EPUB VS Mobi, Which is the Best eBook Format for eReader

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epub vs mobi

It's known that eBooks on the market are available in many formats, each suitable for its own device or reading app. Both authors and readers have various options to choose from when it comes to popular eBook formats. I guess sometimes you may be quite confusing about this. But don't worry, in this article, I will talk about the detailed information about EPUB vs Mobi, which are most commonly used formats on the market. You can take time to learn the difference between EPUB and Mobi, then choose the best format for your device.

What is EPUB

epub vs mobiEPUB is an open-standard format created by the International Digital Publishing Forum, a global trade and standards organization. We can say it's probably the most common of all the eBook formats. It's widely used across various platforms. Most eReaders or reading app on the market like Nook (Barnes & Noble), Apple's iBooks, Kobo, Adobe Digital Editions, Google books on Android, etc all supports EPUB files.

Like an HTML website, EPUB format supports inline raster and vector images, metadata, and CSS styling.

What is Mobi

mobi files A file with .mobi extension is originally developed for MobiPocket Reader. It's another open standard for eBook publishing. It was purchased by Amazon later. It's based on an open-standard eBook format using XHTML and JavaScript. It's also cross-platform, eBook in this format can have .prc or .mobi extension.

Images in mobi eBooks are limited to a 64 KB size. It contains advanced navigation controls and supports file compression, indexing, and dictionaries.

EPUB vs Mobi

We can easily convert EPUB to other eBook formats. It's supported by variety of platforms except Amazon Kindle. While Mobi is only readable on Amazon device or reading app.

Currently, most of Mobi files are usually DRM free, because Amazon will change Mobi to AZW once it's protected by DRM. EPUB files can be locked by 3 main DRM schemes on the market, including Adobe DRM, Nook DRM and Apple FairPlay DRM. This prevents the files being printed, copied, etc.

File Size
The file size for Mobi and EPUB formats can be different. EPUB file is much smaller than Mobi. If we download the same eBook for both EPUB and Mobi format, Mobi file can be the 2 times the size of EPUB file.

Both Mobi and EPUB can display reflowable content and fixed width layout.

EPUB file can adjust itself to the size of screen. Because of the image size limitation of 64K, Mobi formats are suited for smaller screens.

Which one is better

Still unsure about which format to choose? In fact, both the eBook formats have some advantages over another, it's difficult to decide which one is better. In my opinion, choosing which format is depending on the device or software you'd like to read. If you are still confused about the formats, why not get both formats? You can use the free online eBook converter help you easily convert EPUB to Mobi online. But the one thing I must point out is this online converter only supports DRM free eBooks. For converting DRM protected EPUB to Mobi or Mobi to EPUB, you may need another powerful software Epubor Ultimate to help you.

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Poor article. Title posits the question, but the author equivocation in her summary and says 'both have advantages over the other - so get both.'  Which completely avoids the question that brings you here in the first place.

Very mediocre writing.

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