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copy epub to iPad

You have purchased lots of EPUB books from various bookstores like Barnes&Noble, Google play, Sony, Kobo, etc or you have some EPUB books on your old Sony or Nook eReader. And now you want to read them on your newly bought iPad. So you want to copy them to your iPad. But after you directly sync them to your iPad, you find the books can't be opened in iBooks. That means you have failed to copy EPUB to iPad. Why you failed? Probably you can't figure it out. But don't worry for now I'm intended to tell you the reason and then show you how to successfully copy EPUB to iPad with easy steps.

Why failed to copy EPUB to iPad

You may wonder whether there is a problem with your iPad device since iPad device actually supports EPUB format books. You're right. iPad can display EPUB books. It is the DRM (Data Rights Management) problem that limits you to successfully copy EPUB to iPad. Often your EPUB books purchased from non-iBookstore contain two kinds of DRM, B&N DRM for part of Nook books and Adobe DRM for other EPUB books. But our iBooks on iPad only support books with iBooks DRM for books purchased from iBookstore or other DRM-free EPUB or PDF books.

In order to successfully copy EPUB to iPad, you must make sure your EPUB books are DRM free at first.

First, Make sure EPUB books are DRM free

This part is quite essential if your EPUB books are DRM protected. About how to check your EPUB books are DRM-free or not, you can use Calibre to open EPUB books. If you succeed to open them, then they're DRM-free. On the contrary, if you receive the following tips, it means your EPUB books are DRM-protected.

check whether EPUB books are DRMed or not

For DRM-protected books, you need to remove DRM from EPUB books first. As I have mentioned above, your EPUB books may contain two kinds of DRM. You may have no idea about how to strip DRM protection. But don't worry for I'm just writing to solve all your problems. I have found a perfect tool for you to remove DRM from EPUB books. It's Epubor All DRM Removal--Epubor Ultimate which can remove three types of DRM schemes: B&N Nook, Adobe Adept and Amazon Kindle. After test, I found it's easy-to-use and decrypt all my EPUB books in batch within seconds. Amazing! You can download it with a free try.

Download All DRM Removal--Epubor Ultimate for free:

Just click "Add" button" or drag your books into the main interface, then your EPUB books will be decrypted automatically. You can find your decrypted EPUB books by clicking “Decrypted" or "Folder" icon.

remove DRM from EPUB books

If your EPUB books are protected by B&N DRM, you need to input Nook account and password at User center-->>Settings-->>Nook. Just enter correct information, then your job will be finished.

enter billing name and cardnumber

Tips: Ensure you can view your EPUB books in ADE or Nook for PC (for books purchased from Barnes and Noble) before removing DRM.

Then, Copy EPUB to iPad

After you make sure your EPUB books are DRM free, you can now start to copy EPUB to iPad or you can say uploding EPUB to iPad. About how to upload EPUB to iPad, I have collected two effective methods for you.

Method One: Copy EPUB to iPad with iTunes

This method is the most common one. Install iTunes in your computer before you start.

Step 1: Launch iTunes in your computer and then click "Add file to Library" to add your decrypted EPUB books. Then they will appear in the "Books" category.

add decrypted EPUB books to iPad

Step 2: Use USB cable to connect your iPad with your computer. Soon your device will be detected by iTunes. The icon will show up in the upper right corner.

iPad device icon will show up

Step 3: Click the iPad icon and the following window will pop up. Choose "Books" tab on the top to go on.

information about your iPad

Step 4: Once you hit "Books" tab, you will see the following interface. Simply click "Sync" button at the bottom right side to start to copy EPUB to iPad.

choose "Books" tab on the top

Note: If you check "Sync Books" checkbox and select it, then another window will pop up. Just click "Apply" to start.

check "Sync Books" checkbox

Method Two: Copy EPUB to iPad without iTunes

You can also transfer EPUB to iPad without iTunes, which may save you much time if you merely want to copy one or two EPUB books to iPad.

1Copy EPUB to iPad by sending email

Step 1: Open your mail client or email provider's website and compose a new message. Now attach your decrypted EPUB books to the email.

Step 2: Send the email to any of the account which has been added in iPad's stock mail application.

Step 3: Open your mail app and then tap on the icon of the attachment to download them. After they are downloaded, tap on them to open. Then tap on the "share" button to reveal iPad's share menu.

Step 4: From the menu choose "Open in iBooks" option. This will directly guide you to view your EPUB books in iBooks. Tap "Library" button and you will find your newly added EPUB books in iBooks library.

Apart from using the method of sending email, you can also simply copy DRM-free EPUB books to iPad with Dropbox.

2Copy EPUB to iPad with Dropbox

Step 1: Install Dropbox app on your iPad.

Step 2: Upload your EPUB books to your Dropbox account. Run Dropbox app and then look for the EPUB books you have uploaded.

Step 3: Open one of the file and then tap on the "Share" button. Next tap "Open in..." button to choose "open with iBook" on iPad.

After you successfully copy EPUB to iPad or iBooks on iPad, you can now freely read EPUB books on iPad without limitations. If you are interested in copy epub to iphone, please read How to Copy EPUB to iPhone.

Remember to remove DRM protection from EPUB books before coping EPUB to iPad.

Download All DRM Removal--Epubor Ultimate for free:

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