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There are numerous programs which can crack Audible DRM and convert audible files to common audio formats such as MP3. Most of them are commercial software, but is there any free audible converter over there?  I have dig further and list the best free audible converters here for your reference.

free audible converter 2020

Why need Audible Converter?

It is so frustrating to pay so much money for Audible, but I can't listen to the books on my non-Audible-compatible devices.

Although Audible app comes with a decent media players, not everyone is fascinated by them. A majority number of Audible users prefer to use their own MP3 player to play audiobooks. Unfortunately, their MP3 players are not Audible compatible MP3 player. Due to the Audible DRM, you cannot transfer Audible to your favorite MP3 player. That’s why we need Audible converter.

Besides, if you want to back up your audible books, converting audible file to common file format will help you safeguard your audible books.

In this article, we will take a look of the free aax to mp3 converter to help you find the best free audible converter to convert your audible to common mp3 files.

AAX to MP3( Audible AAX to MP3 Converter)—No working Anymore

Download Audible AAX to MP3 Converter

Available on: Windows Only

Audible AAX to MP3 Converter is the completely free audible converter which is
only with Germany interface. If you have used this software before, it worked fine at then. But now, I’ve tested this software many times. And ensure this free audible converter doesn’t work anymore.

I’ve tested on both windows 7 and 10 platform. 

On Windows 7: After adding the audible files and click “Umwandeln”, quickly “uwandlung beendet” appear. But there is no converted audible mp3 file.

aax to mp3 windows 7

On windows 10: After adding the audible files and click “Umwandeln”, there will be a MP3 files generated immediately. Actually, it is 2Kb file with nothing.

aax to mp3 windows 10

Therefore, this famous and free aax to mp3 converter doesn’t work. Just skip this one because it is just the waste of time.

AAX Audio Converter

Download AAX Audio Converter

Available on: Windows Only

AAX Audio Converter is the really free and open source  Audible Converter. It can convert the audible .aax to plain MP3 or M4A format.  Meanwhile, it still support for older .aa format.

How to use Free AAX Audio Converter?

1. Launch AAX audio Converter and add audible files. You can add multiple audible files to this software at one time. But you have to repeat the following steps to convert them one by one.
2. Select output format.
3. Select you want to convert the audible into single file or into chapters. This is not a necessary step.
4. Choose where to store your converted files.
5. Click “Convert” to start the conversion. Once finished, there’s a pop up windows to show this job is done.

aax audio converter

In one word, it is an easy-to-use and total free audible converter. It is still working in 2020.

This app is working on Windows 7 and above. If you are on Windows 7, you may need to install .Net Framework 4.7.1 to get this software run smoothly. To be mentioned, there is no mac version of AAX Audio Converter. So if you are looking for audible converter for mac, please choose best alternative to AAX Audio Converter.


OpenAudible is a cross-platform audiobook converter designed for Audible books on Windows, Mac and Linux. Although it was used to be the free Audible Converter, it isn't any more.

I have downloaded the free version of OpenAudible before, OpenAudible version 1.0. But today when I tried to open it, I get the error message as below.

openaudible doesn't work anymore

But after I install the latest version (V2.3.5), I cannot do anything without license. When I tried to add audible books, and a message pops-up.

openaudible doesn't work anymore

 It has not trial version, but you need to pay for it before try it. Therefore, just skip this previous free audible converter.

Free Online Audible Converter

Besides the Audible Converter download, you can now convert aax to mp3 online for free using this free online audible converter. Online-audio-converter is easy to use online utility allows users to configure the bitrate, quality, the number of channels, frequency, remove the voice from an audio track and apply fade-in or reverse playback. Most importantly, it can convert drmed audible file to mp3 files. It is the only online audible converter on the market.

How to use online audio converter?

1. Add files by clicking “Open file”.
2. Select output format.
3. Click “Convert” button to convert audible file to mp3 online.

online audible converter


Download inAudible Windows Version

Download inAudible Mac version (I cannot download the inaudible Mac from this download link.)

Available on: both Windows and Mac

As the name tell, inAudible is dedicated to removing audible drm and convert audible aa/aax files to popular audio formats like mp3, wav, m4b, flac, etc. An it is developed by THE GUN, completely free and open-source.

Compared with other free audible converter, this one has many features, such as, splitting audible into chapters, setting CBR bitrate, VBR quality, rip CD( Windows only), editing tags and more.

If you are the first time to use this software, you will be requested to set it. Just follow the instruction in the software to get it done.

1. On the top menu bar, click File>>Open>>Audible/M4B to add audible files to inaudible.
2.  Set the output folder and output format. Usually, it has been set when you first launch this software.
3. Then click “Begin Conversion”.

inaudible add files

4. Wait until the conversion finished. Then click “Output file” to open the folder storing the converted mp3 file.

inaudible output folder

As I cannot download inaudible for Mac. So I have not tested it.

As for inaudible Windows, it does the job well. It really has many things that Idid not need and the interface is not simple. But if you just need the free audible converter to help you convert audible books in mp3 windows, then it did can help you.

We have tested and reviewed 5 free audible converters for now. Although all of them claim they are free, OpenAudible is not a free software anymore.
As for the online Audible Converter, it is lack of stability and limited by the audible files size. So if your Audible files are over 100mb, online audio converter will not convert them.
Have you noticed that all the working free audible converters only support Windows platform? Yes, there is not valid free audible converter for Mac. But don’t worry. I also collect the best paid audible converter for both windows and Mac for you. That is Epubor Audible Converter.

Best Free Audible Converter Alternative—Epubor Audible Converter (Paid Software)

Compared with the free audible converter, Epubor Audible converter is much easier-to-use and obtain all the functions all I need.

Download the tool for free:

Key features:
Remove drm from audible .aa, aax;
Convert audible books to MP3/M4B;
Split Audible into chapters;
Edit metadata of Audible books;
Superfast conversion speed.

How to use Epubor Audible Converter?

1. Launch Epubor Audible converter and add Audible Books.

2. Click the edit icon to pop up the splitting option and select “split Audible into chapters”.

epubor audible converter

3. Then select “Convert to M4B” or “Convert to MP3” to convert audible file to common file format. Once finished, the output folder containing the converted files will pop up automatically as the following picture.

cconvert audible to mp3 successfully

Final Words

It is clearly to tell that Epubor Audible Converter is the best Audible converter, but the trial version only converts 10 minutes of each files. Compared with its prices, we can focus more on its functions and customer service. As the commercial software, Epubor Team will update is regularly to handle the latest audible drm and 24/7 customer service including livechat will help you fix your issues whenever you encountered.

If you are really short in money, just pick the free audible converters.

If you want the continuous software update and customer support, then Epubor Audible Converter should be your best choice.


joined Epubor since 2017. She always wants to share everything related to ebook reading and improve your reading journey.

06/13/2022 07:33:58
Epubor has worked great. But suddenly, June 2022, a new audible download is called format "1" and will not convert. Does epubor offer an update to its converter, and where?
06/14/2022 11:23:35
Thank you for your feedback. Can you please tell us how did you download your format 1? From website directly or via app?
Also, as far as we concerned, audible format 1 is an old format with .aa extension. You can just contact us via support@epubor.com to get further assistance.
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