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If you are an Audible user, you must be very familiar with the Audible credit. Briefly speaking, 1 Audible credit = 1 Audible book. As long as we have an Audible credit, we can use it to exchange any title in the Audible store, regardless of the original price. Until now Audible is offering us the best audiobook service and the largest library of audiobooks, but many of us would wonder if we can save a little. Here this post will show you how you can legally save money on audiobooks by getting the free Audible credits. Let's see together!

get free audible credit

1. Get 1 Free Credit with Audible Premium Plus Free Trial

By signing up for the Audible Premium Plus 30-day free trial, new customers of Audible will get 1 free Audible credit, which can be exchanged for almost any title during the free trial period. There are no commitments attached to this offer. You can cancel the free trial of membership anytime before the next billing date.

How to start Audible Premium Plus 30-day free trial?

Step 1 Go to audible.com and sign in with your Amazon account.

Step 2 On the homepage of Audible, there should be a banner asking you to try the Audible Premium Plus free. Click the button "Try Audible Premium Plus free".

try audible premium plus free

Step 3 Select a payment method and start your free trial. (If you haven't submitted your credit card information yet, you should add it first.)

start free trial of premium plus

2. Subscribe to Audible Premium Plus Membership

Once you are in a monthly Audible membership, you get 1, 2 free credits every month or 12, 24 credits every year, depending on which plan you choose. There are four options:

1. Audible Premium Plus: Unlimited access to the Plus Catalog and 1 credit per month for $14.95/month.

2. Audible Premium Plus-2 Credits: Unlimited access to the Plus Catalog and 2 credits per month for $22.95/month.

3. Audible Premium Plus Annual-12 Credits: Unlimited access to the Plus Catalog and 12 credits per year for $149.50/year.

4. Audible Premium Plus Annual-24 Credits: Unlimited access to the Plus Catalog and 24 credits per year for $229.50/year.

See Also A Detailed Introduction to Audible Premium Plus Membership.

Audible Premium Plus

3. Return Unwanted Audiobooks for Free Credits

Audible's return policy allows you to return any books you don't like and get the credit back within 365 days of the original purchase as long as you are an active member. Even if you have listened to it in full, you can return the book for a credit which you can then use right away to buy another audiobook.


1. Although Audible hasn't made an announcement about how many books you can return, it's better not to abuse this feature. Audible may limit the number of exchanges if you return too many books.

2. You get refunded the type of payment used. That is to say, if you use your credit card for a purchase, you'll get your cash refunded. Whereas if you use an Audible credit, you'll get credit back in your account which can be used again for another book.

3. Only active members can make the returns. Customers who cancel or fail to maintain their membership are not eligible to return any books.

How to return unwanted Audible books for free credits?

It's rather simple to return an Audible book. Just go to audible.com and sign in with your Amazon account. On the Purchase History section, you will see all your titles. If your books can be returned, there will be a "return" word next to the book title. Click return, then you will receive an audible credit or refund.

For a detailed guide, you can read the article Full Guide on How to Return Audible Books on Mobile & Desktop.

purchase history

4. Pretend to Cancel Your Current Membership to Get an Additional Free Credit

By pretending to cancel your Audible membership, you may get an additional free credit with which Audible tries to keep you as a member. This offer can be triggered if:

1. You are on a Audible plan for at least 30 days.

2. You've already used all of your credits.

3. Audible membership cancellation is not available on the Audible app. You will have to do it from the desktop site.

How to pretend to cancel Audible membership to get a free Audible credit?

Step 1 Visit Audible.com in a web browser and sign in to your Audible account.

Step 2 Go to the Account Details page. At the bottom of the page, click Cancel membership.

cancel membership

Step 3 You will be guided to another page. Choose the reason "It's too expensive" for cancellation to audible.com.

it is too expensive

Step 4 Then a prompt will show up asking you to keep your current membership and get an additional free credit. Just click "Free credit", then you will get one credit while maintaining your membership.

Notice Sometimes you may be offered 50% OFF for the Audible membership plan for your next 3 months, instead of one free credit.

free credit

Bonus Tips -- For Those Who want to Back up Audible Books

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Official Guide Convert Audible to MP3 with Epubor Audible Converter.

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audible converter

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b/I'm one of those scientists, who as a teenager, thought making rockets with Potassium Chlorate was a good idea. It's NOT. As another Do-It-Yourself (DIY) scientist commented "Using Potassium Chlorate as an oxidizer in your rockets means you are making pipe bombs with fins...."
I spent a week in the hospital after proving this little-heeded truism!

So now, being blind in one eye and an old man with poor vision, Audible's "Books-On-Tape" concept provides me with an enjoyable way to keep learning without straining my eyes. I like reading, but my vision does NOT like the strain, so "Books-On-Tape" it has to be!

Yes, Audible.com will exchange titles with no hassles.

Thank you Michelle!/b

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