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Learning something about the eBook DRM removal will really benefit you a lot. As the fact that many of the eBooks we purchase and download from the mainstream eBook stores like Amazon, Kobo, Nook, iBookstore etc are with DRM limitation, we are always restricted by eBook DRM. Cannot read freely on any software or device we like. Cannot choose the format we like or the format we are used to read. And cannot share good books with our families and friends. It's a real pain if the eBook is DRMed, isn't it? So follow me to know several DRM removal tools and get your locked books free.

1. Epubor All DRM Removal

Epubor All DRM Removal is an eBook DRM removal tool which helps you remove DRM from Adobe, Amazon Kindle, Nook, Sony eReader, Kobo etc. Using it, you can read your books everywhere with your favorite device at any time. Come to learn more about it.

1. Support OS: Windows, Mac, Linux.all drm removal

For windows: Windows 98, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Win7, Win8 Desktop Mode.

For Mac: Mac OS X10.6 and later.

2. DRM schemes: Handle three types of DRM. Amazon Kindle DRM, Adobe ePub&PDF DRM and Kobo KEPUB DRM.

3. eBook Formats supported: EPUB, PDF, AZW, AZW3, AZW4, Mobi, PRC, Topaz, TPZ, etc.

4. Other features: Decrypt books in batch within seconds, save your time and energy; Doesn't handle iBooks DRM.

5. Extremely easy to use it:

Download the tool for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Download and install it on the computer. Open it, it will load your Kindle, ADE, and Kobo books automatically. The books will be listed in the left part of the program. Just drag and drop the books to the right part of the program, then their DRM will be removed immediately. (You can find the wonder by just dragging them into the right main interface. It breaks the common rules by saving you any click on any button now, all the loaded files will be processed instantly without clicking any Start button.)

ebook drm removal

Note: It will load the books under the default folders "My Kindle Content", "My Digital Editions" and "My Barnes & Noble eBooks". And you should make sure the books can be read normally on the computer before removing DRM.

2. iBooks DRM removal

Most eBooks people purchase or download from iBookstore have Apple Fairplay DRM protections. Almost all the DRM removal tools we know will not handle Apple Fairplay DRM. So we have to find the DRM removal especially for removing Apple DRM, and finally we find it.

The iBooks DRM removal freeware will help you remove DRM from iBooks ePUB, then you can enjoy epub books on Mac, Android, Kobo, Nook, Blackberry, etc.

1. Support OS: both Mac and PC.

2. Format supported: EPUB

3. How to use it to remove DRM:

Step 1. Download iBooks DRM Removal for Mac/PC. (Pay attention here, before you run the ibook DRM Removal, a Java environment is required).

Step 2. Run the program. It will scan your iTunes Library automatically, and decrypt all the files. If you don’t want it to do like this, press “Shift” when opening the soft. Then drag the DRM protected eBook to the soft window, iBooks DRM Removal will decrypt it in seconds.


The unDRMed eBook will replace the original file automatically. Check the “Recycle Bin” if you still have a need of the original one. Now, you can read the DRM-free iBooks on PC/Mac freely.

Helpful Tips for You:

3. Calibre DeDRM Plugins

Calibre is a good eBook manager to a certain degree. Many people may have already installed Calibre on their computer long before. It can be used to remove eBook DRM together with the DeDRM plugins, but the processes are really bothering. Anyway, I will tell you how to remove DRM Calibre first and then you make your own choice to get a DRM removal.

1. Support OS: Windows, Mac, Linux.

2. Support formats: EPUB, PDF, MOBI, PRC, azw3, FB2, LIT, PDB, etc.

3. DRM schemes handling including: Kinlde DRM, Adobe DRM, Nook DRM. (iBooks DRM is not included)

4. How to use it to remove DRM:

Step 1. Download Calibre.

Step 2. Download DeDRM Plugins.

Step 3. Install the downloaded DeDRM Plugins in Calibre. "Preferences" -> "Plugins" -> "Load plugin from file". Select your already downloaded Calibre plugin file "DeDRM_plugin.zip" to it.

load plugin from file

Then it will come up a window asks if you are sure to proceed to install the plugins, just ignore the warning message and click the "Yes" icon to continue.

Next there will be a noticing window to tell you that the plugins installation has succeeded in Calibre. Click "OK" icon to finish.

Step 4. Remove DRM.

Now restart Calibre and add your DRMed books to it. Usually it will remove the books' DRM automatically. If your DRMed books are already in your Calibre library, you should remove them from Calibre first and then re-add them to Calibre, or their DRM will not be removed. Attention here: You may meet problems like the program suddenly exiting unnormally or problems of the DRM-removed books (some people said that the books changed and cannot be read normally) at times. More info read this article Calibre DRM Removal Plugins please

Summary: If you are really accustomed to using Calibre all the time, you can consider to add the plugins to it and remove eBook DRM. When I was trying this way to remove DRM, the program suddenly exits unnormally. So I personally don't like DeDRM plugins much. Besides, the processes are a little complicated. It's better to choose All DRM Removal tool to remove eBook DRM. It's born to be a DRM removal tool for eBooks, isn't it? What program can do a better job than it?

As far as I am concerned, getting All DRM Removal tool and iBooks DRM removal tool is enough. Together they can handle almost all the eBook DRM. If you don't have ibooks, getting All DRM Removal is enough.

Download All DRM Removal for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download



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