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When you download ebooks from free online libraries or any other free sources, there is great opportunity that the metadata can get lost. The eBook metadata is actually what allows your ebooks reading app to organize or filter the ebooks. Given that Epub is the most widely used ebook format in the world, today I will share the best EPUB metadata editor that enables you to edit your epub metadata on any platform--Windows, Mac, Android or Online.


Note: All metadata editor software only support the DRM-FREE epub books. So if your epub books are encrypted with DRM, please remove drm from epub at first.

EPUB Metadata Editor v1.8.5(Windows)

Epub Metadata Editor is an open source and free epub tag editor which is dedicated to ebook metadata editing. Different from other ebook metadata editor, it only can edit Epub format ebooks.

Click “Open” button to browse and select the epub books. Once the epub is loaded, its metadata will be displayed on the left of the interface. You can rewrite whatever you want in the boxes. It is super easy to use. 


Note EPUB Metadata Editor overwrites the metadata of the original file. You can make a backup copy in case something goes away.

As for changing the book cover, right click the book cover area in the right side and select “Change image” to replace it with your wanted image. It also enables you to paste image to this area for changing book cover.

epub metadata editor change image

As I have mentioned at the very beginning, this tiny tool can only edit epub metadata. As for reading ebooks or converting ebooks, you may have to pass this software.

Epubor Ultimate(Windows & Mac)

Different from EPUB Metadata Editor, Epubor Ultimate is a mul-functional ebook tool. Besides lettings you edit ebook metadata, it also features removing ebook drm as well as converting books format.

Click “Add” to load your epub books to Epubor Ultimate.

Epubor Ultimate

Then click the pen icon to prompt the metadata editing window. You can just replace the title, author, identifiers, date, language, published, descriptions and even book cover. The UI is neat and intuitive so further introduction is unnecessary.

Epubor Ultimate edit metadata

Note If you drag DRM-protected books to Epubor Ultimate, and then click the edit icon, you’ll find the metadata are greyed out. That’s because you are trying to edit the original drm-protected ebooks, not the converted ebooks. You need to find the drm-free ebook by clicking the output folder at the bottom right corner. Then drag them to the main interface and then edit it.

Calibre (Windows/Mac)


Calire is a multi-platform open-source tool that lets you easily add or edit metadata to your epub books. It supports almost all the main ebook formats available out there. That means you can edit the metadata of epub, azw3, pdf , mobi and more ebook formats.

“Add books”to Calibre or drag them to the main interface, right click the book title>>Edit Metadata>>Edit Metadata Individually, and you will have a pop-up window to edit the epub metadata.


It allows you to edit the title, author, series, book cover, and more. It even enables you to add tag and rate the books.


Actually, Calibre is actually an ebook manager with various other features, such as converting ebooks format, reading and managing ebooks. 

Sigil (Windows, Mac)

Sigil is a free, user-friendly epub editor which allows you to import and edit .txt, .html, and .epub format ebooks and export them as epub. Meanwhile, it also works as epub metadata editor with full support for possible metadata entries with full descriptions for each.

Just open your book in Sigil and go to the top menu>>Tools>>Metadata Editor. This will show all your ebook metadata.

sigil metadata editor

To change the epub metadata, just double click the value in the metadata to edit it.

sigil metadata editor

To add additional metadata, click Add metadata. This will open a new window with all possible options. It also allow you to add cover to your book.

sigil metadata editor

To know more about how to use Sigil, here is a video tutorial>>

As for Sigil, Metadata editing is just its additional feature while editing the epub books is its core task.

Online Epub Metadata Editor

If you are not willing to download or install any additional software, online epub metadata editor is perfect for you. But I’ve tested 2 online epub metadata editors. Unfortunately, they are not working during my test.

groupdocs.app I can quickly upload the epub book and it even displays all the metadata but there is no way to edit the metadata, no mention the book cover. Although it is advertised that they are fast and easy epub metadata viewer and editor on its website, it doesn’t work for me.

online metadata editor

conholdate.app As for this one, I cannot even upload the epub files to its website no mention to edit the ebook metadata. It keeps asking me waiting, never ends. I even refreshed this page and tried to upload the files many time, but get the same result. Then I had no other choice but gave up.

online metadata editor

Is there a really good online metadata/cover editor? In my opinion, online epub metadata editor is totally a waste of time. It is not recommended.

Epub Metadata Editor Android

eBook Reader ePub Tags editor is a professional ebook metadata editor which allows you to edit your epub metadata on android devices easily.

You can get it from Google Play Store or other online sources.

It enables you to manage your library and edit the metadata of the book title, publisher, release data, language, series, authors, descriptions and more.

After the installation, just tap “Open” to browse and open your epub book. All epub metadata will be displayed. Tap the metadata you want to change and just edit it.

android metadata editor

If you have no I have no access to Windows/Mac/ but only android smartphone, this is good for you.

Now that you've seen the candidates for the best Epub metadata editor, it's time for you to make the decision which one will be download to edit your epub metadata.


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