How to Cancel Audible Membership

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Amazon's Audible is the world’s largest producer and retailer for audiobooks and offers the widest selections of online audiobooks. However, its membership can be really expensive ($14.95 per month) for most people. When you try to ask yourself "is Audible worth it?", you may find that paying for its membership isn’t ideal at all. If you find yourself without the need for it and want to cancel Audible membership to save some money, we’ve got the solution for you.


1Cancel your membership before your next billing cycle, or you’ll be charged for another payment.

2Use up your credits before cancellation.

3You should back up your Audible books before canceling the Audible membership, otherwise you won't be able to listen to them freely on other players as you want in the future even though you have already purchased them.

How to Cancel Your Audible Membership

Step 1 Go to Audible.com and sign in your audible account.


Although Audible has applications on different platforms, the only way to officially cancel your subscription is through the desktop website instead of the app. You can do it on your mobile phone if you like, but you still need to open your browser, type in the URL— https://www.audible.com —and sign in your account.

Step 2 Click on “Hi [your name]” and then "Account Details".

click on account details

Step 3 Click “cancel membership”.

In this page, Audible offers you another option—Switch Membership. If you’re not absolutely sure about leaving Audible now, you can switch your membership such as changing your 12-month basis payment to monthly payment.

cancel membership

Step 4 Explain your reasons for cancellation to audilbe.com.

Choose from the bellowing options why you're canceling membership. You must give your feedback before you continue your cancellation.

explain reasons for cancellation

Step 5 Continue the steps and finally confirm your cancellation.

Actually, Audible doesn’t want you to cancel, so it might remind you that you'll lose all your remaining credits if you quit or suggest other membership plans in an effort to induce you to stay on. If you’re really sure you' re to cancel Audible, click "Cancel Membership” one last time and you are done.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q 1: Will I lose my Audible books after I cancel Audible membership?

A: You will not lose your Audible book even if you cancel your membership. But you can only listen to them on Audible app but not any other places. If you would like to make full use of your purchased Audible books, you'd better convert Audible to MP3.

Q 2: What happens to my remaining credits if I cancel my membership now?

A: Credits are a membership benefit, so all the unused credits will be canceled along with your membership. Therefore, please make sure to use up these credits before cancellation if you still have remaining credits in your Audible account.

Q 3: What happens if I delete my Audible account?

A: If you delete your Audible account, you will not be able to access your Audible library in the future or listen to Audible books you purchased before. Actually, keeping your Audible account won't affect you in any way. So we don't recommend that you do that.

Last Important Words

Congratulations! You have unsubscribed from Audible successfully and save a lot of money. The last important thing must be mentioned is that you ought to know how to back up your Audible books in the right way once you decide to end your Audible membership. You need to keep in mind that your purchased Audible books cannot be listened on other players because all the Audible books are aax files protected with DRM. Therefore, the right way to back up your Audible books is to strip the DRM protection and convert Audible aax to mp3 so that you can enjoy them on other players anytime you want.

Here I highly recommend you Epubor Audible Converter—the cheapest and the best Audible to mp3 converter. After you're done with this Audible Converter, you can now make full use of your Audible books and listen to Audible forever or share them with others.

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