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free adobe drm removal calibre dedrm plugin

Frequently Asked Questions about Adobe DRM
Q: What is Adobe DRM?

A: Adobe DRM is also called adobe digital editions DRM, because it uses the Adobe Content Server DRM system to control the user access or prevent editing and copying of the eBooks. The Adobe DRM has been applied to PDF, EPUB and EPUB3 documents. As for the Adobe Digital Editions, it is used by Adobe Content Server to make downloads available with "Adobe DRM" applied. When you trigger an ADE download, the user will will be offered an .acsm file that must be opened with Adobe Digital Editions. Once the .acsm file opened, it will download the encrypted ebook content to epub or pdf file.

Q: What ebooks are encrypted with Adobe DRM?

A: Adobe DRM is the most common used ebook encryption scheme. Therefore many ebook vendors employ Adobe DRM to protect their ebooks except Amazon kindle. So far we can see that Adobe DRM are used in Kobo Books, Google Play books, and many library books.

Q: What ebook formats can be encrypted with Adobe DRM?

A: Usually, the ebooks with Adobe DRM will be in PDF or Epub format.

Q: Why should we remove Adobe DRM?

A: We know that this adobe DRM is used by ebook retailers to protect the distribution of eBooks. Actually, when we purchased these ebooks, we are limited to Adobe Digital Editions or other Adobe drm supported reading apps. If you are not a fan of Adobe app, reading on Adobe Digital Editions will be an annoying thing. You may not want to be limited to a few unfamiliar apps, then stripping adobe drm is the most people's first choice.
Anti-Piracy Notice: Please ensure you decrypted your own purchased ebooks for personal use. Please don't upload your drm-ed ebooks to opensource or torrents.

Q: Is there any way to remove Adobe DRM?

Sure, there are different ways to remove Adobe DRM. In the following part, I will share the tutorial on how to remove adobe drm from epub and pdf ebooks free.

Free Adobe DRM Removal--Calibre Dedrm plugin download & install

DEDRM plugin is also called Alf’s DeDRM plugin. Most of people know it for removing kindle drm. In fact it will also help you remove adobe drm. But you cannot use this Dedrm plugin without Calibre. It works only with Calibre which is well known for its ebook converting and managing features.

    What DRM can Calibre Dedrm Plugin handle?

  • 1. Ebooks using Adobe Digital Editions DRM, including Kobo, Sony and Google ePubs downloaded to ADE.
  • 2. Adobe Digital Editions PDFs.
  • 3. Kindle eBooks (Files from kindle for PC/MAC and eInk Kindles with firmware lower than 5.10.2.

How to download and install Dedrm plugin to Calibre

Apps you need to Download Calibre & Dedrm plugin


1 Download and install Calibre.

2 Download dedrm plugin. Unzip it to get the DeDRM_plugin.zip.

3 Install adobe dedrm plugin to Calibre. Run Calibre>>Preference>>Plugin>>Load plugin from file>>choose "DeDRM_plugin.zip>>Click on "Open" to add dedrm plugin to Calibre.

load dedrm plugin\

In the pop up "Are you Sure?" notification, just click "Yes".

are you sure

"Success" notification will pop up.

installed dedrm plugin successfully

Click "Ok" to finish the process. Then click on "Apply".

apply dedrm to calibre

Then restart Calibre to activate Calibre dedrm plugin.

How to remove Adobe pdf epub drm with Calibre Dedrm plguin

Step 1. To remove adobe drm, please download your adobe pdf or epub to your computer via Adobe digital editions at first.

Step 2. Click "Add books" to navigate to the "Digital Editions" folder. And then add the Adobe epub pdf books to Calibre.

add books to calibre

It will take some time to load. This process will also remove adobe drm from the ebooks.

remove adobe drm calibre

The best alternative to free adobe drm removal

Some times the calibre dedrm plugin fails because you are using the older version. Or the dedrm plugin is not compatible with Calibre. It will cause your energy or time to fix this issue. Instead, you can try the most easy to use adobe drm removal--Epubor Ultimate. It is a paid software with free version.

1 Download and install Epubor Ultimate.


2 Run Epubor Ultimate. The download adobe pdf epub books will be displayed in the left column. Just drag them to the right column, the drm will be removed automatically.

remove adobe drm epubor ultimate

Then you can click "Decrypted" to open the folder storing the drm-free pdf or epub files.

Paid or Free Adobe DRM Removal: which one should I choose?

In the above parts I have shared two adobe pdf epub drm removal, calibre dedrm plugin and Epubor Ultimate. Both of them can help you remove adobe drm, but there are still some differences.

1 The both can

1. remove adobe drm.

2. Convert ebooks to PDF, EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, TXT, etc.

3. Batch process multiple eBooks.

4. Can edit ebooks metadata like title, author, identifiers, publishing date, language, publisher, introduction and the book cover.

5. Available for Windows and MacOS.

2 They differ in the following ways:


    Calibre Dedrm Plugin

  • 1. It is free software.
  • 2. The interface is complex.
  • 3. You need to install the dedrm plugin to activate the drm-removing features.
  • 4. You cannot use it for the best


    Epubor Ultimate

  • 1. It is a paid software with free trial version.
  • 2. Automatically detect e-readers like Kindle, Kobo, Adobe Digital Editions, etc.
  • 3. It has best customer and technical support.
  • 4. It interface is simple and easy-to-use.

Both software has its advantages and disadvantages. So just pick the one you need and enjoy your eBooks on any device you prefer!


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