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Get Free License

get a free copy

Want to buy a license but think the price is beyond your budget?

From now on, you have a chance to get a free copy of any Epubor software.

We provide some channels for you to get a free copy, all of them need you to make a little effort, but we promise the work won't be complex, you can finish it in hours and get a free license code for any Epubor product!

Channel 1. Join Epubor editors team, translate one article to get a free license (1-year or lifetime).

From 2013 Epubor editor team started write useful articles on our site, and the good news is that by the past years now we could get 10,000 page views per day, among which some articles could get page views up to 1000 each day!

So if you have interest you can join in Epubor editor team and then choose one article to translate. With this method you can get a free license (for lifetime or one year).

Step 1: Visit epubor guide page, choose one article that you like and then translate it (if you think the original content is too long to translate, you can just write one article by yourself, but please write for the same title).


Step 2: Choose one language that you can translate (we highly recommend you use your first language, but not the one that you have learnt or learning).

Languages that we need to translate: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, traditional Chinese.

Step 3: To get chat instantly please contact us via Skype: epubor.muzhi1989@gmail.com

Tips: We highly recommend you contact us in advance before you start your translation because maybe somebody has finished the job already.

Channel 2. Write a review on your blog

As long as you have a blog, no matter it is large or tiny, popular or indie, all kinds of blogs are accepted by us. We would not ask you for the visits data of the blog, you are only required to provide the proof that you can post a review on this blog.

If you are interested in writing a review for any of our product and get a free copy, please follow the steps below:

1. Contact us by email or submit a ticket.

2. Tell us your blog's url and which product you want to review.

3. We will send you a temporary code which works for days to help you finish the review.

4. After your review post is alive, we will send you a 1-year license code. (2-year or more depends on the review quality)

A user review example: http://www.malibucomputerdoc.com/epubor/, we send the user a lifetime license upon this review.

Channel 3. Create video or audio

If you do not have a blog or have no access to post review on other blogs, we also provide a method for you to get a free copy.

1. Contact us by email or submit a ticket.

2. Tell us which product you want to review.

3. We will send you a temporary code which works for days to help you finish the video.

4. Send us the video file or audio file, then you will get a free license code.

Channel 4. Help us translate the software

At the moment (September 2014) we provide English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian and Spanish versions, if you can help us translate the software to more languages, we will send you a Lifetime License code for free.

1. Contact us by email or submit a ticket.

2. We will send you a language pack file, and also explain how the file works.

3. After finishing the translation, please send the file to us for approval.

4. Once we confirm your translation is accurate and standard, we will send you the lifetime license for any product on our website.

Currently, we temporarily don't need to translate the software. Please choose other ways to get a free license.

Channel 5. Epubor giveaway promotion

Epubor are doing our best to help more and more people could read their eBooks freely by using our product, so epubor is cooperationg with many powerful partners, for example, GOTD, giveaway-club, etc.

We will cooperate with them to run a limited time giveaway for our featured product -- Ultimate eBook Converter. If you want, you can search these sites, or have a good look at our this giveaway landing-page

Please note that this page is updated often since it's cooperated with many partners, for only limited time.

Get My Free License Here

Easily get 10% off coupon code for all products

Introduce Epubor to your friend who is also reading eBooks, then we will send him/her a 10% off coupon code which is valid for all Epubor products.

If you haven't buy a license yet, you can certainly ask him/her for the coupon code and benefit 10% off discount as it's an universal coupon.

Input your friend's email address into the box below and subscribe, then everything will be on the way.


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