How to Download Audiobooks on iPhone

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Do you always want to get their audiobooks ready for listening? This is extremely convenience for those who cannot find free wifi outside but don't waste their data traffic. If you are an audiobook lover that have iPhone or iPad, downloading audiobooks to iPhone or iPad is what you should do. Here we will discuss how to download the mainstream audiobooks to your iPhone or iPad so that you can listen to your audiobooks anytime and anywhere.

You may get audible books from audible.com, iBooks store, or even library. No matter where you get your audible books, you'll learn the way to download these audiobooks to your iPhone or iPad. Here is how you do it.

How to download ibooks audiobooks on iPhone

iBooks is the iPhone or iPad users first choice when comes to purchasing ebooks or audiobooks. Good to share that downloading an audiobook is as easy as download a ebook.

Step 1. Tap iBooks to launch it, and then tap "Audiobooks" and then tap any audiobook you want to download.

Step 2. If it is a free audiobook, the audiobook will be downloaded to your iphone immediately once you tap "Get".

download ibooks audiobooks to iphone

If there is no "Get" button, you should see "Buy|$Price". Just tap this button to purchase the audiobook at first.

Step 3.You'll be prompted for your Apple ID passwords, or to use Touch ID or Face ID to complete the purchase.

download ibooks audiobooks to iphone

Step 4. Once this audibooks has been purchased, you can find it under "Purchased">>"Audiobooks". To download it, just tap the download button which looks like a cloud with a down-pointing arrow in the lower middle part of it. It will download to your IPhone or iPad.

download ibooks audiobooks to iphone

How to download audible books to iphone

Compared with purchasing audible books on iPhone, downloading audible on iPhone is much easier.

Audible has an app you can find in the App Store. Once you purchase an audible audiobook from audible.com, you can log in on the app and see all of your purchases in the cloud section of the app. You can then download the book to your phone and listen wherever you are.

Assuming you have purchase audible books in your Audible account and get Audible app installed well on your iPhone or iPad, the follow simple steps will help you download audible books easily to your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1. Launch audible app and log into it.

Step 2. Tap "Library" and then tap "Cloud" at the top of the screen.

download audible audiobooks to iphone

Step 3. Located the audiobook you want to download and tap its cover. Just wait a few minutes and the audiobook will be download to your iPhone. Then you can listen to your audible audiobooks on your mobile device even when you are out of wifi connection.

How to download audiobooks on iphone from library

OverDrive is definitely the most popular ebook and audiobooks borrowing system. So if you choose to borrow audiobooks from libraries, you should know how to download borrowed audiobooks to your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1. Install OverDrive app to your iOS device. Guess that most of you have already done this.

Step 2. Find the audiobook you want to listen, tap on the audiobook cover. You’ll see either a “Borrow” or “Place a Hold” button, depending on the audiobooks’ availability.

Step 3. Click "Borrow", you'll see a "Download MP3 audiobook" button. Just tap it, the audiobook will appear on your bookshelf in the OverDrive app. Tap on it and begin listening.

download audiobooks to iphone from library

You can try to download your audiobooks on your iphone now.


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