How to connect Kindle Fire HD to TV

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I like to watch video and play games on the Kindle Fire HD. Although it has an 8.9 inch display which is much bigger than my cellphone, sometimes I still think it's not big enough. It would be nice if I can project the Kindle Fire HD's screen to my 42 inch digital TV so that I can enjoy the videos and pictures on a much wider display. Luckily, the Kindle Fire HD has a HDMI port so that I can connect it to TV without much effort. I've done the job well and I want to share this trick to you guys. Here is the tutorial.

Although being mentioned above, I still want to repeat the matter: Only the Kindle Fire HD can connect to TV as it has HDMI port. The original Kindle Fire can't do this job.

1 Get a HDMI cable

The HDMI cable is used to connect the tablet to TV. It looks like a USB cable but is different from the latter. One end of the Kindle Fire HD's HDMI cable is regular HDMI port and the other end is micro HDMI port. Just like this:


You can purchase the HDMI cable at Amazon. Just search "hdmi to hdmi micro cable" and choose a suitable one. You may find many HDMI cables with different length. In my opinion it's better to choose a longer one as you can operate the Kindle Fire HD far from the TV. If you just choose a short cable like a 6 feet one, you have to walk close to the TV to operate the tablet.

2 Connect Kindle Fire HD and the TV

First you have to find out the HDMI port on your digital TV. There are many ports on the back of the TV so you need to be careful to find the right one. Some TVs may have more than one HDMI port. Just choose any one of them and plug in the HDMI cable with the end of regular HDMI port.


Now plug the micro end of the HDMI cable into the micro HDMI port on your Kindle Fire HD. Don't plug it in the micro USB/charging port! The micro HDMI port is narrower and higher. Look at the picture below and you will know what I say.


By now we've connect the Kindle Fire HD to TV – but only physically. You have to make a real connection. Reboot your Kindle Fire HD and unlock the screen. Then power on your TV and choose the input signal as HDMI. After several minutes, your TV will display as a Kindle Fire HD. All your operations on the Kindle Fire HD will display on the TV in real time.


Now just enjoy your favorite movies on the TV. It must be terrific!



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01/30/2014 06:30:34
Can I plug my sub cable from my kindle into my geenie box instead of my tv
02/6/2014 12:45:34
Wow I love the way
03/19/2015 12:32:40
I get picture but no sound from TV
11/10/2020 01:38:49
How to connect kindle fire 10 to tv?
02/1/2019 09:30:32
You obviously don't have a fire 10 hd. There is no HDMI of any kind on it
02/10/2022 07:23:35
I need you people to allowed me to connect to kindlink to my device
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