7 Best Online eBook Editors

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Are you interested in writing or even thinking about publishing a book? If you have any writing plan, a good ebook editor can be helpful for making the plan come true. Today, I will share 7 best online ebook editors so that you can pick up your favorite one.



When talking about online ebook creator, I have to mention Reedsy since it can be considered as one of the best free powerful online writing tools helps you write, format and export your finished works easily. It offers you a much simpler way to write your book with its word processing tool. You can easily format your writings with different styles. What’s more, it even allows you to choose the themes which can save you a lot on typesetting processes. If you have the finished manuscript in your documents, you can easily import this .doc file to Reedsy for further formatting and typesetting.

Do you want to collaborate with your team on your manuscript in real time? Reedsy has released its new feature—collaborative editing. With this collaborative editing feature, it is easy for the whole team to write, track changes, edit prose and make comments at the same time.

If you need some professionals to design your book cover, proofread your book, just hire one at Reedsy. You will find there are many professionals offering cover design, typesetting and other services to make your ebook ready for publishing.

  • Price: Free
  • Output formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF



If you want to make a professional book online, you should never miss out Streetlib—a free online ebook creator integrating ebook editing and printing at one platform.

With the intuitive interface, Streetlib allows you to either import your existing documents or create a new book from the very beginning. With the best word processor feature, you can format your content, add links and footnotes easily to your book in this online ebook creator. If creating a new style is complicated for you, just choose your favorite template from its online template selection. One special feature is all generated epub files will be validated, ensuring they are accepted by bookstores.

  • Price: Free
  • Output formats: EPUB, PDF



If you want to design a brochure, magazine, menu, invitation and more, you should really try Lucidpress which makes design much easier even for the newbie. With the smart online ebook editor, you can start a new document with the blank page or the smart template according to your own requirement. That means if you want to make a brochure, you can choose the brochure template from its template library. There are both free and paid templates listed in the library of your choice. When you finished your design, you can easily share it with your social media account. If you are intending to download your content for print, you are required to pay for the subscription fee. This is indeed a little bit tricky.

  • Price: Free for editing, but need to pay for the subscription to download finished PDF
  • Output formats: PNG, PDF



If you want to organize your personal notes, knowledge base, FAQ, or product docs, Gitbooks should be your first choice. Unlike other ebook editors, Gitbook is more suitable for team working. It allows different users to collaborate in one project or book. Along with markdown editor, Gitbook can be used to create rich and beautiful documents for converting to pdf, epub, mobi, or html format. What’s more, Gitbook also supports AsciiDoc very well. If you want to follow up on your page view, Gitbook can be integrated with Google Analytics. An important feature of Gitbook is that your created content will never be locked in its platform but always available for export. You can always integrate your Gitbook with GitHub to keep your content synchronized with a GitHub repository.

  • Price: Free
  • Output formats: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, HTML



As the open book creation platform, Pressbooks is welcome by educational institutions, faculty authors and self-publishers. As the online ebook editor, Pressbooks is really good for ebook editing as it has the basic functions of a word processor and gives you the structure of a book. You can even change the chapter order. Pressbooks also supports collaborative work which means you and your team can work with the same books at the same time from the different place. This will greatly save your time and speed up the editing process. Once the book finished, you can export the book for publishing on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Google Play and more.

  • Price: Free (with watermarks) to $99 per book
  • Output formats:PDF, EPUB, MOBI, HTML, XML ect.



I have to admit that a beautiful cover will be more appealing to me if I want to purchase a book and I guess most of you have the same feeling. So making a pretty book no matter with gorgeous cover outside or pretty formatting inside will be good for your book marketing. That’s why I want to introduce Canva. With more than 1 million images, graphics and illustrations in its library, you can easily find the one to add into your book. Good news is that most of them are free. Anyway, there are also some elements you have to pay for it, but I think the money is affordable for all of you, let’s say $1. If you are ready to design your book, don’t miss out Canva.

  • Price: Free, some pictures and templates are not free
  • Output formats: PDF, IMAGE



Want to make your presentation more vivid? Try Visme. You can find numerous elements in Visme library. So just pick the one you like, you can create a beautiful presentation or infographic quickly. Adding charts, maps, videos and audios is also supported by Visme. If you want to be able to customize your design, Visme can be perfect choice. When you finished your design, you can either share it or download it for printing or selling. If you want to export your design as PDF, you need to upgrade your membership to paid version. If you stick to the free plan, you will be limited to create 5 projects in total and use up to 100MB storage.

  • Price: Free( with limitation), paid plan
  • Output formats: IMAGE(free), PDF(paid)


These are the 7 best online ebook creators I want to share with you today. If you have any better online ebook editor to recommend, please share with us in the comments. If you think this article is useful, please give us a thumb up.


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