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With Gmail's 25MB file attachment limit, transferring large files like videos, audiobooks and massive documents via email is impossible. Luckily, since the advent of the internet, the technology industry has been constantly offering us the best file sharing service – like file transfer site and cloud storage service. One key factor in determining what makes a good file transfer service is speed. The faster your downloading, uploading and syncing speed, the more convenient it is to access and manage your files. In this article, we’ll go over the best solutions to send large files effortlessly over the internet.

 best free file transfer

1. Send Files via Cloud Storage Service

Nowadays, cloud storage has become the mainstream and it is now used by many consumers. And cloud storage service is a cloud computing service offering in which data can be stored, edited and retrieved from a remote cloud storage server over the Internet.

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Here, based on their features, ease of use and stability, we only recommend the best cloud storage services on the market. So using a cloud storage service like best-known Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive is one of the easiest and most popular solutions for sending large files. These services offer lots of space for free and let recipients download files without a hassle. Besides, the signup and setup are relatively simple.

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2. Send Files via Specialized File Transfer Site

With the fast development of technology industry, there are plenty of free online file transfer services that let you upload large files to a server quickly and send a downloadable link to recipients directly. According to their features, ease of use and file uploading speed, we have picked three best specialized file transfer sites for you. Thanks to the clean and intuitive interface, transferring files with these top three online file sharing services is incredibly easy.

1. WeTransfer

Founded in 2009, WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. As of 2015, WeTransfer had 25 million users, with 70 million files getting transferred every month. Free users can send files of up to 2 GB.

Just go to the site, agree to the terms of service, then click the “+” sign to attach a file, Enter your email as well as your recipient’s. Add a message if you want, wait for it to upload. Once it’s done, you’ll both get a confirmation email that includes the download link. The file download link is active for seven days by default.


2. pCloud

Founded in 2013, pCloud was a relative new file sharing service. pCloud is a secure and easy-to-use service that lets you store up to 10GB for free. You can access files that are uploaded to pCloud sever on any device, anywhere you go! Today pCloud are over 10.5 million users strong and growing rapidly.

The simplest way to transfer a file to pCloud is to open pCloud.com, use your email address or your Facebook profile to create a pCloud account, then click on Upload, next select the File Upload tab and browse for the file you want to upload and confirm. Now you can share files with anyone you want as shown in the pCloud panel. Just select any file you want to share and click the three dots icon and click Share. Lastly, enter your recipient’s email address and hit the Send button.

pcloud file transfer

3. Firefox Send

Founded in 2017, Firefox Send is a free-to-use, online file-sending service, able to handle files up to 1 GB, or up to 2.5GB if you sign in with a Firefox account. It was developed by Mozilla which creates the well-known Firefox web browser. Firefox Send is an alternative to dedicated services like WeTransfer, as well as established cloud storage service like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Firefox Send works in any browser. Just go to send.firefox.com. Upload or drag and drop files, and it will generate a link that you can set to expire after a certain number of downloads(up to 100) or a certain amount of time, ranging from five minutes to seven days.

firefox send file transfer

Frequently Asked Questions About File Transfer
Q: How to Send Large Files from Computer to Smart Phone?

A: You can use the above best-known file sharing service to send large files to anyone or any mobile devices over the internet. Most importantly, the recipients can download the files by clicking the downloadable link on all devices via the internet, including their smart phones and tablets.

Q: What’s the Best Method of Sending Large Files between Mac and iOS Devices?

A: Using Airdrop to send large file between Mac and iOS devices is the best and easiest solution you can ever have. For details, you can read this step by step guide on how to transfer files between Mac and iOS devices.

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These are our easy and best options for sending large files to anyone without having to resort to a portable hard drive. In my opinion, WeTransfer is my favorite file transfer service because it is for anyone who wants to transfer large files quickly and incredible easily without having to sign up for a new service.

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Good article: nice length, helpful information, pleasant and well-designed illustrations. As an Amazon Prime member with a new Kindle Fire HD tablet I'm currently checking out Amazon's Cloud Drive. Dropbox worked well with the Kindle but Google Drive not so much.
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