2020 Best Kindle Converter Review (with How to Guide)

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What is kindle converter? Kindle Converter is developed to convert Kindle books to pdf, epub, azw3 or other formats, or convert other ebook formats to Kindle format. Although there are many different Amazon Kindle Converters, it is not easy to tell which one is best for you. Therefore, I have collected and reviewed the best Kindle Converters download or online to help you find the most suitable one.

best kindle coverter 2019

Part 1. Why Need Kindle Converter?

Amazon, the biggest ebook vendor in the word, has already built its own ebook ecological  system.

1. The ebooks purchased from Amazon kindle are in its own ebook format, like azw, kfx, azw3, mobi, prc and so on. But epub and pdf is the most common used ebook format and can be accepted by most reading app and eReaders. This is one conflict.

2. All ebooks you have purchased from Amazon are protected by Amazon Kindle DRM. That means you can only read Kindle books on Kindle reading app or eReader registered with your own account.

3. 90% eBooks purchased from eBook vendors are protected by its own DRM, such as adobe drm, kobo drm which is not compatible with kindle device or kindle app.

Because of these restrictions, you will never read your Kindle books on any other reading app or eReader, no matter to mention read other ebooks on Kindle.

Part 2. Best Kindle Converter Download

After reviewing many Kindle Converter software, Epubor Ultimate, Calibre and KCR Converter can be assumed as the most outstanding Kindle format Converters. You'll discover how to use these Kindle format converters in the following part. During this process, you will see the features of them and check whether it is the one you want to pick.

Epubor Ultimate ( The most functional Kindle Converter)

Why Epubor Ultimate can has been nominated as the most powerful Kindle Converter? Because it is cannot only remove DRM from Kindle books but also convert Kindle books to PDF, EPUB, AZW3 or TXT. What’s more, it also can remove DRM from adobe digital editions, Google play books and Kobo books, not to speak of converting these books to Kindle format.

How to use Epubor Ultimate Kindle Converter?

Step 1 Download & Install Epubor Ultimate.


Step 2 Make sure your books have been downloaded to your computer. If your kindle books have been downloaded to Kindle e-ink device, please plugin it to your computer. The Epubor Ultimate will automatically detect your Kindle books and display them at the left column under kindle tab or e-ink device tab.

remove drm kindle converter

Step 3 Just drag the books from left to the right column. Kindle DRM will be removed automatically. “Decryped” will be displayed at the end to each book title.

Step 4 Here comes to the most important step, converting Kindle books to pdf, epub, or any other format. Click on the down arrow beside the “Convert to …” button and select the output format. Then click on “Convert to …” to start the conversion.

convert successfully kindle converter

Once finished, the “Succeeded” will be displayed. Click “Succeeded” or the output folder at the bottom right to open the folder storing your converted ebook.

As for decrypting and converting kobo/google play books to Kindle book format, the steps are almost the same as above described.

Calibre (The free Kindle Converter)

Calibre is the open-source ebook manager which can convert Kindle books to epub, pdf, mobi, azw3 and other 19 different formats. Compared with ebook converting function, Calibre performances more as the ebook organizer. But it is totally free, so if you have limited budget, you should never miss out this free Kindle Converter.

How to use Kindle Converter Calibre?

Step 1 Download and install Calibre.

Calibre for Wins Calibre for Mac Calibre for Linux

Note: Calibre cannot convert DRM-protected books unless you have installed the DRM removal plugin. So please ensure you have installed Calibre DRM Removal Plugin before you convert the Kindle books.

kindle books is drm-protected

Step 2 Click on “+Add  books” and navigate to the folder storing your kindle content. Since Kindle for pc/mac version 1.19, most of the Kindle books are in KFX format and not stored in the root content of My Kindle content folder, but the sub-folder. So you need to open each sub-folder to add your Kindle books one by one. If you have many books, adding books to Calibre can be a huge project.

add kindle books to calibre

Step 3 Once the Kindle book has been added, right click on the book title, select “Convert books”, and then you can choose to “Convert individually” or “Bulk Convert”.

convert kindle books to other format

Step 4 In the pop-up window, select the output format and then click on “OK” to start the conversion.

conversion process

Step 5 When the conversion has completed, you will see that there are two formats listed beside the “Formats” option. Also, you can click on “Click to open” to open the output folder.

convert kindle to epub successfully with calibre

All done. Your Kindle books have been converted to other format. To be mentioned, installing Calibre DRM Removal plugin is necessary because almost all Kindle books are protected by Kindle DRM. If the Kindle DRM is not removed, the Kindle books cannot be converted.

It takes the same process for converting other format, like epub/pdf to kindle supported formats.

KCR Converter (The most easy-to-use Kindle Converter)

  • Besides working perfectly on Windows platform, KCR Converter Mac serves as the best solution to remove kindle DRM on Mac Catalina.

Epubor KCR Converter is the simplest and most easy-to-use Kindle Converter. It is designed to convert Kindle books downloaded from Kindle Cloud Reader to DRM free pdf, EPUB, AZW3, and MOBI. The purpose of developing this software is to handle Kindle books only so it is focus more on the user experience on Kindle books. As the name suggested, you don’t have to install Kindle app to download Kindle books. What you have to do is to use your Chrome browser to login your Kindle Cloud Reader to download Kindle cloud reader Books. Let me show you why this KCR Converter is the most convenient Kindle converter.

How to use KCR Converter as the Kindle Converter?

Step 1 Please install Kindle Cloud Reader Chrome Extension to your Google Chrome browser and log in your Kindle Cloud Reader on Google Chrome.

Step 2 Right click on the book in kindle cloud library and then select the “Download and Pin Book” to make sure your books have been downloaded and pinned successfully. Please note: if your books have been pinned, there is a green pin icon under the book cover.

downloaded and pinned kindle books

Step 3 Download and install KCR Converter.

Download KCR Converter for free:

Step 4 When you run KCR Converter, all downloaded books will be displayed at the main interfaced and have been selected. Just select your output format and click on “Convert to …”. Kindle Converter will convert Kindle books to epub, azw3 or mobi format.

convert kindle cloud reader to mobi

From above steps, you will clearly see that KCR Converter is the most convenient Kindle Converter, right? No need to install Kindle for PC/Mac, or DRM removing plugin. What's more, it provides the best solution for converting kindle books Mac catalina.

Part 3. Best Kindle Converter Online

Besides the Kindle Converter software, many online Kindle Converters also can help you convert Kindle documents to pdf, epub, or  other mainstream ebook formats. Anyway, there is an common feature of online Kindle Converter which is they can only handle DRM-free Kindle books. So if your Kindle books are not with DRM protection, you can choose these online Kindle Converter, otherwise the afore mentioned three Kindle Converters will be more suitable for you. Below are two free online kindle converters I picked for you. They are all free.


Part 4. Kindle Converters Comparison

After checking how to use these kindle converter, you must clealy know which one can meet you requiremtns. If you are still have no clue which one you should pick. Don't worry. Please check the pros and cons of these Kindle converters.

  Pros Cons
Epubor Ultimate

1. Handle DRM protected Kindle, Google Play, adobe digital editions, Kobo books and so on.
2. Convert Kindle books to EPUB, MOBI, PDF, AZW3, TXT;
3. Automatically detect Kindle books and display them on the interface;
4. Fast Conversion speed and bulk conversion;
5. 7/24 customer support.

1. Need to Kindle for pc/mac version 1.24 or older to download Kindle books;
2. Need to use Kindle device with firmware 5.10.1 or  older version to download Kindle books;
3. $24.99.


1. Support multiple output formats, up to 19 formats;
2. It is totally free.

1. Need to use Kindle for pc/mac version 1.24 or older to download Kindle books;
2. Need to use Kindle device with firmware 5.10.1 or  older version to download Kindle books;
3. Need to install Calibre DRM Plugin ;
4. Cannot automatically detect Kindle books so you need to find them and add them one by one;
5. The interface is a little bit complicated;
6. No customer support to help you fix your problem.


KCR Converter

1. No need to install Kindle desktop application;
2. Handle DRM-ed books from Kindle Cloud Reader;
3. Automatically detect Kindle books downloaded from Kindle Cloud Reader;
4. Supported output format including pdf, epub, azw3, and mobi;
5. Neat interface;
6. Fast conversion speed and bulk conversion;
7. 7/24 customer support.

1. Can only handle books downloaded via Kindle cloud reader.
2. $14.99.

Online Kindle Converter

1. Convert DRM free books to multiple ebook formats;
2. No installation requirement.

1. Cannot handle DRM-protected Kindle books.

After reading the above table, can you pick up yourself one Kindle Converter now? If still not, please answer the following questions to help yourself make the final decision.

Are your Kindle books DRM-free or DRM-protected? –If DRM-free, please choose online Kindle Converter. With it, you don’t have to install software on your computer but can convert your Kindle books.
Do you have budget limits?—If yes, Calibre is free but for those who is specializing in computer technology while KCR Converter will be the perfect tool for those who don’t want to spend many time on studying how to use a tool.
Do you only have Kindle books need to be converted?—If yes, KCR Converter is the best one for you, cheap and easy to use.
Are your Mac has been upgraded to Mac catalina 10.15?—If yes, KCR Converter is the only software can export kindle cloud reader to DRM-free pdf, epub, mobi and azw3 regardless of the computer system.
Do you need to handle Google play books or Kobo books?-- If yes, Epubor Ultimate will help you handle books purchased from different ebook vendors.

Hope this can help you find the most suitable Kindle Converter. If you are still hesitate, then just pick up Epubor Ultimate Kindle Converter because it can meet all your needs for ebook drm removing, ebook conversion and ebook organizing. Download the free trial to convert your Kindle books now.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free



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So, on the Mac, we will loose kindle 1.24 as it is a 32bit app, gone with the next macOS X version.
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If kindle for mac 1.23 cannot be installed on your mac, please try to use KCR converter to export your kindle cloud reader to epub, mobi, or azw3 format.
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