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Everyone should thank Google because they have invested millions of dollars to scan and collect so many books (over 3 million titles) so that users around the world can use its Google Books service. However, it is real pain that we need to sit in front of our computer to read the Google books via web browser. Is there any method to download Google books to PDF and transfer the PDFs to eReaders? Today, I will show you how to download a Google book to pdf so that you can read it on any devices.

Part 1. Google Play Books Download to PDF (Purchased Google Books)

Google, one of the famous eBook vendors, claims itself as the “largest eBooks collection in the world”. In Google Play store, you can always purchase the book you want. But do you know how to download Google Play books to your computer? Follow the below steps to download Google Play books to PDF.

Step 1 Log in your Google Play account and go to My Books of Google Play store. Then click on “My Books” under Books Tab at the left column, you will see all your purchased books displayed at the right column.

purchased google play books

Step 2 Under each book cover, you can see the book title and three dots. Click the dots, you will see what you can do to this book. From the below picture, you can download this book to pdf or epub.

google book download option

Select “Export as PDF”, you can download the PDF directly, or ACSM file. Some time, it will open the PDF directly.

Case 1 Download Google books as PDF

If the downloaded file is PDF, you get what you want now, no need to go further steps.

Case 2 Open Google Books with browser directly

If the Google book is open with web browser directly, you can see a download button at the top right corner. Click on the download button, you will get google books in pdf format.

downnload button

Case 3 Download Google books to .acsm file and then convert Google .acsm to pdf

If the download file is ACSM file, you have to convert the ACSM file to PDF.

download google acsm file

Steps of converting .acsm file to pdf:

Step 1. Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)

Step 2. Authorize with your Adobe ID or create one if you don't have it yet

authorize adobe id

Step 3. Open the .ACSM file via ADE.

download google acsm to pdf

Step 4. ADE will download your google books to PDF.

download google acsm to pdf

Step 5. Remove DRM from Google play Books with Epubor Ultimate.

Since the Google employs the DRM scheme to encrypt their books, most of the purchased Google Play books are protected by Adobe Adept DRM. To break up the DRM restriction, you can use Epubor Ultimate to remove DRM from the Google Play books and convert Google books to epub/mobi/azw3 to read on the popular eReaders.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

remove drm from google play books

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: I am unable to authorize ADE with google vendor id?
Trying to authorize my PC with Adobe Digital Editions using 'Google' as my ebook vendor. Authorization keeps failing with the error message. "Incorrect login ID or password for the selected eBook vendor. Please try again". I know my login details are correct.

Workaround 1: Create an Adobe ID, and use this Adobe ID to authorize your Adobe Digital Editions. Please ensure you select eBook vendor as "Adobe ID".
Workaround 2: If Workaround 1 does not work for you, uninstall the ADE, reinstall it again. Erase authorization, then try Workaround 1 again.
Workaround 3: If Workaround 2 does not work for you, please ensure your adobe account information is correct. You can check this on logging in adobe web page with your Adobe account information. Someone suggests that changing the passwords to only letters and digital numbers will works fine.
If all above workarounds cannot fix your problem, please contact Google play customer service or Adobe customer service.

Q2: When I click on the 3 dots next to the book in my google books library. There is no download option unfortunately only to read. Out of all my books this is only happening to like 2-3 books all others have the option to download as pdf or download as epub.

Answer: If there is no download option, you are not able to download them on your computer. Here is the answer from Google customer service: Upon checking this books the reason why you’re not able to see ePUB and PDF file because this is due to publisher and file size restrictions, some books may not be available for download.

Q3: Unable to download google books, E_GOOGLE_DEVICE_LIMIT_REACHED

I just purchased some google books and I tried to import them to my Adobe Digital Editions library, but after I double-clicked the acsm files, I was told that "E_GOOGLE_DEVICE_LIMIT_REACHED". What's wrong? I'm sure I authorized my ADE with the correct account.
This error message indicates that the book has been downloaded to the maximum number of devices and can't download the book to another device. There are two options to fix this problem.
The first option would be for you to remove that book from a device it's currently downloaded on if possible, then try to re-download the book afterwards on the new device in question.
If you are unable to try the first option, or if it doesn't work, the next option would be for google community support team to reset the device limit in your account. Tell them your books' ISBN or Google books ID and permit them to reset the device limit. This will remove all of your books from your devices associated with this account. You would be able to re-download the books again afterwards.
google device limit reached

Part 2. Download Google Books to PDF (Free Google Books)

Besides the purchased Google books, we can view a large quantity of eBooks in Google books library for free as well. Google has collected these books from the library around the world to benefit the world-wide readers. This kind of Google eBooks can be divided into four types—full view, preview, snippet view and no preview books.

Download full view books from Google books

For full view books, you are able to view the full content of this kind of book and download them to your local device for free. You can follow below steps to download full view books from Google books.

Step 1. Open your web browser and enter https://books.google.com/. You will go to the Google books search page. Input the book title, or author you want to search and hit search bar to search the books.

google play books

Step 2. The Google will show the search results. You just need to click on the link of the Full view books.

google book search result

Step 3. Now you will go to a new page where you can view the full content of this book. At the top right corner, you can see a gear icon. Click it and select "Download PDF"at the drop-down list. Now you only have to choose where to store this PDF at your computer.

download google free book as pdf

Download preview books from Google books

For preview books, you can only read the limited pages because of some access restrictions. For this kind of Google books, you can only view the content at the browser, there is no Download option as the Full view Google books.

Download snippet view and no preview books

For snippet view books, Google does not have the copyright to display all the pages but only several lines in context. For no preview books, you can only see basic information about this kind of books. For these books, we are not able to download them as PDF or any other format.

If you really want to download preview, snippet or no preview books, you can check whether these books have ebook edition on sale. Usually, the Google will show you some vendors at the left column which has this book in stock as below picture.

purchase no preview google books

Click ebook store, you will go to directly the book details. Then you can purchase it and download it.

Please remember that the most popular eBook vendors are not use PDF as their eBooks format, but AZW for Kindle books and Epub for Kobo Books. What's more, they even employ DRM scheme to encrypt the books. Don't worry. If you have downloaded Epubor Ultimate already, you can use it decrypt nearly 99% ebooks purchased from kindle, kobo, Google Play and nook stores.

Learn How to Download Google Play Books to PDF or ePub via Video

Now you can download your Google books to PDF easily with above methods I've collected for you. If you have any better method, please share it in the comments.

If you want to make the full use of Google Play books, you should never miss out Google Play 101: Up to 16 Golden Tips and Tricks You Must Know

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