How Can I Read Swedish eBooks on Kindle

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This guide is focused on teaching you how to read Swedish eBooks on Kindle, also introduces some online eBookstores that you can read swedish or svenska ebooks with your Kindle.

5 Sites to download Swedish eBooks

It's no surprise that Amazon kindle store also provides some very good Swedish eBooks, if you search from Kindle store. But compared to those native Sweden eBookstores, for example, Boken.se, some people will choose using this as it provides thousands of titles, much more than Kindle store.

5 sites to get Swedish eBooks

But the problem is, if I download eBooks from those native stores, is it possible to read these Swedish eBooks on my Kindle?

Step 1: Check whether the book is Kindle compatible or not

In this article, I take Boken.se as an example.

Before buying one svenska book, from the product page we will see the product info or description, which will say what the ebook format is, whether it's Kindle compatible, ISBN, etc..

check swedish book kindle compatible or not

If the book is Kindle compatible, things are easy to go. Just finish the buying of the book, and then go to your library, start by clicking on the desired book to display the function menu.

send swedish books to kindle

Soon you will find an option "Send to Kindle" (”Skicka till Kindle”), press the button please. Your book will be soon converted to Kindle mobi format and will be sent to your Kindle account.

Once the conversion is complete and your Kindle device received the eBook, you will see it and start your reading.

But what if the Swedish eBook is not compatible with Kindle? As the first image shows above, the title is kindle which means the book can't be directly sent to our device.

Important: Not all eBooks can be sent to your Kindle with this depend on the size, large images, multiple embedded links, or the title is protected by Adobe DRM!

Step 2: Remove Adobe DRM from Swedish ePub eBooks

As a matter of fact, the most of Swedish eBooks especially for those ePub format files we bought from Adlibris or Boken.se stores are always with Adobe DRM protected, which prevents us read them on non-Adobe devices, like Kindle.

The unique solution is to remove Adobe DRM from them. For successfully drm removing you should make sure that you can open your Swedish books via Adobe Digital Editions. Then use Epubor Ultimate, which helps remove Adobe Adept DRM quickly.


More info please refer to how to remove DRM from eBooks Adobe Digital Editions.

Important: Not all Swedish eBooks are protected with Adobe DRM. To check this I can only tell you that, make sure whether you can read your books with ADE. Once you can open your book with ADE, the tool can help you remove the drm limitation so that you can back-up or share your books freely.

Guide video:

Step 3: Convert the book to Kindle Mobi

After drm removing, the left is to convert the drm-free epub or pdf books into Kindle supported Mobi format (AZW3 output format is also supported well).

read swedish ebooks on kindle

Once the conversion is finished well, from the output folder please sideload these mobi or azw3 books to your Kindle device. Of course you can also send these files by using send to kindle service, or Calibre.

Tips: Boken.se announced that they are no longer provide their English catalog (Ingram) since August, 2018, this means users will lose access to their entire English catalog. This is not strange that one bookstore close its business or stop providing one service especially for those non-English speaking countries' people. But here what I mean that, what you bought is not your own, you just own the reading service because of the DRM. If possible back-up your eBooks whenever!




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