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The majority of eBooks purchased from popular eBook store come with DRM protection. So have you even been troubled by the DRM limitation after you purchase the eBooks? For example, you can't share your books with your friends freely or back up your purchased books? If you do, this article is going to show you how to remove DRM from popular mainstream eBook stores using the best DRM removal tool for eBooks.

Why should You Remove DRM from eBooks

Why should you remove DRM from purchased ebooks? Here's why:

1Back up your paid content.

If you can't take the full control of your paid content, then you are not its true owner. So you have to decrypt the DRMed eBooks to back up your paid books.

2Convert eBook's format.

You may have your favorite e-ink reader or reader apps, but they don't support your purchased book format. So what should you do? With no doubt, you need to convert the decrypted books to the formats which are supported by your preferred reader devices or apps.

3Share eBooks with friends freely.

No one want to buy the same ebook twice if someone close already have one. So sharing purchased books with family members or friends without any limitation is a big deal. In the same time, it can also help you save some money.

What's the Best DRM Removal Tool for eBooks

The best DRM removal tool for eBooks on the market is Epubor Ultimate. It's a very economical and powerful eBook DRM Removal as well as eBook Converter. More importantly, it's the easiest to use software to take the full control of purchased content by getting rid of the DRM protection. You should try the trail version first and see if it can work for you.

How to Remove DRM from Kindle Books

Step 1download Epubor Ultimate to your computer.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

Step 2download Kindle books to your computer via 1.24 or below version Kindle for PC/Mac.

Step 3run Epubor Ultimate, all of the downloaded kindle books are displayed in the left side-bar under Kindle tab. Then all you need to do is add the Kindle books to the right main window to remove DRM.

kindle books decrypted


1. Epubor Ultimate can automatically detect all of your Kindle books that are downloaded via Kindle for PC/Mac. So you will notice that all of your Kindle books appear under Kindle tap in the left column.

2. If you don't want to downgrade Kindle for PC/Mac, you can use the command line to remove Kindle DRM directly.

How to Remove DRM from Google Play Books

Step 1download Epubor Ultimate to your computer.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

Step 2download Adobe Digital Edition to your computer and authorize it with an Adobe ID.

authorize ade01

Step 3go to Google Play store, click Books > My books on top-left of webpage. Then find ebook title you want to download, click the three dots icon on the top-right corner of ebook title. Next select Download EPUB or Download PDF from popup menu to start downloading the book.

download googleplay book

Step 4you will get a .acsm file instead of a Epub or PDF file directly. So you need to double click the .acsm file, then ADE will download the book automatically. After downloading the book to your computer, you can open and read it in Adobe Digital Editions.

download acsm via ade

TipsYou will only get an .acsm downloading link when you download EPUB/PDF from Google Play Books website. Then you must double click the .acsm link to download the content via ADE.

Step 5all of your Google Play books downloaded via ADE will be displayed under Adobe tap in the left side-bar. Next add the books to the right main window to remove DRM.

decrypt googleplay book

How to Remove DRM from Kobo Books

Step 1download Epubor Ultimate to your computer.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

Step 2download Kobo for PC/Mac to your computer and log in with your own account. Then download your Kobo books to your computer.

TipsKobo for PC/Mac must be downloaded from Kobo official website, or Epubor Ultimate can't decrypt your Kobo books.

Step 3run Epubor Ultimate, you will see that the downloaded Kobo books are displayed under Kobo tap in the left-side bar. Next add the Kobo books to the right main window to remove DRM.

ultimate downloaded kobo books

TipsYour Kobo books downloaded via Kobo for PC/Mac will show up under Kobo tab in the left column of Epubor Ultimate.

How to Remove DRM from Nook Books

Notice: now you can only get rid of NOOK DRM on Windows 8/10 with the help of downloading NOOK books via NOOK App.

Step 1Download Nook books via Nook App.

Install Nook App from Microsoft store to your computer and sign in to your Nook account. Then you will be able to download Nook books.

download nook books

Step 2Install Epubor Ultimate to your computer

Download Epubor Ultimate for free

TipsSince Nook App is only available for Windows 8/10, you can only use Epubor Ultimate for Windows to remove Nook DRM.

Step 3Get a Nook key to remove Nook DRM

When you launch Epubor Ultimate software, you will see that all of your nook books that are downloaded via Nook App appear under Nook tab on the left panel. To remove Nook DRM, you must request a nook key from Epubor customer support by sending your nook account and password to their email address: support@epubor.com.

After you get the nook key file from Epubor customer support, go to settings of Epubor Ultimate, click Tools >> Generate keys >> Open, then drag and drop the nook key file to the pop-up window. Next, add the Nook books to the right main window to remove DRM.

remove nook drm


1. You can find the drm free Nook books by clicking Decrypted or the book folder icon on the lower left corner of the software.

As long as you remove DRM from Nook books, you will be able to back them up to your computer and share them with anyone freely.


The best DRM removal tools for eBooks can not only decrypt Kindle/Kobo/Google Play/Nook books, etc, it can also convert the decrypted book to EPUB/Mobi/AZW/PDF/TXT. Without the limitation of DRM protection, now you can back up your purchased books or share them with your friends freely.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

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