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As we know, EPUB is widely supported by various reading devices and app, such as Nook, Kobo eReaders, iPad and iBooks, etc. When we read EPUB file, it usually can automatically adjust itself to the size of screen. This makes us have perfect reading experience. But if we have a Kindle, when asked how to read EPUB files on Kindle eReader, things become a little difficult, because Amazon doesn't support EPUB format at all. However, as long as we convert EPUB to Mobi Mac, this problem can be solved easily. How to? Which EPUB to Mobi converter should we use? In this article, I will tell you for details.

Convert DRM free EPUB to Mobi Kindle

Currently, there are so many EPUB to Mobi converter Mac on the market, except Calibre, there are also a lot of online eBook converters, that can help us convert DRM free EPUB to Mobi Kindle. But how to? In this part, I will take Calibre and a few online tools as example.

Convert DRM free EPUB to Mobi with Calibre

As we know, Calibre is an open-source and powerful eBook management tool. It supports various eBook format conversion, including EPUB to Mobi. Next, let's convert EPUB to Mobi Calibre step by step.

Step1: Run Calibre and add books to it.

Run installed Calibre and click "Add books" button to upload our EPUB files, you can see all the books show up in the main interface of Calibre.

launch calibre and add epub books

Step2: Convert EPUB to Mobi on Mac

Click "Convert books" button on the top navigation bar, then a window below will show up. Please choose "Mobi" as output format, then click "OK" to start conversion. When the conversion has been finished, you can see the processing number turns to "0" on the bottom right corner.

convert epub to mobi mac

To find the converted Mobi files, please right-click your added books and select "Opening containing folder". If you convert a lot of files at a time, all your converted books are saved in different folders. You may need to open a lot of folders to see all your Mobi files.

Convert DRM free EPUB to Mobi with online EPUB to Mobi converter

If we search on the Internet, we will find a lot of similar online EPUB to Mobi converters. They all have their own features. For detailed information, please read the guide convert EPUB to Mobi online free.

Note: If you see an alert below during the conversion, or it shows "this file is not allowed to convert". This may because your EPUB books are DRM protected. To convert DRM EPUB files to Mobi Mac without limitations, please read following content about converting DRM protected EPUB to Mobi Kindle on Mac.

convert epub to mobi failed

Convert DRM protected EPUB to Mobi on Mac

In fact, it's not hard to find that most of downloaded EPUB files are DRM protected. EPUB to Mobi converter Mac mentioned above can only convert DRM free EPUB books. So, if we need to convert DRMed EPUB to Mobi, another more magical and powerful program Ultimate eBook Converter--Epubor Ultimate is necessary. It has both eBook conversion and DRM decryption features. We can use it to convert EPUB to Mobi on Mac easily no matter they are DRM free or DRM protected. In other words, with only this 1 tool, we can deal with the 2 main problem: DRM and eBook formats. No need to install another eBook DRM Removal software. You can download it for free.

Download the tool for free

How to convert DRM protected EPUB to Mobi on Mac?

Based on its clean interface and friendly design, this tool is very easy to use. To convert DRM protected EPUB files to Mobi, we only need 3 simple steps.

Step1: Run the software

Launch the installed tool, if your EPUB books are saved in the default folder, they will be detected and uploaded to this software automatically. If not, you can just click user icon to set source eBook path, then EPUB books in this folder will show up on the right side.

run ultimate ebook converter

Step2: Remove DRM from EPUB files

Just drag EPUB books from the right frame to the main interface of this software, then all the added EPUB files will be removed DRM soon. We can see the word "decrypted", it shows the books have been decrypted successfully. If there is no any word, it indicates this book is DRM free.

remove drm from epub books

Note: To remove EPUB files DRM successfully, please make sure you can read them on your computer via ADE or Nook for PC/Mac. For removing DRM from ADE, you can read the guide how to remove DRM from eBooks Adobe Digital Editions to learn more details.For more information about removing DRM from Nook EPUB books, please go through how to remove Nook DRM.

Step3: Convert decrypted EPUB files to Mobi

Now that we have removed DRM from EPUB, let's start converting eBooks format. We can select "Mobi"as output format, and then click "Convert to mobi" button to start conversion.

convert epub to mobi mac

When the conversion has been finished, the output folder will pop up automatically. It shows all your converted EPUB files. A really friendly design, right?

Now you just need to send the converted epub files to Kindle.

That's all I want to share with you. You can select the tools you like to convert EPUB to Mobi Mac. But if your conversion failed, it may because of DRM. To convert eBook format smoothly, you'd better choose an all-in-one eBook converter to solve both DRM and eBook format problem. Hope this can work for you. If you have any problem, feel free to leave your comment below.

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