Calibre Tutorial: Transfer E-books to Kindle through Local Wireless Transmission

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In this article I'll introduce local transmission skills. If you want to push e-books to cloud via email please read this article Calibre tutorial: push e-books via email.

For those people who need to local transmit e-books to kindle, they must have been tired of using USB cable. But if you have installed Calibre on your computer, you can turn Calibre into a small server by connecting to wireless router. Then you can download Calibre library's e-books to your kindle by visiting kindle experimental web browser.

1. Click "connect/share" in Calibre

Click start content server in the pop-up window


2. Record IP and port


As shown, the IP is and the port is 8080.

3. Use kindle experimental web browser to visit and download

Open kindle, click three-lined button and click experimental web browser, then input IP and port in the browser address bar and enter the site.

For Example:


If your Calibre's library has a lot of e-books, you can also search the book through search function. When you don't need to use this function, you can click stop content server at any time. Isn't convenient?


Because of the design theory of experimental web browser, Kindle can't connected to the LAN when the router is not connected to the Internet. When you're trying to do so, it will pop up a cue: your Kindle is connected to the WiFi network but unable to connect to the internet. Please contact your Internet service provider for further assistance. So please make sure your router is successfully connected to the internet in order to use the local sharing function properly.


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06/5/2019 18:42:48
Hi,i followed your directions and all went well.But now it stopped working my kindle keeps saying cannot connect.Please advise thank you
06/6/2019 09:07:17
Thank you for your comments. Have you checked your router? Please make sure your router is successfully connected to the internet. You can contact your internet service provide for further assistance.
06/14/2019 09:25:14

If the IP address changes on the content server, then you will need to change it on the device you are using to access the content server.

I set up my content server with a static IP instead of a dynamic IP so it would not change.

08/1/2019 12:34:03
It works on my smartphone but not my paperwhite kindle, says it can't connect. the issue must be kindle but mine is updated.
09/20/2019 23:49:18
Excellent tip as the Email to Kindle appears not to be working these days. Many thanks
08/27/2020 03:56:33
hi, i've followed the steps, "downloaded" a book, but, when i go to "books" in the kindlefire, the book from calibre does not appear?
10/21/2020 21:07:38
Works perfectly.
10/22/2020 08:55:59
Thank you for your feedback.
11/1/2020 22:19:13

Couldn't get this to work on a PaperWhite, too bad, would be very cool.  "There was a problem loading this page."

Looking to transfer books this way because the mini-USB jack stopped working.  (Added a separate jack with wires to the battery to keep the Kindle charged). For now, no way to add more books :(

I had been able to download books to the Kindle via Connectify wifi hotspot using a very simple file-sharing server called "Minishare" with the experimental browser. That's stopped working, have no idea why.

02/15/2022 17:48:28
The content server shows the IP address but to connect I have to enter on the Kindle
02/15/2022 17:50:56
No, sorry,
11/5/2022 19:47:57
Hello and thanks for this tipped!  It worked except when I chose the "epub" option of the book I want to read on my kindle, the kindle said it could not do this type of file.  I noticed my other books also have a mobi extension as well as the epub extension...not sure why this book doesn't have it.  Anyway, back to the old drawing board.  Not sure what else to do.  But this was an excellent tutorial.
11/5/2022 19:53:15
I wanted to add to my previous comment but I don't see it...so I went to calibre and converted the book I wanted to mobi, refreshed my page on my kindle and my book appeared now with the mobi extension!  So my book is now on my kindle!!  Woohoo!  Thank you so much...I'm saving this tutorial as I'm sure I'll forget what I did when I need it again.  Thank you, thank you!!
03/1/2023 12:06:54

This is so cool, thank you! It worked the first time I tried it, but now it either doesn't even load, or says that there was a problem loading the page :(

Can anyone help me out?

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