Best 13 Fanfiction Sites of All Time

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With fanfiction, the possibilities are endless! No matter whether you are an avid reader or amateur writer, a fanfiction site is always a good place for you to read or publish brainstorming yet engaging stories. While fanfiction can be awfully fun and self-indulgent, it can benefit aspiring writers as well. Anyone can create their own story based on their favorite characters or celebrities. The joy of fanfiction comes from writing about favorite characters — often in unexpected ways, or by crossing fandoms. Here we pick the top 13 fanfiction sites for you to explore infinite happiness by yourself.

1. What is Fanfiction?

Fanfiction is a new work of fiction that uses the characters, settings, world, or plot from existing popular TV shows, books, comics, films, plays, anime, games, and cartoons. Usually, fanfiction is created by fans who love the original work and want to further explore the lives of the characters they know and love and the world in which they live. Fans can both keep the creator's characters and settings or re-write scenes and add new characters to their story. It should be noted that fanfiction is mostly free because the writers create their work based on the love or enjoyment of the original work. Through fanfictions, fans get to live out their wildest and most impractical dreams with their favorite characters.

what is fanfiction

2. Best Fanfiction Sites

There are so many options to enjoy fanfiction. What makes the best fanfiction site? We believe the most important criterion should be the quality of content. In consideration of the following aspects, the quality of content, ease of use, availability of content, and level of customization features, we pick these top 13 best fanfiction websites for you.

1. Wattpad

When it comes to the best fanfiction websites, we must think of Wattpad. Wattpad is a website for both amateur and established writers to publish stories. It is probably the most well-known fanfiction website available and the most popular writing community out there. Although Wattpad has a large base of content (from original content to fanfiction), most of the works have poor-quality writing. Wattpad doesn't focus on how you write the story, but rather on how you tell it. And the most popular fics are fast-paced, full of drama, and engaging stories. However, the search function is very clunky. It is hard to find works that you like in fanfiction in particular.

wattpad fanfiction

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2. Archive of Our Own

Archive of Our Own (also known as AO3) is a fan-created, fan-run, nonprofit, noncommercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and podfic. There’s no censorship, an amazing search engine, publishing quality fictions, and no ads. AO3 is known for its tons of good quality well written works (many are even professional-like writing): impeccable writing with a dash of a good plot and few grammar mistakes. Its sorting, tagging, and search system are more efficient and user-friendly than any other fanfiction website I’ve tried. On AO3 you can use tags to find your favorite story easier and much more comfortably browse the website.

ao3 fanfiction

3. Fanfiction.net

Fanfiction.net is the world's largest fanfiction archive and forum. The site is split into ten main categories: anime/manga, books, cartoons, miscellaneous, games, comics, movies, plays/musicals, TV shows, and crossover. Their OC-oriented (An original character is any character that is not in the series and is created by the author) stories are very popular. The website has very well-written fics as well. On the whole, the site is easy to navigate. It also has a basic messaging system that other fanfiction sites don’t have.

fanfiction net

4. Commaful

Commaful is the world's largest multimedia fiction site which allows you to access thousands of free stories. The website has gorgeous visuals and layouts. All stories shared on Commaful are in this beautiful picture-book format. The stories really come to life in a different way and look incredible. It also has the best chat system. Compared to other sites, Commaful has a very small library of works. Even so, Commaful stories reach millions of people from around the world.

commaful fanfiction

5. Quotev

Quotev is a creative platform used by millions. It has a large community of passionate fans and a great chat system and forum features. As well as fanfictions, the website also has quizzes and actually has a wide variety of subjects, such as original works.

quotev fanfiction

6. Tumblr

Tumblr is mainly known as a microblogging and social networking website. Besides, you can view all kinds of fanfictions as well. The site provides a great way to get connected with the entire fandom. You’ll find memes, fan art, and fanfiction easily using the search functionality. It is also a great place to promote your fanfictions to attract traffic and draw more attention to your work. This site has lots of community features and a wide audience of readers in every fandom.

tumblr fanfiction

7. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is an online art community featuring artwork, videography and photography. It is also known for its amazing fan art and illustration community. There is a lot of creative fanfiction, fan art, fan comics, and more. It is one of the most fun, beautiful, and well-designed websites. This site offers lots of tools to style your posts, add images, etc.

deviantart fanfiction

8. Asianfanfic

Asianfanfics.com is an automated fanfiction archive site for people who like to read, write, and share their favorite stories and news about entertainment, music, and pop culture. As its name suggests, the site revolves around Asian fanfiction. The stories are based on Asian books, television series, films, video games, dramas, or bands. And the majority of the fanfiction is about K-pop singers, a Korean music genre.

asianfanfic fanfiction

9. AdultFanFiction

AdultFanFiction.org is the largest original adult fan fiction archive of all types on the web. The site has a clean and user-friendly UI and operates on a no-censorship policy to give adults a place where they can express themselves freely in Adult or non-Adult-themed writing. It is super easy for you to navigate the website and find your targeted stories conveniently.

adult fanfiction

10. Webnovel

Webnovel is the largest web novel community in the world. It is a global online reading platform for all kinds of marvelous novels, comics, and fanfictions. The site has a variety of content (over 10 million digital works), hosted 3 million writers, and covered more than 200 content categories. The website is also well-designed, which will give you a wonderful reading experience.

webnovel fanfiction

11. Harry Porter Fanfiction

HarryPotterFanfiction.com is an archive of Harry Potter Fanfiction stories of all types. It is claimed to be the best and oldest Harry Potter fanfiction site on the web. Its archive contains more than 85,000 stories categorized by title, author, etc. If you are a Harry Potter fan, this is the site you should go to.

harry porter fanfiction

12. LiveJournal

LiveJournal is a Russian-owned community-based journaling platform where users can keep a blog, journal, or diary. LiveJournal encourages communal interaction and personal expression by offering a user-friendly interface and a deeply customizable journal. With more than 50 million journals on topics like politics, entertainment, fashion, literature, design, fanfiction, and more.

live journal fanfiction

13. InsaneJournal

InsaneJournal, built on open-source software, is a simple yet very customizable online diary that allows you to keep in touch with all of your friends. At InsaneJournal, you have freedom of speech/expression. There’s no censorship unless the content obviously violates United States law. Most importantly, the site is fanfic friendly.

insane journal fanfiction

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06/10/2021 00:03:05
Hi. Is there a fan fiction website/ Or an app that I could use to make a Star Wars fan fiction. One that I could use to make my own fan fiction/stories, that I could write? Like one that doesn't require to sign up, or to ask for any of my information? Like my Email or passwords? Because I'm trying to stay safe from any other websites that might spam me or steal my identity.                                                                        
If there is a fan fiction website, that's what I am describing. Please let me know. I need a fan fiction website to do a star wars fan fiction/stories. So I can get to writing, and to enjoy myself, and to have a great time making and creating fan fiction stories.                                                
07/15/2021 00:31:53
In my personal experience wattpad is the best and alot more reliable than others.
10/13/2021 03:00:54
Same, i was on there forever :D
02/3/2024 14:02:11
Wattpad/AO3 are definitely the top two best for starters.
04/24/2024 02:02:45
Not really because AO3 has many weird things so I say that Wattpad is actually for starters. AO3 is more people that have experience from wattpad or other reading apps.
01/24/2022 11:01:43
I would recommend wattpad 100%. there is so much you can do, and read, and there is no limit to how much you can write or what you can write about! I hope this was helpful!-Hannah
04/21/2023 00:44:16
I like to use fanfiction.net Unfortunately, I think all websites require you to make an account and log in. Otherwise, it would be hard to prove that you really wrote the story and updates would be hard to make.
05/27/2023 22:43:31
You should do FanFiction.net of DeviantArt. That is where some Star Wars fans come from
08/12/2021 10:13:22
good app wabsite thing
08/23/2021 04:34:28
Archive of Our Own is better than all the other sites.
10/10/2021 00:33:07
I agree completely, Ao3's a great site (my personal fav)
01/13/2023 20:01:40
Disagree, AO3 doesn't stop cyber bullying and takes the sides of the attackers.
01/28/2023 09:06:04
OMG I thought it was just me! AO3 used to be a nice place but as of last year I had the worst experience with bullies and AO3 straight-up replied to my message asking for help that they don’t delete messages that harass and slander their users even if it is clearly cyberbullying. They’re terrible and I hope they get their just desserts. AO3 is garbage.
03/9/2023 07:27:27

do comment moderation on your stories. I have it turned on for every one of my fics. and yes, YOU AS THE AUTHOR can delete the comments from your inbox and the stories.

they've implemented many features now, including blocking users and freezing comment threads.

03/1/2022 03:23:47
Yeah, but it's frickin' difficult to get an account because you have to be invited.
06/12/2023 08:15:19
It only takes about 3-6 days to get the invite in my experience! Pretty easy
09/14/2021 09:10:59
The website HarryPotterFanFiction.com is unavailable.
12/2/2021 08:24:57
well its available to buy
12/12/2023 06:28:56
they moved it to a03
09/30/2021 12:40:36
nice website
11/16/2021 09:08:45
I use Wattpad and AO3 and they are both really good!
01/19/2022 22:17:00
Those two are my personal favorites. I kinda feel like Wattpad is better because you have access to more things but only by a little bit. I also prefer reading my fanfics on a computer
01/14/2022 07:20:46
What about InkBunny?
02/1/2022 06:00:13
Ok so like i really need to read something or else i get bored but the only open ones for me are commaful and interests, is there literally anything else where I can friggen read?
02/5/2022 22:00:54
I was amused to see Wattpad listed first. Not because they don't have a lot of stuff there, but their search function sucks big time. I've gone back to look for specific authors, or specific fandoms, and I get everything but the kitchen sink - and many times the specific author doesn't even show up. Having tons of stories doesn't do much good if you can't find them without spending hours browsing.
04/14/2022 01:05:27
Wattpad, in my own opinion,is more reliable than most of the sites here. The search functions are different if you are using chrom and if you are using the app. The app has functions in which you can search for profiles (aka the authors) and specific search tabs for stories. Perhaps you are using chrome and that is why it is more difficult to find your needs, or perhaps it isn't there.
02/2/2024 01:40:56
If Youre looking for a site with a good search function, I reallyy like ao3 bc it has an edit your search option. If you remember some details, like a handful of the tags, or what fandom, or whether or not it was a crossover, you can add them in there to narrow down your search.
05/1/2022 21:28:39
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05/2/2022 22:07:20
Quotev is my favorite because it has quizzes too
06/26/2022 11:15:52
I strongly recommend avoiding Royal Road. It might have been decent at one point, but now it's a trading place for personal information of the authors, massively tilted ratings and reviews, and moderators that freely pass out private and personal information about their subscribers such as rating histories.
07/19/2022 23:13:56
I personally wouldn't recommend Wattpad because they had a data breach a couple of years ago. I ended up closing my account about my spam inbox stopped receiving about 90% of the spam I used to receive... it's put me off ever going back there. I'm currently using AO3, and I've tried FanFiction.net but I'm just looking for something a bit more active and safer. :-)
08/24/2022 01:55:44
THANK YOU, i needed this so much ever since i got off wattpad cause it kinda got less interesting lol
08/30/2022 12:27:26
In my experience AO3 is the best and Wattpad is at the very bottom, but I think it’s because I don’t know where to look to find fanfics on Wattpad. Does anyone have some links to some good fanfiction on Wattpad?
08/30/2022 12:31:56
In my experience AO3 is the best and Wattpad is at the very bottom, but I think it’s because I don’t know where to look to find fanfics on Wattpad. Does anyone have some links to some good fanfiction on Wattpad?
09/25/2022 11:24:19
I’ve found that archive of our own is probably one of the best and easiest to use (once you figure out the tagging system) both for quality of work and finding what you want (and don’t want) to read. Also, the invite doesn’t generally take too long to go through, about a week at MOST, and once you have an account you can post stories anonymously from there.
Also, kinda surprised to see wattpad at the top, I’ve always thought that a lot of the fiction there is pretty amateur, though there are some gems mixed in, I think the best think about it is you can comment on individual paragraphs.
10/13/2022 23:35:04
i totally agree. The comments are also really funny
11/6/2022 09:51:44
fanfiction.net is where i go from everything its amazing. highly suggest!
12/22/2022 15:18:32
I am a fanfiction fan, I love reading this novel all day. I usually read this novel at https://quicknovels.net/comic-genre/romance/
01/3/2023 10:56:40
All The Latest Comic, Action, Romance ...Novels and Free to Read: https://quicknovels.net
01/8/2023 15:03:03
nice I really like this one
05/24/2023 11:24:25

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05/27/2023 22:41:41
DeviantArt is amazing you cn find almost everything plus amazing art work. But there can be innapropriate stuff to so you have to be carefull what you look at.
09/19/2023 01:23:21

Is there a fanfiction website that isn't blocked by smoothwall (a stupid school chromebook thingy) that isn't fanfiction.net, asianfanfics or commaful? If you'd tell me I'd really appreciate it.=) Just try'na enjoy my life here!

02/9/2024 12:01:57
Used to be quotev, but they just blocked that (It devistated me) but I've found that WebNovel, Royal Road, and Inkitt work so far. I'm still trying to find more, but that's what I got.
03/20/2024 20:18:56
all of the ones you said besides webnovel work, but they r probably gonna get blocked
09/19/2023 01:26:39

Is there a fanfiction website that isn't blocked by smoothwall (a stupid school chromebook thingy) that isn't fanfiction.net, A03, asianfanfics or commaful? If you'd tell me I'd really appreciate it.=) Just try'na enjoy my life here!

03/20/2024 05:31:56
SAMEEE! tysm for  making this comment! literally all of them are blocked for me but: chapterchase, royal road, inkbunny, insanejournal.. :(
09/19/2023 18:57:43
Hi I know a good site as well chapterchase.com a new website to add novels
10/22/2023 09:50:07
I can't access any but livejournal, webnovel,and fanfiction.net.  All are really bad.  Are there any unblocked fanfic sites that are actually good?
11/8/2023 00:12:42
ffnet on top
11/12/2023 01:41:21
You neglected to mention the ONLY fanfiction site devoted exclusively to Rock music based Real Person Fiction, Rockfic.com. True, the site is clunky and loads slowl but the quality standards there are very high and the writing varies from Adult-themed to Alternate Universe stories of every imaginable theme.   Because RPF rock music fanfiction is the only type I read or write, I feel this site rates #3, just below Wattpad and AO3 on your list.
12/4/2023 05:17:44
The top 3 are the best.
12/14/2023 15:30:49
some of them are hard to figure out how to post on but overall they are all great
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