5 Best Free Antivirus for Kindle Fire

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Are you still concerned about the possibility of your Kindle Fire being attacked by viruses or malware? And how to remove the virus from Kindle Fire? As long as you connect to the network, your Kindle Fire has the risk of infecting virus. For my opinion, an antivirus app can solve your worries and keep your Kindle Fire security. In this post, you will find the recommend 5 Best Free Antivirus for Kindle Fire.

The Necessary to Install Antivirus Apps on Kindle Fire

Can you get a virus on your kindle fire? Generally, if you don't do some hidden dangerous actions include side load or install apps/browsers/extensions from unknown sources, jailbreak device, browse the distrustful web pages or open dubious attachments from email, your Kindle Fire will not be attacked by viruses or malware. But be practical and realistic, only use the official provided functions or APPs is far from meeting our needs. At least for me, sometimes I must install some third-party apps or do some changes for my Kindle Fire. Or when I surf the internet on Kindle Fire, there is a big possibility to open an unsafe web page. So there is necessary to install an antivirus app to give your Kindle Fire a complete security.

1. Dr.Web Antivirus Light

Dr.Web Antivirus for Kindle Fire

The Dr.Web Antivirus Light version is the basic protection from viruses and it is free. It is designed by Dr.Web LTD which is the anti-virus pioneer in Russia. It keeps updating the virus reservoir to protect your device. When you install new applications on Kindle Fire, it will automatically scan them. Quick scan, full scan, and custom scan are provided for you. The fewer files stored in the Kindle Fire, the shorter the scan time spent. When the malicious objects are detected, you will find them in the quarantine zone. You can also use it to scan specific files or folders and look over the statistics of detected threats and performed actions.

Download Dr.Web from Amazon Appstore

2. Norton Kindle Tablet Security

Norton anti Malware

This Norton anti-malware version is focused on Kindle Fire Tablet. It will automatically update the virus reservoir weekly to make sure you have the best protection. It will also automatically scan all downloaded files. You can also choose to scan SD card when you plug them into a device. The best thing is you can set your scheduled scan. Or you can scan now. It will detect viruses, malware, and other threats to protect your device.

3. Avast Security & Antivirus

Avast Security Antivirus

Avast Security is important in security and antivirus filed for Kindle Fire. It can automatically scan the infected apps, Trojans, spyware and suspicious files. And it has more functions beyond scanning for viruses. You can use it to check the permissions of installed apps. Another feature is that it will give you a safe web browsing by blocking malware, infected pages or ads. In addition, you can lock sensitive apps which you want to keep private or safe. You can also check the security of your WI-Fi for vulnerabilities. And I think BOOST RAM is the best feature which can shut down all opened apps. Install Avast Security, you get more than an antivirus.

4. AVG AntiVirus

Avg Antivirus Free

AVG AntiVirus can be used to protect your personal data from viruses, malware, spyware, and Trojans. Its features include app lock, device lock, battery, data and storage management, task killer, antivirus and safe web browsing. If any threats detected, Kindle Fire virus warning will alert you. Some features only can be used after you paid to upgrade. But the free version is enough to use. It not only to be used to lock installed apps but keep the privacy of your photos. Furthermore, you can use it to back up your apps.

5. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

More than two thousand people install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from Amazon Appstore. As one of the most popular Kindle Fire malware removal, the interface is very concise. You can use it to detect and crush malware, identify potential security issues and apps that access your personal info on Kindle Fire. From the dashboard, it shows the status of your device. And if it shows "Your device has issues", you can tap "Fix now" to fix the issues. From security audit option, you can turn off the permission of installing apps from unknown sources. You can also manage the installed and running apps. Of course, it provides the option to check the privacy permissions of installed apps.

Download Malwarebytes from Amazon Appstore

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You can download above best antivirus for Kindle Fire, Fire HD, Fire HDX on Amazon Appstore or their official sites. If needed, choose "Settings > Applications > Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources" will help the installation of third-party apps. After you install an antivirus, you can protect your Kindle Fire device more than a layer. Which one will you install?


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12/10/2017 06:37:38
Ilove Melissa.
01/25/2018 05:41:46

Of the five above, which ONE would you recommend?

Thank you

02/1/2018 09:15:39
I would recommend Norton Kindle Tablet Security.
01/3/2020 08:20:14
Norton no longer provides mobile device service.  
12/28/2018 12:52:02
There are other service providers like Bitdefender and Comodo Free Antivirus who are offering similar services.
04/13/2019 21:58:03
AVG no longer provides protection on Kindle Fire devices. I contacted both Amazon and AVG. Amazon said I wasn't able to put AVG Pro on my recently updated 5th generation Fire 7 because AVG no longer supports those old devices and I needed to contact AVG support as to how to put AVG anti-virus and AVG Pro on my new Fire 8. I had to submit a service request from AVG about my old and new Fire devices. Udaya Suresh from AVG stated in his reply: "I would like to inform that Amazon devices are no more supported for AVG Antivirus apps. We have officially removed the app from the store and if you could find, it is Amazon that is responsible for further support. ... Currently, Android is the only platform that is supported by us. If I can be helpful again, please don't hesitate to write back me. Thank you!"
05/1/2019 13:12:57
I just put AVG on my Kindle Fire 8 6th gen, but I went through the Google Play store to get it. It works fine.
05/1/2019 00:55:09
Thank you will check one out
09/9/2019 07:02:16
Does Norton's Kindle security have a firewall as well?
04/25/2020 05:15:29
Hope all works out for the fire tablet,with new virus fighter.
05/21/2020 08:07:11
Someone has backed into my email account this is causing me a lot of problems.
I am using a kindle fire.
Can you please advise which of the above mentioNed would be useful to buy
07/22/2020 13:05:49
I can't downloadddddd
01/10/2021 00:33:28

As this article is out the date, will you be doing a new article for 2021?


01/11/2021 09:38:43
Thank you for your comments. We will  upate this artcile ASAP.
Have a nice day.
12/25/2021 09:46:41
What about 2022?
03/8/2021 12:50:40
I have 3 devices they are a iPhone Xr,a kindle 7 and a Lenovo chrome book they are all hackwd. Which antivirus would work for the kindle fire?
09/16/2021 08:51:06
Can someone please clean my kindle fire for free because it is not acting right please help me and you very much. And God Bless!
10/12/2021 19:22:34
Amazing blog,
Thank you for sharing such an amazing bunch of list.
11/15/2021 22:59:25
My question is:  Does my Amazon 10" tablet with kindle have built in security features?  Hope so.  Thanks, Gail B.
01/16/2022 08:12:48
Very great information thank you for sharing so much information about cleaning tablets.
01/30/2022 03:01:20

I advise you to update the information pertaining to antivirus apps on Fire Tablet, because many of the apps listed here is no longer available for use on the Fire Tablet.

With Respect,


02/7/2022 14:39:27
Thank you for your advice. We will update them soon.
02/10/2022 10:52:56
Too soon to evaluate this application. Will know more in a few days. Thank you.
09/21/2022 09:01:35
It's more of a question. What is the best and free antivirus for a fire HD 10. And how do I install i?
10/6/2022 21:05:43
I went to clean tablet device something went wrong?
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