How to Convert Nook to PDF (on Windows)

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convert Nook to PDF

Except Amazon and Kobo the 2 main eBook retailers, Barnes & Noble also shares a part of eBook market. For eBook lovers, sometimes, we simply just found an eBook we love very much, while it's not sold on Kobo or Amazon eBook store, but Nook. We purchase it and want to read it on more portable devices or platform we like without any limitation. Obviously, PDF is a more accessible format. Therefore, we may need to convert Nook to PDF. But how can we convert Nook books to PDF files? Don't worry! This is exactly I will talk about in this article. You can learn about an excellent Nook to PDF converter and how to convert for details here.

To convert Nook to PDF you need to follow simple steps below:

  1. Get Nook DRM Removal tool ready.
  2. Download nook books via Nook Windows app.
  3. Use Epubor NOOK DRM Removal to remove DRM from B&N books.
  4. Convert decrypted Nook eBook to PDF.

First, get the nook drm removal tool ready

Epubor nook drm removal is the uniqe one which supports the latest drm scheme for now.

Nook DRM Removal for Windows Download

Second, remove DRM from Nook books

1 On Win 8/10 computer, download Nook app from Microsoft app store..

2 Download Nook books via Nook windows app.

3 Ask epubor technical team for a license file.

4 Add nook books to remove DRM.

remove drm from nook books

Why you should contact technical team for a license file? The key is used for removing the nook drm based on your own account. More info visit how to remove Nook DRM 2019.

And please note that this method introduced here only works on Windows 8/10 computers. If you want to convert Nook to PDF on Mac, no better way than contacting epubor team for help so that they can help you manually.

Lastly, convert Nook to PDF

After we have removed DRM from Nook books successfully, you can find them by clicking on the output folder.

nook drm output

Then, use Calibre or any other online ebook converter tools to help you convert nook ePub to PDF.

nook epub pdf converter

Job done. Now what we need to do is to enjoy our converted PDF files, we can transfer them to iBooks, Kindle or Kobo eReader, etc and view eBooks without any restrictions.

Nook DRM Removal for Windows Download


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