How to Convert DRM Protected EPUB to Kindle

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convert drm epub to kindle

When asked about how to read EPUB on Kindle, probably the most often recommended method is to convert EPUB to Kindle format (such as Mobi), and the tool suggested is using Calibre, or some online eBook converter sites. However, even if you use these tools to convert EPUB to Kindle, you may see tips like "Sorry you cannot convert this file because of the DRM problem".

It says that your EPUB files are protected with DRM. So at this time our problem is not just to convert format, but also remove DRM first. This guide is about how to convert DRM protected EPUB to Kindle. Hope it could resolve your problems perfectly.

If drm free, you won't see these tips, and things become easy to go, all you need is to send the epub books to Kindle

Why we convert DRM protected EPUB to Kindle

You know EPUB is one of the most common eBook formats. It's a free and open eBook standard format in eBook world. So you may find that if you purchased some books from bookstore like Google Play, rakuten Kobo, Nook, most of those files are in EPUB format.

But the problem is that after you downloaded these EPUB to your computer, transfer them to your Kindle devices, you find you can't open them. This is because Kindle doesn't support EPUB format.

And, in fact, there is another reason that prevents us reading EPUB on kindle. Most of EPUB eBooks are protected with DRM, some are with Adobe DRM, and others are with Nook DRM. Just because of the DRM problem, though we paid money, we can only read our files on dedicated devices. The reasons we convert DRM EPUB to Kindle format are as follows:

  • We want to read EPUB books on Kindle devices
  • Kindle doesn't supports EPUB format
  • EPUB books are protected with DRM

How to convert DRM EPUB to Kindle Mobi

Above I have told you the reasons why we need to convert, so this part let's talk about how to settle with.

Since EPUB are protected with DRM, so we need to remove DRM from EPUB first. And Kindle doesn't support EPUB format, so after removing DRM from EPUB books, we need to convert EPUB to Mobi which is the most common format of Kindle books. Here I introduce this tool Ultimate Converter for you, as it's the best DRM Removal + eBook Converter. With this all-in-one software, we can solve both eBook format and DRM problem. You can download it for free trial.

Download the tool for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Step 1: Remove DRM from EPUB books

Get this tool started on your computer (Win or Mac). Usually if your books are saved in the default folder, this program will detect and upload them automatically. You can see them under icon "ADE" or "Nook". If not, you can just click "Add" button to add your EPUB books to this software. As soon as they are added, DRM are removed quickly. You can see the word "decrypted", it shows DRM has been removed successfully.

remove drm from epub


Most EPUB books, such as Kobo or Sony, are protected with Adobe DRM. For successful DRM removing, you'd better make sure that you can read your EPUB on Adobe Digital Editions. And for Nook EPUB books, some of them are with Nook DRM, you need sync your Nook files with Nook for PC / Mac. For details please visit how to remove DRM from EPUB.

Step 2: Convert EPUB to Kindle Mobi

Select common Mobi as the output format, then click "Convert to MOBI" button to start conversion.

convert epub to kindle mobi

The conversion will be soon completed. From the pop-up window you can get your decrypted Mobi files. No need to find converted Mobi file by yourself. Want to read them on your Kindle eReader? So easy, just send the converted epub (in mobi format) to Kindle. It's really a good joy to read your DRM EPUB books with e-ink Kindle eReader, yes?

Start my 30-days free trial

Make your DRM EPUB freely and readable on Kindle devices

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download


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01/3/2015 21:35:14
Awesome software!!! Thank you so much for creating this. :)
05/29/2017 20:31:04
Love this app! My tool of the month!! Thanks for providing this to the community
07/12/2017 21:35:01
Why does it convert only the 20% of the ebook?
07/13/2017 17:05:37
The trial version only allows users to convert 20% of each book. If you want to convert the whole book, please buy the license for the software.
07/12/2017 21:56:44
Why does it convert only the 20% of the ebook?
09/10/2020 01:35:45
i am trying to download the app on my phone but it is not working.. is it only for desktop? i also can't find the app on google play
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