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Convert Taylor Swift songs into Audiobooks
In this article, I'll introduce a novel way to listen to Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation: converting songs to Audiobooks.

Kindle Unlimited vs Audible: Which is Better for Audiobook Lovers?
What is the difference between Kindle Unlimited and Audible? Which one is the best for audiobook lovers?

How to Read Kindle Books on Boyue Likebook
Can we read Kindle books on Boyue Likebook? Here are two methods for you, with which reading Kindle books on Boyue Likebook eReaders has never been easier.

Come effettuare un downgrade di “Kindle per PC/Mac” 2023
Questo articolo ti offre la soluzione temporanea per bypassare kindle kfx 2 che esegue il downgrade di kindle per PC / Mac alla versione precedente.

Come eliminare il DRM da Adobe Digital Editions
Questo articolo ti mostrerà il modo più semplice e recente per rimuovere drm dalle edizioni digitali di Adobe.

3 Ways to Read Kobo Books on PC/Mac
Don't have a Kobo device but still want to read Kobo books? Here are all methods to read Kobo books on PC and Mac.

How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited
How do I cancel my Kindle unlimited subscription? I will guide you through the whole process of cancelling Kindle Unlimited service.

Will You Buy a Color eReader in 2020?
Color eReaders are definitely the big new trend of 2020. So will you buy a new color eReader in 2020?

Audible Collections
Like Kindle collections, Audible Collections can help you manage your Audible audiobook library much better.

Top Free Audio Book Libraries
Here are the best 10 free audio book libraries to help you turn your dead time (time spent commuting, exercising, doing chores, etc.) into learning time.

How to Crack eBooks Downloaded from eBooks.com?
eBooks.com is a popular bookstore, selling ebooks to a world-wide audience. And this guide is to show you how to crack eBooks downloaded from eBooks.com.

What is an Audible Format?
Audible is an Amazon company, home of the world's largest selection of audiobooks, audio shows, and original series.

Diferencia entre Kindle KFX, KCR, AZW, AZW3, PRC, Mobi, Topaz y AZW6
El contenido de Kindle tiene muchos formatos. ¿Conoce la diferencia entre Kindle KFX, KCR, AZW, AZW3, PRC, Mobi, Topaz, TPZ, AZW1?

M4B vs MP3
What are the differences between M4B and MP3 files? Which audio format do you derive the most enjoyment? Let's have a compare.

How to Cast Audible to Chromecast
Can I listen to audible on chromecast? Two different methods will be introduced to show you how to listen to audible on chromecast and listen to audible on TV.

How to Export OneNote to PDF
For different reasons, you may want to save a note as a PDF, like annotating the pdf or simple save it as a backup.

A Visual Guide to Switch Language in Adobe Digital Editions
Sometimes, the downloaded ADE was installed with a language which we don't familiar, how can we switch the language in Adobe Digital Editions?

Top 6 Problems with Kindle Fire
This article lists 5 most discussed problems with Kindle Fire. You may get a clear sense of this popular product after reading this article.

How to Organize Books on Kindle
Kindle offers a few helpful features and tools to help you keep your books organized. Follow the following tips to manage your Kindle library easily.

The Introduction of Color E-Ink Display Technology
Color E-Ink is a new popular color electronic paper display which produces color for each pixel that is displayed on the screen.

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