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Rimuovere DRM da Kindle (KFX AZW Mobi)
Rimuovi DRM dagli eReader Kindle e Kindle per PC / Mac senza perdita di qualità; supporta AZW, AZW3, PRC, Mobi, KFX etc.

3 Ways to Read Kobo Books on PC/Mac
Don't have a Kobo device but still want to read Kobo books? Here are all methods to read Kobo books on PC and Mac.

Come effettuare un downgrade di “Kindle per PC/Mac” 2020
Questo articolo ti offre la soluzione temporanea per bypassare kindle kfx 2 che esegue il downgrade di kindle per PC / Mac alla versione precedente.

Amazon Kindle Now Officially Support EPUB
Amazon just announced that they would drop support for the older MOBI format starting from August 2022, But They add EPUB to their compatible file types.

How to Backup Books
That's what I want to share today--backing up books. To prevent yourself from losing your purchased books, backup books whenever you have purchased them.

How to Speed Up Kindle Papwerwhite
In this article, you’ll discover the possible reasons that slow down your Kindle Paperwhite, and solutions to speed up your Kindle Paperwhite.

Ultimate Way to Remove NOOK DRM with 100% Success
Since many of you complain that you fail to get rid of NOOK DRM, so here we are going to show you how to remove NOOK DRM with 100% success.

How to Update Kindle Books
To enjoy the best version of the book you are reading, it is good to get your kindle books updated. How to update your kindle books?

Convert Taylor Swift songs into Audiobooks
In this article, I'll introduce a novel way to listen to Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation: converting songs to Audiobooks.

Comment lire des livres Google Play sur Kindle/Kobo/Nook
Lire des livres Google Play sur Kindle/Kobo/Nook n'est pas un problème si vous avez le logiciel Epubor Ultimate.

Best 10 Free YouTube Audiobook
Audiobooks can be found on YouTube. Let me share what are the best free audiobooks on YouTube with the most view counts.

Best Books on Prime Reading
Prime Reading is a benefit for Amazon Prime members, giving customers unlimited access to over 1, 000 books.

The Introduction of AZW File
AZW is a proprietary format developed by Amazon. It has its roots in the MOBI format but has better compression and encryption apart from a few more changes.

The Official and Best Way to Manage Audible Library
Are you frustrated by the aax format of Audible audiobook files? Do you want to know how to organize such Audible aax files efficiently?

How to Read Kindle Books on New Microsoft Edge
New Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium only supports PDF format, so now there are two methods to read Kindle books on new Edge.

As maneiras mais fáceis de converter o Kindle AZW em PDF
Se você quiser ler o e-book Kinde .azw no Nook e-reader ou em outro dispositivo, converta azw para pdf.

How to Speed Up Kindle Fire
There are many things that you can do to make your kindle Fire faster, especially for those who are trying to do too many things with their Kindle Fire.

How to Export Kindle Books with New Microsoft Edge
Microsoft’s Chromium-powered Edge comes with new useful features. It’s basically an upgraded Chrome. Thus you can also export Kindle books with new Edge.

How to Read Kindle Books on iPhone
Want to read your purchased Kindle books on iPhone instead of Kindle device? This guide provdes us 2 ways to make Kindle books readable on iPhone.

Top 50 Best Selling Audible Books
there are plenty of top lists for ebooks that are coming out this time of year, so we bring you the top 50 best-selling Audible books.

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