Epubor Audible Converter User Guide (Easy-to-use)

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Thank you for your interest in Epubor Audible Converter -- the easy-to-use and trendy mp3 converting software that lets you convert audible audiobooks from AA/AAX to common MP3 format (with chapter preserving). It's famous for its high conversion speed, low price, clean interface and 24-hour online customer service.

Epubor Audible Converter 101 -- A guide to using Epubor Audible Converter.

Note: We have both Windows and Mac version of Epubor Audible Converter. This guide mainly introduces the Mac version.

At a glance (video tutorial)

Part 1. Download & Install

Step 1 Download the latest version


Note: This is the latest user guide for audible converter, if you are using older version, please update or upgrade it.

Step 2 Install Epubor Audible Converter

Double click the setup(exe or zip) file. Then follow the instructions on your screen to finish the installation process.

install epubor audible converter

Step 3 Launch Epubor Audible Converter

It will take seconds to install epubor audible converter successfully. Once it has been completed, launch the app on your mac please.

launch audible converter epubor

Part 2. Free trial & Register & Update & Uninstall

1. Free Trial

The first time you start the program a window will pop up, which lets you register or purchase the software. But you can just close the window and start your free trial.

epubor audible free

What are the limitations?
Q: What are the terms of the trial version?

Limit 1: You are allowed to convert 10 minutes of each audio book (audible .aa or .aax).

Limit 2: Epubor Audible Convert enables you to split chapters while converting, but this works only for paid version. It means that you won't be allowed to split the audible books into chapters unless you buy a license from epubor.

Why does the trial version only give 10 minutes of the audiobook? How could I make sure that the purchased full version will 100% work? You can contact epubor team to ask for a free license in advance.

2. Register

First You need to purchase it in order to register the software to enjoy full functions. Click the orange button "Only $22.99" to buy a license (1-year license price).

buy now buy now
(*** Lifetime license is only $29.99, definitely worth every penny you paid for it!)

After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation email soon which includes your order info. Copy the licensed email address to register the program please.

Once you register it successfully, you will be guided to its main interface.

3. Update

Whenever new version is released, you will receive the notification as soon as you open the software.

update epubor

4. Uninstall

Go Finder > Applications > EpuborAudibleConverter and right click to choose Move to Trash.

uninstall epubor audible on mac

Part 3. Easy guide on how to convert audible books (chapter split)

Step 1. Download audible .aa or .aax file to computer.

Audible audiobook files are either .aa or .aax format. For successful audible to mp3 conversion, we must find downloaded audible files.

Step 2. Add audible books to split chapters.

Note: This function only works for purchased version.

Click on "Add" to add the audible aa/aax format files. Then, hover to "Option", it will pop up a new window which allows you to split audible books with 3 methods: split by chapters; split by duration; split by segment.

split audible chapter

Splitting audible into chapters is really a powerful function, right? Converting audible to multiple MP3 files (in one directory with the name of the source-book) makes it easy to find the right position.

AAX to MP3 -- Retaining chapters? Why chapters losing?
Q: I used the "Option" function and set "Split by chapters". But finally I found that one of the converted file is chapters losing. Why?

A: By default, this tool won't miss any chapters or audio file contents. It keeps the original quality as the downloaded audible files. If you found some chapters losing, it's likely that the downloaded aax file you get is not a completed file. Delete the file, and download the aax file again to your computer!


Step 3. Convert audible to .mp3/.m4b.

It supports 2 formats output: MP3 and M4B. This is an all-in-one tool that helps remove drm from audible and convert audible to mp3/m4b. It means that the converted well mp3 and m4b audio files are DRM free.

audible output

Click "Convert to..." button and then conversion starts quickly. It will show the converting progress.

show process

Once the conversion is completed, the converted audiobooks will be shown in the output folder. You can freely transfer or back up them to another device.

buy now buy now

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05/19/2019 01:02:15
Good product if you have full sight, but for a totally blind person, wouldn't reccommend, as the options in the menus are not made clear on keyboard or screen readers, and it seems that you can only access them with a mouse, which it is hard for a totally blind person to do. I suggest that a little more work be done on this product making it more accessible to blind screen readers!
09/7/2019 07:06:23
Does not convert the whole audible book. My download complete book was 10.5 hours. Epubor only converted 6.5 hrs. Tried twice. Converted works fine but book incomplete. Need guidance on how to convert it completely.
09/15/2019 06:46:30
Does not work - at all. Failed all 3 .aax files. You will need to address - maybe an update. Regards.
03/19/2020 05:18:41
I'm trying the free/test version and it will only convert about 9 min. of my 7 hr. book.  Also, it can not split into chapters (options are greyed out). Maybe the paid version will do the split AND convert more than a teaser piece of the book. But I don't see where to go if it does not work as shown, so I'm looking elsewhere for a program.
03/19/2020 16:28:03
Thank you for your comments. The trial version only convert 10 minutes of each book. Also, splitting audible into chapters is only available in licensed version.
Please don't worry about this issue. we have 30-day money back grantee.
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