How to Back Up Booktopia Books

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Booktopia is an Australian online bookstore that was founded in 2004. It is known for its extensive range of physical books. Kobo, on the other hand, is a Canadian company founded in 2009. It produces a range of e-readers and offers an extensive selection of eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital content. In 2020, Booktopia partners with Kobo for ebook and audiobook sales. Through the Booktopia site or app, readers will have access to Kobo’s millions of ebook and audiobook titles. In this sense, you can decrypt your purchased Booktopia books easily as you do with the Kobo titles. The following is the step by step guide to show you how to back up your Booktopia books.

how to back up booktopia books

1. What is Booktopia?

Booktopia is Australia's biggest bookstore providing Australia’s most extensive library with access to over 6 million titles, giving book lovers an unrivalled choice, for whatever they are looking for. In addition to physical books, they also sell ebooks, ereaders, audiobooks and DVDs, giving you everything you need for great entertainment and great content.

Booktopia has won numerous awards for their business. Besides, they’ve partnered with global eBook retailer Rakuten Kobo to bring you a more wonderful new reading experience. You can now shop a huge range of eBooks, along with the latest Rakuten Kobo eReaders.

Previously, Booktopia sold ebooks via the Booktopia Reader App, which worked with Adobe Digital Editions. They also only sold audiobooks as physical CD sets and did not have them available for digital download. But now, you can access your digital books and audioboks via Kobo desktop app by signing to your account with your existing Booktopia user credentials.

2. How to Download Booktopia Books on Your PC/Mac?

First thing first, you must download Booktopia books on your computer to be able to read them. After ordering your eBooks from Booktopia, you can follow below instructions for installing the Kobo desktop app and downloading your eBook titles.

Step 1Install the Kobo Desktop App.

To read on your PC or Mac, you can install the Kobo Desktop App here.

install kobo desktop app

Step 2Sign in to Kobo.com with your Booktopia credentials.

Launch the app and sign in with the email address and password you used to make your purchase with Booktopia. First, choose to sign in with your Booktopia credentials in the log-in window.

sign in with booktopia credentials

Then enter your Booktopia email address and password to sign in your library.

sign in to booktopia account

Bonus tips: If you already have a Kobo account that is existed with this email address, you can choose to Skip this linking two accounts part in order to jump to the next step quickly.

a-kobo account exist with this email

Next, the Kobo desktop app will start sync your contents.

Step 3Download Your Booktopia Titles

After you're signed in, it may take a few minutes to display your digital library. Lastly, tap the book title to download your Booktopia books.

sync booktopia books to kobo desktop app

3. How to Decrypt Booktopia Books?

Booktopia books are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology, which is used to prevent unauthorized access, copying, and distribution of digital content. Actually, they adopt the same encryption scheme as Kobo ebooks do. In order to back up your purchased Booktopia books for safekeeping, you can follow this guide to remove DRM.

Step 1Install the DRM Removal Tool.

Epubor Ultimate is the most professional all-in-one DRM removal tool. It can not only help you decrypt ebooks purchased from Kobo/Kindle/Google Play/Barnes&Noble/eBooks.com, etc, it can also help you convert them to PDF/Mobi/AZW3/TXT/EPUB.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free


Step 2Remove DRM from Booktopia eBooks

Launch Epubor Ultimte, your eBook titles purchased from Booktopia will display under the Kobo tab. Just add the titles to the right main window to remove DRM.

decrypt booktopia books

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