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Books downloaded from the Amazon Kindle Store come in .azw format. This format was developed by Amazon from the open source .mobi format. The two formats are basically the same except that Amazon added digital rights management (DRM) to the .azw files. As an Amazon-owned format, azw is not that open compared to the industry standard ePub format, which leads to that many reading devices and apps can't read your azw books. So here comes the demand to convert Kindle AZW to ePub, PDF or TXT, but how to convert azw books to epub, pdf or txt books for reading on Sony e-reader and other devices?

Now let us focus on AZW to ePUB, converting Kindle AZW to ePUB. To solve this problem, you need to follow the steps by using Calibre.

You can also have a good look at this article Best AZW Converter to Convert AZW to PDF for Free if you want to read Kindle with pdf format.

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Convert Kindle books to ePub

 1 Install Calibre by clicking here to download Calibre. It is a 100% free program to which you have free access and it offers you 5 versions to suit your operating system.

 2 Run the Calibre and click "Add books", then a window will pop up, allowing you to browse the Kindle AZW files in your local drive. Select the file and click Open, then the file will be added to your Calibre library.

 3 Select the newly added AZW file and click "Convert books" button as the image shows to process the convertion job.

calibre converter
 4 Then an conversion settings window will pop up. Choose your output format by clicking the button in the top right corner and you can see many formats there including EPUB, PDF and TXT. Just click EPUB then you will get the converted file as EPUB format. It's easy and user-friendly.

 5 After all the settings are done, click "OK" to start converting. If you didn't customize your own output folder during the setup process, the converted files will be saved in the default Calibre Library folder in C:\Users\Username folder.

 6 It will work like a charm if your Kindle AZW book doesn't have DRM protection, or you will get a failure message indicating your ebook has DRM.


If you get such a message like the image above, please click the buttons to download the tool to strip Kindle AZW DRM first. Then you can convert your Kindle books freely.



This tool enables you one-click to bulk strip DRM protections on your Kindle AZW books then you can convert azw to epub, pdf and txt freely.



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06/5/2013 02:57:59
first caliber has to be able to SEE the amazon book and this is not happening on my kindle.  sorry.
06/5/2013 02:58:05
first caliber has to be able to SEE the amazon book and this is not happening on my kindle.  sorry.
06/5/2013 02:58:06
first caliber has to be able to SEE the amazon book and this is not happening on my kindle.  sorry.
06/5/2013 21:32:46

1. Download and install Kindle for PC/Mac app on your computer.

2. Register the Kindle app on your computer with your Amazon ID. Double-click each item to download the Kindle books to your computer.

3.For windows, go to ...\(My) Documents\My Kindle Content\... to get the Kindle books.
For Mac, check "Kindle" --- "Preferences" to get the Kindle content path.

Note that Kindle content files are AZW.

06/6/2013 03:17:03
The items were already downloaded.  The problem is that I can't get to the directory  of my kindle content other than through Windows.  When I click on the kindle directory in Windows, there's nothing there.
06/6/2013 13:39:28
No, the books still can't be found on my Kindle but on my hard drive, .. boy, this program removed the DRM quick off of the books.. very impressive!  
06/6/2013 19:15:53

Hi, Kim

Glad to hear that.
Launch Kindle for PC app, select "Tools" -> "Options..." -> "Content" to get the Kindle content directory.


07/14/2014 18:57:03
This Worked Great for me..Thanks So Much Ada Wang/epubor.ada :))
04/10/2015 04:32:33

I have used the above on other books but I downloaded one from Amazon recently and it is not working...calibre says:
Conversion error

Failed: Convert book 1 of 1

No mention of DRM, it just won't convert from .azw to .epub..help! (I have sony ereader)

04/10/2015 18:38:27
You can try our eBook Converter: http://www.epubor.com/ebook-converter.html
01/5/2022 04:34:06
I tried to convert an AZW that I know was purchased, not rented. Epubor said it couldn't convert the file because it was rented.
04/16/2022 00:33:48
Non funziona con Kindle per pc, anche installando versioni vecchie di Kindle e disabilitando l'aggiornamento al riavvio successivo Kindle per pc si aggiorna in automatico, ora versione 1.35!!
04/18/2022 09:36:11
Thank you for using our software. Please downgrade kindle for PC to version 1.32. Then use Epubor Ultimate to remove drm. Also, please ensure your Epubor ultimate while downloading kindle books.
Any more problem, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com.
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