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If you are a Kindle user, you may have heard about text to speech, also known as TTS. It can convert text to audio so that we can "listen" to books, no need to read them. Your eyes no longer get tired, and what's more important is that it's very useful for blind man. I like this feature very much but it's a pity that the new Kindle series don't have the TTS function. So are there any ways to convert text to speech? I believe many people have this demand. So I spend some times on finding out the solutions. In this article, I'll introduce two ways to convert text to speech.

Notes: If you have an Android device, you can read this article—Best 8 Text to Speech Apps for Android. These apps could read to you all the ebooks, web pages and documents on your smartphones. I strongly suggest that every Android user keep one in handy.

1. Convert text to speech online

There are some websites provide text to speech online service. I choose ZAMZAR for example as it has a high converting quality.

Step1 : Add file

Click "Choose Files" to add file on your PC. ZAMZAR supports many kinds of formats. But you'd better make sure the files are non-DRM. You can also choose more files each time.

convert text to speech-add file

Step2 : Set output format and email

Set the output format as "MP3" and fill in your email address. ZAMZAR will email you when conversion finishes. Then click "Convert" to upload you file.

convert text to speech-set output format and email

Step3 : Download audio file

The conversion will start as long as the uploading finishes. You'll receive an email when conversion completes. Check the download link in email and then click "Download Now" to get your audio file.

convert text to speech-download audio file

convert text to speech-download link

convert text to speech-download now

You can also convert text to speech at thie site:vozMe

2. Convert text to speech with TTSReader

TTSReader is a simple and free software. You can convert plain txt file into MP3 or WAV files. But it doesn't support any other formats. So if you want to convert your e-book to audio book, use Calibre to convert them to txt files first. Click here for full guide with Calibre.

Step1 : Download and install TTSReader

You can get TTSReader here.

convert text to speech-get tts reader

Comic website

Step2 : Add file and set option

Click "File" to add new txt file. Click "Tools"- "Read to MP3". Set options like the picture below shows. Click "Start" to convert. And you'll get the audio files later.

convert text to speechr-add file

convert text to speech-add file and set option

It must point out that the converted audio files which TTSReader generate don't have good quality, even worse than ZAMZAR. If you want a high quality text to speech, I suggest you try some priced software like Natural Reader. For more information, please view this article: Best Text to Speech software.


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