difficult.

Epubor Ultimate, the easiest-to-use eBook DRM Removal and eBook Converter, offers a rather simple way to remove eBook DRM from Kindle, Kobo, Google Play books without installing any plugins. Why not give it a try?

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

ebook drm removal mac

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