How I Transfer ACSM EPUB Files into My Remarkable

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Hey everyone! My name is danny, and here I write a story on my experiences with the Epubor Ultimate.

Utilizing Epubor Ultimate to convert ACSM files to EPUB and then strip DRM from the EPUB files could not be simpler. For me, this is important as I love reading ebooks on my Remarkable tablet, but often find it difficult to find ebooks that don’t require other kinds of e-readers (like Kindle, Nook, or Adobe Digital Editions). Epubor makes this whole process easy and lets me read books the way I want to read them.

Download ACSM into Adobe

Using their clear product instructions(how do i open an acsm file), I purchased an ebook and downloaded the ACSM file into Adobe.

download acsm files into adoe

Convert ACSM to EPUB with Epubor Ultimate

Once the ebook was downloaded into Adobe (with a free authorized account), I opened up the Epubor software and clicked on the Adobe tab, where my book had automatically populated.

adobe epub populated

From there, I simply clicked the “Convert to EPUB” button.

adobe into epub

Once that’s done, there’s the convenient file finder icon in the bottom right hand corner of the window that brought me right to the EPUB file, which I could drag and drop right into my Remarkable.

convert to epub output

It’s honestly almost too easy!

Note: As I only used the trial version of Epubor Ultimate, so the output file is a txt (free trial limitation), not an ePub format book. I would need a full license if I want to read the entire book on my tablet.

acsm into remarkable


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