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How to Obtain the Duration of Audio files with calibre?
AudioBook Duration plugin is a useful plugin that can be used with calibre to calculate the length of your audiobooks or audio files easily.

Audible PS4
If you happen to own PS4, here are two ways to play audible on PS4. Keep reading to learn the details.

Conversor de archivos Kindle a PDF -- Epbuor Ultimate
Kindle to PDF Converter le permite convertir eBooks Kindle a PDF con la velocidad rápida y la mejor calidad de conversión.

How to Convert eBook to Kindle Format
How can I convert any ebook to kindle format? Here I’ll share the easiest way to convert ebook to kindle format, no matter where do you purchase them.

How to Merge & Split PDF Files?
Epubor PDF Merger & Splitter is a powerful all-in-one tool for PDF splitting and merging, available for both Windows OS and MacOS.

Best 5 eBook Reader Devices
To immerse yourself in a good book, you need a nice ebook reader. Here are the top picks of the best readers.

Listen to Tidal Music Offline on Any Devices
We're going to share with you three different ways you can listen to Tidal offline without internet access.

Supprimer les DRM des Ebooks Kindle (2 Façons)
Voici 3 façons de supprimer drm des livres Kindle, un didacticiel complet sur la suppression de Kindle DRM.

How to Back Up Booktopia Books
Since Booktopia partnered with Kobo, you can access your Booktopia titles via the Kobo desktop app and back them up for safekeeping on your computer.

Plugins de Remoção de Caliber DRM
Aqui está o guia detalhado da instalação do plug-in de remoção de calibre drm e da remoção de ebook drm com o plugin de remoção de Callibre DRM.

Cómo Remover la DRM de NOOK (Actualización 2023)
Esta guía le muestra la solución más reciente y efectiva para eliminar Nook DRM de los eBooks de Barnes & Noble en 2023.

Epubor Versus Calibre - Recensione ufficiale
Qual è la differenza tra Epubor e Calibre? Come si confronta Epubor con Calibre? Continua a leggere per ottenere la risposta.

Come copiare il testo da un libro Kindle
Voglio copiare una citazione preferita da uno dei miei libri Kindle invece di riscrivere tutto. È possibile copiare il testo da un libro kindle?

Epubor Audible Converter - Téléchargement gratuit et évaluation
Le meilleur convertisseur AA et AAX en MP3 pour éliminer Audible DRM et convertir Audible AA / AAX en MP3 avec une qualité 100% originale préservée.

How to listen to Audible Audiobooks without Subscription
Can you listen to Audible without a subscription? The answer is yes, here are several ways to help you do that even you don’t have any membership plans.

How to Use Kobo Web Reader
The biggest new initiative is that Kobo release their first version Kobo web reader to allow users to view their purchased contents directly online.

Kindle Vella
What is Kindle Vella? How does Kindle Vella work? How much does it cost and what opportunities does it offer authors?

how to copy text from kobo books
Are you interested in learning how to copy text from Kobo books? If so, this guide is a must-read for you.

Utilisez un Kindle pour supprimer Kindle DRM de AZW3(appareils e-ink ou tablettes Fire)
Guide complet sur la suppression de drm des livres au format kindle azw, qui sont téléchargés à partir du site Web d'Amazon.

2022 Miglior Convertitore Kindle - Recensione (Con Guida Orientativa)
Ho raccolto e recensito i migliori convertitori Kindle scaricabili o online per aiutarti a trovare quello più adatto.

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