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When it comes to record audio directly from the browser, an online audio recorder is a useful yet indispensable tool to record any sound from various audio input effortlessly. Unlike desktop or laptop voice recorders, you can use the online audio recorder with no installation. Today we are going to introduce the top 8 free online voice recorders for you. All these online recorders can not only help you record audio with no time limit, some of them can also transcribe what you are recording, edit the recording, and share them via social network outlets conveniently.

best free online voice recorder

1. Bearrecord

Bearrecord is a top-notch free online voice recorder that helps people to create an audio recording directly from a browser by using a microphone. While recording, you can pause and resume recording by clicking the appropriate button. When you are finished recording, you can edit the audio if you need to edit the sound. This program provides complete editing functions that include: cut, fade in, fade out, change volume, etc. At last, you can change the bitrate and channels(stereo/mono) of the audio file and save the file as an MP3/WAV/OGG/AAC.


2. 123 Apps Online Voice Recorder

Online Voice Recorder is a convenient and simple online tool that can be used right in your browser. It allows you to record your voice using a microphone and save it as an mp3 file. It is completely free. You can adjust your microphone settings using standard Adobe Flash Player tools (decreasing echo and adjusting the volume). Voice Recorder automatically detects silent fragments at the beginning and the end of your recording and deletes them for your convenience. After the recording is complete, you can crop it to the section you actually need.

online voice recorder

3. Vocaroo Record

Vocaroo is a simple and user-friendly web-based audio recording tool with no login required. Users can record any audio from the webpage or upload common audio formats (mp3, ogg, flac, wav, wma, amr, m4a, aiff, aif, aac, mp2, gsm, 3ga, au and ra) for listening. When you complete the recording, you can save it to your computer and or share it easily via email or post to a variety of social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

vocaroo recorder

4. Resonate Recorder

The Resonate Recorder is a free online voice recorder that lets you use your computer’s web browser to record high-quality audio. The goal of Resonate Recorder is to provide an easier way to podcast episodes directly in your web browser on your computer. Simply go to recorder.resonaterecordings.com to get started. You can record unlimited high-quality audio from your computer’s browser for free and download an uncompressed WAV file directly to your device.

resonate recorder

5. Voice Coach Online Recorder

Voice Coach is a speech training, voice recording and eventually voice improvement website built for fun. Their easy to use, browser-based voice recorder is completely free. It works with all browsers and lets you record your voice within seconds. You can select the audio file types of your voice recording in MP3, WAV, and Ogg format before you start recording. After you are done recording, you can easily download it or share it with your friends via social network outlets.

voicecoach online voice recorder

6. Rev Online Voice Recorder

Rev Voice Recorder is a simple yet powerful audio recording, dictation, and transcription tool. It’s easy to record your audio and download an MP3 after the audio has been recorded at no cost. You can click "Pause" whenever you wish to stop the audio and click "Preview" to play back your entire recording. You can also fast forward, rewind, and trim your audio.

rev online voice recorder

7. Iotools Online Voice Recorder

Iotools Online Voice Recorder is a free online voice recorder with no registration required and no usage limit. It allows you to record audio in MP3 format from the microphone directly in the browser. The MP3 compression format gives great audio quality whilst keeping the file size of your audio recordings low. While recording, it has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface where you’ll see colored sound waves slowly fading away.

online voice recorder extension

8. Voice Recorder Online

Voice Recorder Online is a simple and reliable sound recorder tool that helps you record audio and voice right in web browsers without installing any software. This online mp3 recorder is absolutely free and does not limit the recording time. Recording audio, voice, sound with your computer is just one click away! During the recording, you can pause anytime. After the recording, you can save it as an mp3 file to play anywhere.

voice recorder online

Bonus Tips

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01/15/2021 23:15:58
Nothing about Audacity?  OK, a bit more than a Recorder, but freeware that's worth looking into if you work with audio files.
03/17/2021 00:59:50
One more recorder https://vocalremover.org/online-voice-recorder
It's real stereo recorder, after recording you can tune audio effects
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