30 Free Manga Sites to Read Manga Online

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What is Manga? Manga refers to Japanese comics with unique storyline, in-depth plots, and characters. The manga contains a broad range of genres: action-adventure, business and commerce, comedy, detective, historical drama, horror, mystery, romance, science fiction and fantasy, sexuality, sports and games, suspense and others. Manga is published in serial form and each series with 20 to 40 pages. Different from the American comics which target the younger people, manga are popular with people of all ages and backgrounds in Japan.

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Although manga is originated from Japan, it is popular all over the world. People like reading manga regardless of nationality, age and gender. More and more people choose to read manga online. Here we list 30 free manga sites for you to read free manga online.

Free Manga Sites for You to Read Manga Online Free

NO. Name Online/Download Alexa Rank Note
1 mangafox online 818 This is the most manga fan's first choice.
2 mangareader.net online 1241  
3 mangastream online 1322  
4 MANGAHERE online 1672  
5 KissManga online 1840 This site not works mini browsers, like opera mini, and also have a active forum.
6 mangapanda online 2315 It has advanced search options.
7 MangaPark online 2764  
8 BATOTO online 5368 Batoto also has exclusively licensed titles and active forum for Manga fans to post their thoughts.
9 mangakakalot online 8423 Top speed, completely free!
10 zingbox.me online/Android& ios App 55653 Read free manga online and on mobile anywhere,anytime
11 MyreadingManga online 3070 Provide Bara, shota, furry, yaoi doujinshi, yaoi manga online.
12 Mangago online 4429 Read Fastest Updated Free Yaoi Manga Online.
13 mangafreak online 5347 Share mange to promote the creator's work
14 AnimeNova online 10236 Provide both manga & anime.
15 heymanga.me online 20216  
16 VIZ online 21006 Provide both manga & anime.
17 mangadom online 27714  
18 mangainn.net online 29992  
19 mangaonlinehere.com online 31657 Pick the chapter and it opens on the same browser (very few websites do this).
20 MangaOnline online 31657  
21 MYMANGA online 31953  
22 manganel online 33715  
23 mangabb online 38855  
24 Mangabom online 48732  
25 Otaku Smash online 71852  
26 FUNMANGA online 86848
27 MangaTan online 106021  
28 One Manga online 247650  
29 Bulu manga beta online 422036
30 readmanga.eu online 731408

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11/7/2017 22:05:09
i love it
12/14/2017 05:33:42
It's pretty disappointing that www.mangarock.com is not in this list. It's really organized and there's a large variety of genres/books and it's up to date on everything.
02/27/2018 00:56:13
u r defintily correct on that
01/13/2018 14:27:36
www.mangarock.com should have his place between those u_u
03/10/2018 20:07:15
You forgot Mangatown
03/13/2018 10:00:24
Thank you for your suggestion, will add this site soon~
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