Convert Kobo Kepub to EPUB and Remove DRM

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About two years ago, when we sync purchased eBooks via Kobo for desktop app, we can get EPUB files, then we can sideload them to Sony eReader or any other device which supports Adobe Adept DRM to read.

Later Kobo changed the rules, we can only get .kepub files from Kobo for desktop app, even the files are saved in a pretty deep path. And no program can read these .kepub files except Kobo. That brings much trouble to us.

First things first: Before reading the following parts, please make sure you have got Kobo for desktop installed and synced the purchased eBooks.

Method 1 Convert with Calibre Obok DeDRM Plugin

Step 1. Install Calibre and the plugin

Go to Calibre's official download page to choose the correct version for your computer's operating system. I am going to use Calibre for Windows 7 as example, but it is also working on Mac and Linux, there won't any operating diffrecence.

This plugin is called Obok DeDRM, please click the button below to download this plugin. (Disclaim: I get this plugin from website, someone in MobileRead forum sent me the link, and the source is reliable, no malware or virus is contained.)

Download Obok DeDRM Plugin v10.0.3

Open Calibre, click "Preferences" --> "Plugins".

calibre preferences plguins

As this plugin is not yet collected by Calibre's plugin library, we can only manually install it. Therefore, we need to click "Load plugin from file", and choose the obok_plugin.zip you just downloaded from the blue button above.

load calibre plugin from files

Click "Yes" and "OK", keep all the options default. Once the Obok DeDRM added (under "User interface action") successfully, you will be asked to restart Calibre.

calibre obok

Step 2. Customize Obok DeDRM plugin to convert KEPUB

Once the plugin added OK and the Calibre restarted, you will see the Obok Plugin shown at the top menu bar.

obok toolbar

Double lick the "Obok DeDRM 10.0.3", you will see an image like this.

find kepub files

The plugin finds the synced books automatically and display them in a list. Choose the files you want to process and click "OK".

A small tip: You can choose multiple files by pressing "Ctrl" or "Shift" like what we do in windows file explorer.

convert kepub to epub

While the plugin converts the Kepub files to EPUB, it also removes the DRM. You can find DRM-free EPUB files in Calibre's library folder.

convert kobo books to epub

Now you can easily read Kobo books on any app or device supporting EPUB format, and you can also use Calibre to convert it to Mobi and read on Kindle.

Important: By default, you are able to use this plugin to convert your kepub files free. If you met problems, you can only debug the calibre and send bug reports. There is no in-time customer and technical support.

Method 2 1-Click to Convert Kobo to ePub

Step 1: Install Epubor Ultimate Converter

I often used method 1 to help me resolve my problems but the result is, I still met lots of another problems. It's painful to get a messed up ePub file! So Epubor team tried best to find a better way than this for a long time. Everything comes to him who waits, now you just need to an Epubor Ultimate then anything resolved perfectly.


Step 2: Sync Kobo desktop to get Kepub files

Run the Kobo desktop reading app on your computer, and then log in with your own Kobo account. By default this app will automatically help you sync your Kobo library after you get the started.

sync kobo kepub books

I've said that all the files synced via Kobo desktop are with KEPUB format and are saved in a pretty deep path. But where to find them after all? What's the exactly location of Kobo KEPUB files?

For Windows:C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\Local\Kobo\Kobo Desktop Edition\kepub

For Mac:.../Users/(user name)/Library/Application Support/Kobo/Kobo Desktop Edition/kepub

Kepub files location

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I cannot find the kepub files on my mac. There is no kobo folder under Application support. Why?

Maybe your Kobo desktop is not downloaded from kobo official site, but from App store. Please ensure that your kobo for mac is from official site. This is the most important for kepub drm removing.

Step 3: Remove DRM from Kobo KEPUB

Get Epubor Ultimate started please. It will automatically detect your Kobo desktop including all the synced KEPUB books.

Then grab those KEPUB books to the right area.

Different from using Calibre plugin, with this product when books added, drm soon removed with high speed, while Calibre asks us to load a plugin first and then start removing drm.

remove drm from kobo kepub

Another good point of this tool is, Calibre Obok DeDRM plugin can only deal with DRMed Kepub books. This means, before drm removing we have to check these books had drm or not, and what's worse, for those drm free kepub files, we can't convert them to epub. But if you choose Ultimate converter you won't have these worries! It helps detect all the synced KEPUB files no matter they had drm or not.

This in-depth guide: Kobo DRM Removal also has explained this feature in detailed.

Step 4: Convert kepub files to epub

Once drm removed, then the following step is pretty simple. Select EPUB as output format, then click on "Convert" button.

convert kobo kepub

Then the converting will start. Batch conversion supported well, just with one click.

Wait for a minute. Once finished it will pop up a window that tells you where the output ePub books are stored.get converted epub

Anything finished well here. Now you can open and read these converted ePub books with any ePub reader, or transfer your ePub books to iPad for reading with iBooks, and more.

Tips and tricks: Compared to the Obok plugin, Epubor Ultimate is more easily to use and get worked because there is no need to install any plugins and customize the directory. What's better, you will get 24 hours online support from epubor team.

By the way, neither Calibre plugin nor Epubor Ultimate is able to help convert Kobo Plus eBooks. But if you really need technical help for converting your Kobo Plus eBooks, please contact epubor tech-team or leave a comment here.


joined Epubor since 2011, loves everything about eBooks and eReaders. He seeks the methods to read eBooks more freely and wants to share all he has got with you.

12/1/2014 17:03:21
It worked! thanks a lot!! ))
01/8/2015 04:02:35
Just test it, worked perfectly !! Thanks much
01/15/2015 12:38:36
I tried this and I got the following error: "No userkeys found to decrypt books with. No point in proceeding." I have tried reinstalling Kobo for desktop but I still get the same error message.
01/15/2015 19:23:46
As this plugin is not developed by Epubor, we cannot provide a solution. Sorry about that.
02/1/2015 01:10:17
You are a hero! This totally worked for me. THANK YOU!!
02/20/2015 22:39:40
Worked like a charm.  Simple, easy, and now I can finally buy ebooks legally AND read them on my Sony Reader.  Loosing the Sony Reader store and getting forced into Kobo was a bummer but this plugin solves my problems.
Thank you!
04/12/2015 09:04:52
Très pédagogique bien documenté (en anglais). Je n'arrive pas à convertir un livre reçu sur la liseuse Kobo, dommage.
06/10/2015 06:26:17
Amazing, thanks a lot! Just bought a kobo book to read on my Sony PRS-T1 in a region where the kobostore isn't integrated to it yet (and guess it will never be...) and thought I had wasted money. THANKS AGAIN!
12/29/2015 04:18:03

Well, I only have a Kobo-reader since two days, and have been reading Kobo ePubs for a long time on other ereaders (BeBook, Boox) and on non-Kobo ereader apps on Android tablets and phone.  I never ever had one kepub...

If you have a non-Kobo ereader, or if you buy books from more stores than only Kobo, why install the Kobo desktop app?
If you buy books from other stores as well, or if your ereader is non-Kobo, just use the direct download links for the ePub files in your Kobo-account. Why having your Kobo-books synced to your desktop via the kobo desktop app, if you can't sync reading position etc. because you don't use a Kobo reader?  And the desktop-app won't allow you to manage your books bought in other stores.

You can read the ePubs downloaded from your Kobo account on every reader authorized with your Adobe ID, or you can first add them to your Apprentice-Alf-enhanced Calibre Library...  (and if you really want, you can even sideload those epubs as kepubs to your Kobo device, if you like the extra features that this format gives you on your Kobo reader...)

05/15/2016 09:52:36
I just downloaded the trial version of Ultimate for Mac (version and I can't get it to work with my Kobo e-books. When I drag and drop one of the items from the right column, the app opens an alert dialog with no buttons in it, which can't be dismissed. and I'm stuck there...
06/25/2016 06:56:25
Thank you so mutch !! was looking for this for so long. very easy, fast and it works.
super Thanks !!
02/27/2017 01:58:08
Does not work on linux o_O
06/5/2017 16:13:21
Did you try in wine?
06/6/2017 10:42:56
The Epubor Ultimate works find on Windows, but ther linux version has some bugs.
03/22/2017 15:25:24

i haved tried and tried, ut i cant do it like this way, when i want to read it, i see strange sings andnot the letters from the book.

Whats i done wrong?

06/6/2017 10:43:57
Let us know which method you try to us is unsuccessful?
03/27/2017 00:45:22
Can anyone confirm this still work in 2017? because it's not working for me :(
06/6/2017 10:44:38
Which method is not working for you?
04/19/2017 23:47:02
How can you transform your kobo ebook, when you can only download it on your smartphone and not on the kobo desktop?
Thanks a lot.
06/6/2017 10:46:31
Why not just download the Kobo books via Kobo for PC/Mac to your computer?
09/1/2017 03:36:10
There are some books that are supported only in tables or smartphones runing Android, iOS or WindowsPhone. Then downloading to a PC or Mac is not possible.
Digging in the smartphone, I could find the books apparently uncompressed. Instead of a single file, the book is a folder structure.
Any ideas of what to do with this? I already attempted to zip the file structure and change extension file to .epub. When Epubor tryes to open it, it displays an error message.
09/5/2017 15:02:01
We are sorry to inform you that our software can not handle the books are downloaded via your phone or tablet.
11/25/2017 12:59:51
on obok DeDRM error like as "not added because it couldn't be decrypted "
12/11/2017 14:42:27

We are sincerely sorry for this issue. You may download the Epubor Ultimate to have a free trial. It will strip the DRM from the Kepub  successfully.

01/17/2018 07:16:03

Not working :(

calibre, version 3.15.0
FOUT: Niet afgehandelde fout: <b>OperationalError</b>:unable to open database file

calibre 3.15 [64bit]  embedded-python: True is64bit: True
Windows-10-10.0.16299-SP0 Windows ('64bit', 'WindowsPE')
('Windows', '10', '10.0.16299')
Python 2.7.12+
Windows: ('10', '10.0.16299', 'SP0', u'Multiprocessor Free')
Interface language: nl
Successfully initialized third party plugins: Obok DeDRM (3, 0, 3) && KePub Output (3, 0, 0) && KePub Metadata Reader (3, 0, 2) && KePub Input (3, 0, 0) && KePub Metadata Writer (3, 0, 3)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "calibre_plugins.obok_dedrm.action", line 72, in launchObok
  File "calibre_plugins.obok_dedrm.obok.obok", line 214, in __init__
OperationalError: unable to open database file

12/6/2018 07:56:27
I cannot find the kepub files on my mac. There is no ../Library/Application Support/Kobo/Kobo Desktop Edition/kepub, Kobo is not listed under Application Support at all. Help?
09/21/2019 15:26:11
thanks you!! working so good like a hacker ;)))
09/23/2019 11:10:53
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to know that.
03/24/2020 20:04:14
Thanks, it worked!
03/25/2020 17:20:40
Thank you for your feedback. Glad to know that.
05/24/2020 13:44:35

Everything works great, exactly as described here; including removing and reinstalling KOBO, in case a book does not get decrypted.

Thank you!

05/25/2020 11:12:31
Thank you for your feedback. Yes, Epubor ultimate can handle kobo books epub and kepub books. If you have any problem when using this software, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com.
06/25/2020 13:30:37
Awesome, thanks.
06/28/2020 09:01:21
You are welcome. Glad to know you like it.
10/5/2020 11:06:31
I appreciate all your help with this, but I would have really appreciated being told the Epubor download was only the TRIAL version as it only converts 20% of the kepub BEFORE I went through the whole process.  
Can you please make an edit to reflect that?  Thanx!
10/9/2020 09:33:14
Thank you for your advice. We will consider it seriously.
Have a nice day.
01/4/2021 09:15:31
Not working well, the decrypted ebook showing  strange unredable characters .
01/4/2021 14:03:26
Thank you for using our software. Are you using the licensed version or free trial?
Can you please send us the decrypted books and point out the issues with the screenshot? Then we will try our best to help you resolve it ASAP.
Please contact us via support@epubor.com.
01/14/2021 07:36:41
I had installed the complement for Calibre and it ran well. Now I cann't see the icon in the toolbar, so I uninstalled and reinstalled it, but it still not working.
01/14/2021 09:17:00
Please ensure the you are installing the right calibre drm-plugin.
If you really don't know how to use calibre, just try Epubor Ultimate. It is much easier to use.
05/2/2021 14:36:54
Hi! I tried it with Epubor. It converted only text and only 20%. Is it because of the free version of Epubor? Will it do the job better with a paid version?
Thank you!
05/6/2021 09:39:49
Thank you for using our software. Yes, that's because your are using the trial version.
This is the trial limits.
The licensed version will give you the whole content in its original formatting.
Any more problem, please feel free to contact us.
12/12/2021 10:57:25
The Obot plugin is added to Calibre, but will not appear in the menu bar. I have closed and opened the program several times. It shows up in the plugins area as added but when I click on it, it says I have to 'restart the program before you can configure'
12/31/2021 23:12:09
Same thing... Doesn't appear.
09/6/2022 04:08:07
same here, can't see it in the bar, can't use it
09/7/2022 10:14:18
Have you installed the plugin successfully?
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