The Ultimate Way to Back Up Books (eBooks and Audiobooks)

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Recently, I have received a phone call from our reader. He is in desperate of getting access to  his Kindle books because he can no longer log in his Amazon account caused by Amazon technical issue. He repeated again and again that he had all  his 3000 books stored (of course with DRM Protection) in his computer, but he can not open and read any of them. So these books are useless for him since then even they stay safely on his computer. If he had backed up his book on his computer or  on online storage in the right way as soon as he purchased these books, he will be ready for this disaster.  That's what I want to share today--backing up books. To prevent yourself from losing your purchased books, back up books whenever you have purchased them. Follow my instructions and keep your books safe.

Step 1. Remove DRM from books

At the very beginning, I have mentioned our poor reader who may lose his Kindle books even he has stored these 3000 books on his computer. You may be curious that why he can no longer read or open them even if he had downloaded his books to his computer already? That's because these books are all protected with DRM (Digital Rights Management) and only can be open with the associated reader apps with the authorization or registration information. As he cannot log in his Kindle account, he cannot get the authorization from Amazon to access his books or open his downloaded books. In other words, his books have been locked. So to back up books, the first and key step is to remove DRM from books. Here I will illustrate how to remove DRM from eBooks purchased from mainstream eBook vendors like Amazon Kindle, Google Play,Kobo and remove DRM from audible books.

Remove DRM from eBooks purchased from Amazon Kindle, Google play, Kobo and Nook

Over 90% eBook lovers choose to purchase eBooks from Amazon Kindle, Google play, Kobo or Nook. These four eBook vendors are the most popular ones on the market as well as holding of nearly 99% eBook market share. So I will share how to remove DRM from books purchased from these four book vendors.

1 Download and install Epubor Ultimate

To remove DRM from eBooks, I highly recommend you use Epubor Ultimate which combines the best DRM removal with eBook converter. What's more, it can remove DRM from books purchased from Amazon Kindle, Google Play, and Kobo. With the easy to use interface, even a newbie can use it without user guide.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:
2 Load your eBooks to Epubor Ultimate

Epubor Ultimate will automatically load the books downloaded to your computer at the left side bar under the corresponding tab. If you download your books via Kindle or Kobo, Epubor Ultimate also can detect the books and load them to the left side when you connect your device to your computer. For Kindle books downloaded via Kindle for PC/Mac, it will be under Kindle tab. If Kindle books downloaded to your Kindle eInk device, it will be in the the tab with your Kindle device name, like voyage or KW4. So does the books purchased from other vendors.

load ebooks to Epubor Ultimate

3 Remove DRM from eBook with Epubor Ultimate

Just drag the eBooks from the left side bar to the right main interface, the DRM will be remove automatically.

drm has been removed

Note: If you have Nook books, please remove Nook drm with Nook DRM Removal.

remove nook drm

Remove DRM from Audible audiobooks

Besides the ebooks and etextbooks, more and more people prefer to listening to Audible audiobooks. Just as the eBooks, Audible audiobooks are also protected by DRM. Below is the detailed steps to remove audible DRM.

1 Install Epubor Audible Converter

Epubor Audible Converter is the best AA/AAX to MP3 converter as well as the Audible DRM Removal.

Download Epubor Audible Converter for free:

2 Remove Audible DRM with Audible Converter and Convert Audible to MP3

Run Epubor Audible Converter and click on "+ Add" button to add the Audible books downloaded to your computer.

Select "mp3" as the output format and then click on "Convert to mp3" button to start the conversion. Once finished, the output folder will pop up automatically.

convert audible books to mp3

It is easy to get the DRM-free Audible file, right?

As we have removed DRM from our books, it's time for us to backup books to computer or online storage.

Step 2. Backup eBooks to your computer or online storage

Back up eBooks to your computer

Once the DRM has been removed successfully, you can click on the output folder icon at the bottom right to open the folder stored the DRM-Free eBooks. You get the DRM-free files at your computer. With these backup files, you will never worry about deleting the books from your Kindle library accidentally or no longer logging in your Amazon account.

Back up eBooks to online storage

Backing up eBooks to computer is a good option but computer crash is really a disater for everything stored on your computer. Therefore, I offer the online backup as an alternative way for backing up eBooks. There are so many online storage services offered by different providers. Here are Best Free Online File Storage Service for your option. Just pick one and backup your eBooks. Here I will take Google Drive as an example to show you how to backup eBooks to online storage.

1. Open Google Drive at your computer. CLick on ”Go to Google Drive" to log in your Google Drive. If you still have not registered Google account, just register at first.

open google drive

2. When you go to the Google Drive page, click on" "+NEW" and select "Folder" to add a new folder at first.

add new folder

create backup folder

3. When the new folder has been created, double click the folder name to open the folder at first. Then Click on the "+NEW" and select "File Upload" this time.

upload backup

You will go to your computer to select the DRM-free eBooks you want to upload and click on "Open"

add books

Then the backup eBooks will be uploaded to the Google Drive.

upload backup files

Once uploading has been finished, you will see the backup files at your Google Drive.

backup uploaded

You can download them anytime you want and no need to worry about the computer crash. Now, let's backup our books now!


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